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Use haywire in a sentence

Definition of haywire:

  • (noun) wire for tying up bales of hay
  • (adjective) informal or slang terms for mentally irregular;
  • (adjective) not functioning properly;

Sentence Examples:

Of all the haywire messes.

I knew there was something haywire with that.

Whether it was Freddy's set or his that had gone haywire, he could not tell at the moment.

Going haywire won't help a thing.

That cursed Deflector has gone haywire!

The brain went haywire.

"I think something's gone haywire."

"Things are pretty haywire now."

Catch hold of something, and stop going haywire.

Am I right, or are my eyes just going haywire?

And those fighter planes tore in like so many steel-clawed eagles gone completely haywire.

"Only the arrangements went haywire," he said.

"That was the idea of my haywire actions," he said.

Things went all haywire.

Something haywire with his engine, I believe it was.

Told us his oxygen tank had gone haywire.

They've gone haywire!

Something about this atmosphere sends it haywire.

"What's haywire with the air?"

Suddenly the ship had gone haywire.

"Letting our imaginations run haywire."

The moon had gone haywire.

Perhaps a direct result of the humans' constant littering, or maybe a military experiment gone haywire.

Horses with patched civilian harness gave the transport the appearance of a "haywire outfit."

Not unless the whole concept of evolution is haywire, and we're reasonably sure it isn't that far off.

Haywire instruments jerked the machine back down and then side to side, then into a tree trunk, blindly.

Chung and I, that any missile rig as haywire as yours represents a menace to navigation and public safety.

"We can't know, of course, but if you were a warehouse clerk and a big rocket went haywire, wouldn't you be out watching it?"

The apparatus, squatting on a sturdy table in the small room beyond, had the slightly haywire look of an experimental model.

With everything going haywire from the start, what other blows of Fate might be struck once the President was on his way?

"The blasted thing went haywire after I'd been in the air only fifteen minutes," the English youth replied.

"Right on course, unless those instruments are haywire, which of course they're not," he murmured.

"It seems their equipment has been haywire for two days, they haven't been able to get through."

Like a broken field runner going absolutely haywire he dodged this way and that, and ducked under wings, or around parked planes.

I took them, partly because she seemed to expect it, partly because the girl seemed the only thing real in a world gone haywire.

I wasn't sure myself, because right then every instrument in the place went haywire and five minutes later, part of the ceiling hit the floor and the floor went up through the roof.

"Right on course, unless these instruments are haywire, which of course they're not," he murmured.

The engine hood had the sides removed to let more air through, and the top part of the hood was tied on with haywire.

Shaken, but not hurt, he crawled out of the car, aware that something was seriously haywire, and that he had to call for outside help.

If they found their controls were haywire, they wouldn't keep testing the things until they'd corrected that.

"And the Northerners will attack today if my intelligence service hasn't gone completely haywire."

Armitage talked to Senator Farragut yesterday and hinted darkly that the first ship's hydroponics system went haywire and that an improper carbohydrate imbalance killed the colony.

Red Brewer had plugged his electric razor into the lab circuit, and he was running it over his pink jowls while I tried to discover what was haywire about the balance scales.

If one of our tame zanies goes haywire again, the courts will stop this pilot project fast.

The final segment now, the whole family enjoying a futuristic Christmas with a high-tech kitchen whose voice-activated stove went haywire.

With a nod for emphasis he steepened the Spitfire's dive a bit and went cutting down across the English sky like a comet gone haywire.

Crunch goes haywire.

Our lab scales being haywire might be the result of a being's nearness to it, or something.

However, they might just as well have tried to pick off a haywire comet rushing down at them.

"The whole thing's haywire," Ken said irritably.

You can't play polo in ships tied up with haywire.

Mike was squatting on his heels by the haywire rig, built into what looked suspiciously like a chassis extracted from one of the standard control consoles of the communication department.

Like a battle gray comet gone completely haywire, the other Devastator came tearing up and around, guns blazing as its pilot tried to cut in under Dave and drill the belly of his ship.

Waiting for that warning flicker on the instrument panel, that split second warning before red ruin struck as cranky fuel went haywire.