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Definition of hegemony:

  • (noun) the dominance or leadership of one social group or nation over others

Sentence Examples:

It was contented with having regained hegemony among the German people.

Except for the last item, this German trade will probably remain and grow; but the German hegemony, based on railway enterprise and reinsured by "moral conquests," will scarcely survive the Ottoman dominion.

The history of the Southern Slavs for the last century has been a slow movement towards national unity, overshadowed, sometimes hastened, sometimes paralyzed, by the rivalry of Austria and Russia for the hegemony of the Balkan Peninsula.

It may well be that in the event of German defeat the democratic movements of that country will gain a great impetus from the blow given to the Prussian hegemony.

The core of the second class was composed of the speculators, who, as managers of these companies, or on their own account, conducted the large mercantile and pecuniary transactions throughout the range of the Roman hegemony.

Attempts at this work were not wanting; they followed, as the cantonal constitution suggested, the system of hegemony.

The union was of the loosest kind, constantly fluctuating between alliance and hegemony; the representation of the whole body in peace by the federal diets, in war by the general, was in the highest degree feeble.

Even the animal organism is constructed on a monarchical principle: it is the brain alone which guides and governs, and exercises the hegemony.

Is it to be wondered at that there are so many discontented people or that some of them are already casting about for an alternative to the Anglo-Saxon hegemony misnamed the Society of Nations?

And does not the fact that this change was brought about, thanks principally to Spanish obstinacy, point to something akin to hegemony?

The hegemony of the English-speaking nations seems likely to be within attainment by that one of them which appears destined to become far the most powerful of all in numbers, in wealth, and in security of environment.

At the present time the doctrine embodies, to the Spanish-American mind, not so much the antidote to possible European aggression as the hegemony of the United States in the American hemisphere.

It is agreed by the most malcontent schoolmasters that their pupils are growing up to be excellent Yugoslavs who will have no more fear of what they call "Serb hegemony" than have the Scots of that of England.

And it seemed that only a short ladder lay between the preparation room and the Anglo-Saxon hegemony of the globe.

The first ten years of the Athenian hegemony or headship were years of active warfare against the Persians.

The great state which had aimed at the hegemony of the whole district was defeated; and Alec, with the method habitual to him, set about organizing each strip of territory which was reclaimed from barbarism.

French influence had come once more to their help in their efforts to shake off German hegemony.

The Kaiser may have thought that war was not necessary ... because every year of peace increased the power of the Empire, and because the German hegemony in Europe was safe enough without shedding a drop of blood.

Such was undoubtedly the case during the great days of Italian hegemony in literature and the arts.

We are fighting not for a few milliard francs and a disaffected province, but for priceless spoils and European hegemony.

The day of German hegemony is past, and no German plenipotentiary will be able again to impose his will by the same methods.

Where there were no codes, the hegemony of the historical school led to a movement back to the law of Justinian which would have undone much of the progress of the last centuries.

The Athenian supremacy had broken down; the Spartan, a still more complete hegemony, as the Greeks called it, had gone to pieces, not so much by the shock of the Theban military power, as by its own inherent defects.

Both those worlds are not merely in negative opposition to white hegemony, but are experiencing a real renaissance whose genuineness is best attested by the fact that it is a faithful replica of similar movements in past times.

The hidden powers of nature were unveiled, incalculable energies were tamed to human use, terrestrial distance was abridged, and at last the planet was integrated under the hegemony of a single race with a common civilization.

The princes who had adhered to what was known as the Prussian hegemony seized the first opportunity to renounce it.

Two great wars are the most striking incidents in its history: one within, for the suppression of slavery; the other, without, to prevent the glorification of war, the brutal hegemony of one people over all, the exaltation of a mystic imperialism.

To him fell also the ancient claim of the Danish kingdom to the hegemony of the North.

Now that the development of German industry on a national foundation has transformed Germany into the first capitalistic power of the world, she finds herself colliding with the hegemony of England in her further course of development.

