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Holistic Definition

emphasizing the organic or functional relation between parts and the whole

Sentence Examples

The holistic connection between mind and body.

Holistic therapies, like meditation, are "fringe" therapies.

Farming had been done holistically since before Roman times.

There are still other holistic standards to measure soil productivity.

Large-scale holistic farmers must grow their own humus on their own farm.

Evolutionary idealism: A philosophical foundation for holistic nursing theory.

Few medical doctors or holistic therapists really understand or can help this kind of case.

Europe, by contrast, has tried to establish a holistic framework, a much more effective approach.

This aspect of hygienic medicine makes it different than almost all the others, even most other holistic methods.

Although holism sees human beings as integral organisms, holistic approaches are inclined to have this physical focus.

In spite of myself I felt my hopes rising, even though I had definite mixed feelings about his kind of "holistic" medicine.

Of these holistic therapies, bioenergetics is perhaps considered the most respectable because it is used by some psychologists.

And that is why holistic farmers and gardeners mistakenly criticize chemical fertilizers as being directly destructive of soil microbes.

Basic behavioral techniques are, exercise, etc. etc, ...but this is the holistic network...I'm preaching to the choir...

Consequently, I think it is essential for holistic healers to first ground themselves in the basic sciences of the body's physiological systems.

Legislation influenced by the allopathic doctors' union, the American Medical Association, severely limits or prohibits the practice of holistic health.

Together we reflected on the wonderfulness of the human spirit, the concept of personhood, and holistic beings with thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs.

So-called holistic or orthomolecular (the "right" molecule) physicians and psychiatrists attempt to take individual variations and sensitivities into account.

From the early 1970s through the early 1980s I invited a succession of holistic specialists to reside at GOSH, or to teach at Great Oaks while living elsewhere.

Toward this end we started putting out a holistic health newsletter and offering classes and seminars to the public on various aspects of holistic health.

Holistic support will not only lessen the side effects of the medical treatments but will speed up healing and often reduce the required dose of prescribed drugs.

For example, perhaps the holistic understanding of a nursing situation would be expressed as aesthetic knowing through dance, poetry, music, painting, or the like.

It is holistic, not linear; it is unself-conscious and noncritical; and it doesn't bother with any of the rational systems of analysis we have invented for ourselves.

It is an all-encompassing, holistic, worldview, a set of values, a code of conduct, a list of goals, aspirations, fantasies and preferences and a catalog of moral do's and don'ts.

The organization is dedicated to "providing information and discussion on holistic concepts and methods of living which provide a natural way of dealing with the challenges of life."

But the St Petersburg clinic had ripped, mixed and burned these different procedures to make a single, holistic treatment that had dropped Lester from 400 to 175 pounds in ten weeks.

Holistic approaches, on the other hand, attempt to bring about positive change by means of emphasis on physical factors that are believed to have a close connection to mental processes.

Most heart problems are very easy to fix by holistic approaches, even many hereditary weaknesses and malfunctions can be healed, if the work is done before too much organic damage occurs.

It is perfectly acceptable to die while under conventional medical care. Happens all the time, in fact. But holistic alternatives are represented as stupidly risky, especially for serious conditions such as cancer.

But let a holistic practitioner treat a sick person and have that person follow any of their suggestions or take any natural remedies and have that person die or worsen and it instantly becomes the natural doctor's fault.

Many otherwise well-meaning holistic practitioners, lacking an honest grounding in science, sometimes express their understanding of the human body in non-scientific, metaphysical terms that can seem absurd to the well-instructed.

If holistic practitioners were to apply painful treatments like allopaths use, ones with such poor statistical outcomes like allopaths use, there would most certainly be witch hunts and all such irresponsible, greedy quacks would be safely imprisoned.

Here are some topics dealt with in this forum: Various Dimensions of Holistic Healing and Health States of Consciousness, meditation and the role it plays in spiritual/physical health, the impact of a healthy diet - including Herbs and Vitamins Bodywork..

Practitioners of bioenergetics believe that physical exercises of this kind rapidly put a person in touch with buried (repressed) feelings and speed up the process of inner integration that all holistic practices, as well as traditional therapy, wish to achieve.

Because his holistic outlook ran counter to powerful vested interests of his era, Albrecht was professionally scorned and ultimately left the university community, spending the rest of his life educating the general public, especially farmers and health care professionals.