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Hocus pocus Definition

meaningless talk

Sentence Examples

"Don't you see what a hocus-pocus you have made?"

Such a hocus-pocus I never knew.

"What hocus-pocus has been here?"

Churchill is a man above hocus-pocus.

Hocus-pocus, a juggler: a juggler's trick.

"I will have no hocus-pocus, no humbug, no Jesuitry."

It struck him now as a childish farce—an absurd hocus-pocus.

What was the meaning of his hocus-pocus talk about miracle gold.

"Oh, I used a little justifiable hocus-pocus about the medicine."

A sort of hocus-pocus... now you are my wife, now you aren't my wife.

There is no sleight-of-hand or hocus-pocus in the benefits it seeks to confer.

"We’re that now, save for the hocus-pocus of the parsons you set such store by."

There’s such a thing as hocus-pocus to steal away the value of a piece of property.

Is not this something like a piece of Jules Verne's delicious scientific hocus-pocus?

But if we don't carry out this hocus-pocus first, she will not credit what comes after.

All this, of course, is hocus-pocus, and the judicious are not deceived by it for an instant.

I could have found it in me to laugh at the whole miserable hocus-pocus, had I been less indignant.

And may I ask you, Professor Hocus Pocus, or whatever your name is, whom you are calling a schoolboy?

"There's some hocus-pocus about this," whispered Trask, as he and Locke moved forward for a private talk.

"Hocus pocus" appears to have been a mock Latin expression first used as the name of a juggler or conjurer.

"I was anxious to see for myself, naturally, suspecting some hocus-pocus, so I ventured to be respectfully dubious."

His voice was shaky, and if there had been light enough to see it, his face was gray with terror of his own hocus-pocus.

He felt no shame at going in for hocus-pocus at his time of life, and buying his son's affection, mine, by his kindnesses.

He exhorted, he interpreted dreams, he warned, he performed the complicated hocus pocus that brought luck or averted calamity.

The Finance Minister's hocus-pocus expedients for balancing the Budget have been unanimously rejected by the Budget Committee.

"That is, you can't start with a glass of cool water and, hocus-pocus, get it to separate into warm water and ice cube, right?"

He had acquired a certain amount of clerical hocus-pocus by having been a novice in a monastery, whence he was kicked out for sacrilege.

The job seems so absurdly trivial, even to so mean an understanding, that he can’t refrain from glorifying it with a bit of hocus-pocus.

Duplicity, chicane, guile, chicanery, trickery, cunning, circumvention, deceit, deception, artifice, dissimulation, double-dealing, hocus-pocus.

There were two ways of escaping this dilemma: one was to withdraw the warriors; the other, by some hocus-pocus, to abrogate the neutrality.  

HOCUS, a shortened form of "hocus pocus," used in the 17th century in the sense of "to play a trick on any one," to "hoax," which is generally taken to be a derivative.