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Use holler in a sentence

Definition of holler:

  • (noun) a very loud utterance (like the sound of an animal);
  • (noun) a small valley between mountains;
  • (verb) shout out; "He hollered out to surrender our weapons"
  • (verb) utter a sudden loud cry;
  • (verb) complain; "What was he hollering about?"

Sentence Examples:

An' holler back "Good-by!"

"You know what I mean," Pee-wee hollered.

Pee-wee hollered at her through the horn.

Then I climb a tree-top and holler.

It was the iceman who had hollered.

Now you come hollering to me, you quitter.

A burro screeched and hollered in a field.

See a little holler near the German lines?

Where you can't find it, you holler-legged galoot.

Do you think it was the Irish hollered help?

Did you ever hear such a hollering and jabbering in all your life?

One of 'em was hopping around and hollering with Ag, yelling 'hooray!'

He hollers as I lit out with the burro to cross the range.

A few reverses and the proud alumni commence hollering 'get the axe'!

Jest back here in a clump of cottonwoods there's a holler log full of leaves.

Ted, you never heard such a yowling and hollering as those two set up.

And I never did see a man with such a holler to fill with flapjacks.

Like enough somebody will be hollering again about being shy a few fat steers or calves.

And sometimes boys would turn round, and laugh, and holler out, "How are you, teakettle?"

We all had beards an inch or longer and the talking and hollering was deafening.

"The men can holler when they're hurt, but the poor dumb baste has no protection."

And we can't even holler for help, or they'll swarm in on us like a pack of harpies.

We had christened him Oliver Twist, because he kept on "hollering for more" all the weary night.

Reckon I never could 'a' yelled and hollered loud enough, nor scared 'em up proper about hell-fire.

Couldn't a man get a wink of sleep without condemned galoots hollering their prayers through a megaphone?

"I never in my life did see as fine huckleberries as grows down in that little holler," he pursued.

We got another chum of theirs, too, who set up a holler like he saw a pan of hogwash.

"You never heard me holler," she said in a tone that was skillful admixture of defiance and tentative propitiation.

And then there's a general imbroglio, everyone standing up and the kid hollering and the dog barking.

Yelled his men, the noise of their hollering and hooting voices deafening in the confines of the stockade.

The market simply sucked up our short sales and hollered for more, like a six-months shoat at the trough.

I remember a jackrabbit jumped up in front of me, but I hollered to him to get out of the way.

He sure is a good spender when the orders come in, with a line of talk to make you holler for mercy.

The defendant's been six months in the Tombs, with all the Syrian newspapers hollering like mad for a trial.

Sammy was there, all right, because his fire was smoldering, so we climbed up the hill and hollered at him.

I've been a watching 'em a good while in the holler of the rocks, just above where Miss Barker's mammy lives.

Sometimes I just want to run as fast as a racehorse, and holler as loud as the poor children do in the park.

You don't whoop and holler and yell and slosh around with your revolver, like the most of the young chaps do.

You could hear them passing out in different directions, hollering and cursing and cavorting around, and saying what they had done.

For one, I am quite willing to do humble duty by bringing fagots and kindling to keep the fire going, no matter who "hollers."

When I discovered my condition I made a holler and roused the guard, and right then I got another example of German efficiency.

All the rest of us want is for you to holler that in your biggest foghorn voice, and you'll find the crowd with you.

I shouldn't have hollered at you from the door like I did, but if you wanted that drumstick as bad as I do, you'd have hollered, too.

I've tried hollering myself hoarse into the updrafts from the cheery blaze, but the wind's against me, my shouts rising up past my ears.

"Sure, sonny, have a good time," he shouted back, and his voice coming way down that hole sounded hollow, as if he were hollering down a well.

It struck me so ludicrously to think how the fellow must have looked when he found himself 'hollering' outside, that I could not refrain from laughing outright.

In pre-Rhine days, a citizen in my pinch would holler for the cops because he couldn't be sure that the crooks would keep their end of the bargain.

