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Use hogwash in a sentence

Hogwash Definition

unacceptable behavior (especially ludicrously false statements)

Sentence Examples

Take that hogwash away.

It sounded like hogwash to Pell.

"How's that for a stack of hogwash?"

Well, go ahead with the boys and dope out your hogwash.

They said they could not drink the tea; that it was hogwash.

"Lord, ye ain't takin' no stock in that hogwash," responded the other.

Music is a good thing; and after all that soul-butter and hogwash I never see it freshen up things so, and sound so honest and bully.

"That's the sort of damned hogwash you feed to green troops, not to veterans."

We got another chum of theirs, too, who set up a holler like he saw a pan of hogwash.

Too many wrong things, too many highfalutin' notions, too much just plain old hogwash.

Shortly after he brought our breakfast—a little pot of hogwash, and three small slices of coarse bread.

My friends, I have heard the vows which Paaker has poured out over our pure altars, like hogwash that men set before swine.

You might have told a better story than that hogwash about your finding the "ad" and a hundred dollars lying loose on your desk one morning.

"We ain't hankerin' much for grammar and dictionary hogwash, and we don't want no Boston parts o' speech rung in on us the first thing in the mo'nin'."

Millions still feed upon the literary hogwash provided for them, but from among those millions a new class has arisen that asks for better fare, and does not ask in vain.

"Chickens come out with some kind of sorry-looking egg and now, in the same morning, an eighteen hundred dollar registered, fresh Guernsey gives out hogwash instead of milk."

Besides the reg'lar hogwash about the "breath of old ocean" and the "simple, cleanly living of the bygone days we dream about," there was some new froth concerning hunting and fishing.

If evidence came up that would tend to show that one of his pet theories was utter hogwash, he'd come up with an ad hoc explanation which showed that this particular bit of evidence was an exception.