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Use hindsight in a sentence

Definition of hindsight:

  • (noun) understanding the nature of an event after it has happened

Sentence Examples:

Logic is hindsight, Kermit.

It is sort of hindsight.

In hindsight, it was inevitable.

How much of that is hindsight, Jim?

"That's his hindsight," said the trail foreman.

Be governed by foresight as well as hindsight.

We have what you might call the advantage of hindsight.

In hindsight, maybe I should have unlocked my phone for them.

It is characteristic of the child to show little foresight, little hindsight.

Wylie determined to make up for it by an ample display of hindsight.

Down here a man could line the notch of his hindsight with the bead.

They bought the risky long-term bonds of the nascent state, which was constantly fighting for its life (and they did an excellent business in hindsight).

My foresight is just as keen as my hindsight and all that I am telling you is a reality to me even if it has not yet actually taken place.

My mind was working more clearly than it had in a long time and, with all the wisdom of hindsight, I wondered how anyone could have ever doubted the outcome.

We insist, because of our superior hindsight, that the world as they needed to know it, and the world as they did know it, were often two quite contradictory things.

He answered questions, and maybe it is partly hindsight, now, I don't know, and it is hard to say, one has the impression that he wasn't very candid at all.

Ah, what suffering a little hindsight would have saved us.

Now, in hindsight, she remembered their breakup with both anger and regret.

In the present state of political science there is, therefore, a tendency for one situation to change into another, before the first is clearly understood, and so to make much political criticism hindsight and little else.

With the benefit of hindsight, it is evident, moreover, that the effectiveness of this dual structure has been greatest during those periods when, each in its own sphere, religion and science were able to work in concert.

Now, with hindsight, he firmly believed that she would have run back to the power and virility of this successful, married man no matter what he would have done.

If my foresight had been equal to my hindsight, I should have confided my discovery to him as soon as I made it, and so saved you this year of bitter experience, my girl

Any child with an Atlas in hand can now decry the mistake of having given to this concept more credence than did Oxley or Macquarie: does not hindsight make history so simple?

In hindsight, it was a totally transparent move to seem cool and edgy to this girl, but at the time I would have sworn that I picked it because it was a convenient place to meet up.

I think we will be known among those who will hereafter visit this marvelous region as "The Temperance Party," though some of our number who lacked the foresight to provide, before leaving Helena, a needed remedy for snake bites, have not lacked the hindsight required in using it.

How could she, inexpert, foresee what was mockingly obvious to hindsight?

It was a gamble - bold and, in hindsight, farsighted - but still, a gamble.

Rather than being downright manipulative, in hindsight I would describe the management style as slightly neurotic, characteristically protecting its own interests.

There are always hindsight philosophers and small-eyed sons of detraction to seize such an occasion as the late panic to criticize great and good men.

The transaction turned out so well that Thomas Stevenson said, "I told you so," and Robert Louis saw the patent fact that hindsight, accident and fear sometimes serve us quite as well as insight and perspicacity, not to mention perspicuity.

Engineers are prone to make valuations based on "hindsight" instead of "foresight," on the assumption that no substantial difficulties in construction were encountered, when, in fact, substantial difficulties should perhaps have been anticipated, and may actually have been encountered in the original construction, record of them having been obliterated, however, with the lapse of time.