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Use hopscotch in a sentence

Definition of hopscotch:

  • (noun) a game in which a child tosses a stone into an area drawn on the ground and then hops through it and back to regain the stone

Sentence Examples:

He doesn't play hopscotch.

"Hopscotch didn't hop quite fast enough."

Ball and marbles and hopscotch were tabooed.

"Can't you skip, as we do when we play hopscotch?"

The girls (and sometimes the boys) play a very elaborate kind of hopscotch.

At the second hopscotch the tongue of Smart was loosened, and his words began to flow.

He played hopscotch with the insects until they veered off the trail.

Because after all, when you have played your tennis or your golf, your hockey or even your humble hopscotch, you begin to think it was very jolly, but there was something lacking; what good did it do to anyone?

Tomorrow it'll be geometrical jacks and motorized hopscotch.

They would rather play gobs or shuttlecock or hopscotch than read about the 'Forty Thieves.'

If, on this beautiful lawn, any impulsive youngster is caught running, or performing an instinctive hopscotch or leapfrog, he is sure to be seen by a watching and powerful janitor and reported.

He wore out his shoes in astonishingly quick time playing hopscotch on the hilly sidewalks with the boys and girls who lived near, while Kate, to whom this sport was forbidden, sitting on the doorsteps, looked enviously on.