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Use hex in a sentence

Definition of hex:

  • (noun) an evil spell
  • (verb) cast a spell over someone or something; put a hex on someone or something
  • (adjective) of or pertaining to a number system having 16 as its base

Sentence Examples:

And she stared wistfully into the fire, hex hands clasping and unclasping nervously.

And what compelled hex to be deprived of me, except her own free ducal will?

A hex was what he deserved, and she hoped that the Lowlander would make it a fine horrible one indeed.

The process of grovelling through a core dump or hex image in an attempt to discover the bug that brought a program or system down.

The blacksmith was reputed to be a sort of "hex" or male-witch, and the farmer believed in his diabolic powers and was very much in fear of them.

The caverns of the shores are piled with golden ingots, hexes of pearls, rich bales of oriental silks; and their deep recesses sparkle with diamonds, or flame with carbuncles.

They naturally discussed love, and a breath of chivalry intoxicated this room full of bureaucrats; they praised and exalted the superior beauty of woman, the delicacy of hex soul, her aptitude for exquisite things, the correctness of her judgment, and the refinement of her sentiments.

An undigested and voluminous mass of information about a problem or the state of a system, especially one routed to the slowest available output device (compare core dump), and most especially one consisting of hex or octal runes describing the byte-by-byte state of memory, mass storage, or some file.

His atrocious crime being now fully ascertained, this virago gave a loose to her resentment, which became so loud and tempestuous, that her informer shuddered at the storm she had raised, and began to repent of having communicated the intelligence which seemed to have such a violent effect upon hex brain.