All those conclusions are natural, since the United States has found the money for the work, and claims under the Monroe doctrine an exclusive hegemony of the American continent south of the Canadian border.

Chinese began to realize that in this war their status was at stake, not only in the dimly perceived wide universe of the Westerners but also in that of the Far East in which they had long held such comfortable hegemony.

New England had retained its cultural hegemony by default, and the New England spinster, with her restricted experience, her complicated repressions, and all her glacial taboos of good form, had become the pacemaker in the arts.

I am aware, however, that peace between the Argentine, Brazil, and Chile is the accepted maxim of South American foreign policy; and it is very sound doctrine, the triple hegemony offering a fairly solid guarantee against usurpation by one.

There were epochs in which her hegemony passed unquestioned among men of other lands, and there were times when a sudden shift in fortune seemed to lay the nation prostrate, with none so poor to do her reverence.

It was a hegemony, exercised over various other Mexican races, who hated Montezuma, the Aztec Emperor, and his people.

The chief of the German Calvinists disputed that Protestant hegemony which John George claimed by right.

Thereafter, it expected to defend these territories stubbornly enough to tire and bleed the Allies and then to negotiate a recognition of Japanese hegemony.

The Seminars of the German Universities were the arsenals that forged the intellectual weapons of the Prussian hegemony.

He held in high esteem the ancient and Latin disciplines, in very moderate esteem the German disciplines: he dreaded German hegemony.

It was in the Dardanelles that the great battle was fought which brought about the downfall of Athenian hegemony.

And here the Poles were the straw in the balance which decided in favor of German hegemony.

Formerly it was a powerful state enjoying all the advantages of hegemony and all the privileges which came from the fact that the German Emperor was the King of Prussia.

And like all parvenus, you are so astonished at your success, so pleased with yourselves, that you imagine your present hegemony in the race for material progress to be a guarantee for the future.

Something of the sort may well be done in Germany, and if so, it will assure German hegemony as no merely military victory could do.

Countries which would be dependent upon the Germanic hegemony, being of kindred blood and speech, and which would in special points admit actual economic or political control by Germans.

The Macedonian hegemony produced a greater degree of political unity than had been previously achieved, but above all a real cultural unity had been created, and was carried by arms and commerce over the East.

The idea expressed in your letter, to make the Prussian Chambers a means, by their representation of all German taxpayers, to found a hegemony, is from the same point of view.

If the old political organism had been readjusted, Slavic predominance would have appeared to the Italians as a greater menace to their security than the old arrangement of Austrian and Hungarian joint hegemony.

A great and serious change had taken place, and we disguise the fact of that change, if we talk of the Athenian hegemony, or headship, as a portion of the Athenian empire.

They have conquered new territories, but they have upheld the independence of feeble States; they aspire to the hegemony of the Latin continent, but this ambition has prevented numerous and grievous conflicts between South American nations.

He implores South America to defend itself against the danger of a Saxon hegemony, to enrich itself by means of European influences, to encourage French and Italian immigration, and to purify its races by an influx of new blood.

Civilization, under such hegemony, would lose all the beauty of its spontaneity, all the romance and mystery of its movement; its expansive forces would be imprisoned in a minute and deadening code of regulations.

Naturally, the confederates could not withdraw from the hegemony at pleasure, much less join its enemies; so that the refusal of a league to accept a decision of the synod to declare war meant only that it assumed a position of neutrality.

Today we witness the hegemony of Prussia, a hegemony political as well as spiritual, for the great war has crowned with triumph not only the Krupp guns but also the Prussian idea of efficiency and preciseness.

While the Gallic nation retained, or desired to retain, a kind of unity, some one of the many tribes had always been allowed a hegemony.

"The Ionians have revolted from the Spartan hegemony, and ranged themselves under the Athenian flag."

The German-Magyar hegemony is as strong as ever, and the Polish question is to be solved only according to the Pan-German program.

Out of all these ruins rose the Russian power, its northern hegemony, and its new European position, which henceforth were daily to increase and reach immense, immoderate proportions.