After a few days I set out for the regiment, and found it in a holler where the rebel bullets was skipping about like parched peas in a skillet.

His own brother is one of our reporters and what Dan did to Dave when Dave made a holler at the door is a matter of record on the emergency-hospital blotter.

"And it's a good thing I heard them hollering, and got the boat ready," said the well-dressed lad, whose attire was now rather disheveled from the haste of rowing.

And Aunt Sarah was hollering, too, till the only dignified thing left was to tie my sheets together and let myself out, which I did before there was a riot!

The men in the boat hollered and hauled and swore in Gaelic, and finally we were free for fifty feet, and then the tide blew us in between two other piers.

The kids on the beds lining the walls, many of whom would never leave this room except in wheeled chairs, were screaming and hollering and shrieking with laughter at Zeke's antics.

She knew she would "holler," as Bunny called it, if she fell into the water, and of course if a big fish or a muskrat had pulled in Bunker, he, too, would cry out.

I sassed him, and he got so mad that just as he was leaving, he hollered at me that I better ask Worth Gilbert where he was at the hour his father was shot.

Before I knew what had happened two of the greasers grabbed me around the throat, so I couldn't holler, and two others pulled off my coat, which they threw from the train.

When you were naughty, and Mother used the little brown switch that hung over the wood-shed door, Grandfather tramped up and down in the garden, and the harder you hollered, the harder Grandfather tramped.

Mama and I would lock eyes every time a particularly forceful round of hollers shook down, and Mama would get a little smile and her eyes would crinkle, and I felt like we were sharing a secret.

While this rather comical performance was going on, the surging crowd yelled and hollered, and called upon the voluntary wreckers to pull down the topmost sign which adorned the front of the third story.

I hollered and screamed to my men, but in that awful roar could hardly hear my own voice, let alone make my men hear me, and just then we went down into a steep gulch and up the other side.

It felt like my shoulder was about to wrench out of its socket, and I instantly doubled over, hollering, a sound that was barely audible over the din of the crowd, the thrum of the choppers, the wail of the sirens.

Well, they interfered with our movement upstairs each time we took Oswald to and from the jail, they would holler at him and ask questions and say things to him that would have a tendency to, I thought, aggravate him.

Imagine the chap in the helmet hollering, 'Pump away, you lazy beggar, I'm not getting enough air to keep a flea alive,' and all the good old oxygen pouring out of a jagged hole in the bally pipe, hundreds of feet from him.

Even at the first foot-ball "rally," where he learned the college yells, Jason had been singled out, for the mountaineer measures distance by the carry of his voice and with a "whoop an' a holler" the boy could cover a mile.

Up the mountain side, yelling and hollering, she led the women, and when the mules came up with the scabs and the coal, she began beating on the dishpan and hollering and all the army joined in with her.

That made me mortal mad, and, seeing as how the holler was big enough to creep in at yon end furthest from the fire, I lay down, grit my teeth, and slid in, determined to fetch out the varmint, dead or alive.

I was just going to ask some more questions when I heard a holler inside the mill, and then a racket like half a dozen men running, and out of the door came a man, and then another man, and right on his heels another.

You've promised not to holler, which is sensible, because no one would hear you if you did, so you've got your jaws free to eat; and if you'd only promise not to try to get away, I'd untie them arms of yours, and you'd be as fine as a fiddle.

And down under the tree there was a snake pointed right at a little toad, and I stamped my foot and hollered to scare him away; and that same minute he struck, and the toad fell over, whether poisoned to death or scared to death I didn't know.

Stringer, and he was standing in front and so then I went into the building to help start the search, and I was on the first floor and I had walked down an aisle and opened a door onto an outside loading dock, and when I came out on this dock, one of the men hollered and said there had been an officer killed in Oak Cliff.

That is correct, Boone and I, and as he was looking over the rear section of the building, I would say the northwest corner, I was on the floor looking under the flat at the same time he was looking on the top side, and we saw the gun, I would say, simultaneously, and I said, "There it is" and he started hollering, "We got it."