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Use hillbilly in a sentence

Definition of hillbilly:

  • (noun) a disparaging term for an unsophisticated person

Sentence Examples:

I don't know that I need to have any hillbilly tell me when I need a bath.

He was trying to change me into a hillbilly, a savage!

He loves to talk about being an ignorant hillbilly.

The hillbilly would never answer any more questions, I knew that much.

Was it better to have too little and become like the hillbilly?

We got a whole platoon to shoot out, and I want to see that hillbilly do the same thing in the standing position.

Jeff, who knew that it's as easy to trade a hillbilly out of his hand as to separate him from his rifle, continued to work calmly.

The metal strip had a disc hanging down in front of the hillbilly's eyes and about two inches away.

The hillbilly wasn't moving now as the flicker worked on his eyes and activated desired mental responses.

He was an unlettered hillbilly and, being ashamed of his own ignorance, he was shy toward other men.

I know how you hate this real jazzy stuff, but can't have a reunion without music, and there isn't a polka or cowboy ballad or hillbilly stomp in the box.

Obviously a hillbilly, he carried a carbine as though it were a part of him.