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Illicit Definition

contrary to accepted morality (especially sexual morality) or convention;
contrary to or forbidden by law;
synonyms:unlawful, outlaw, outlawed, illegitimate

Sentence Examples

The Patrol doesn't like illicit tobacco planters.

Some contracts are often illicit according to natural law.

Not a trace of any illicit practice was found on the premises.

His enemies stated his illicit gains at a hundred thousand pounds.

A wicked man had been moved by an illicit passion to kill his wife.

These evidences of illicit trades brought Peter a thrill of disgust.

Not content with his lawful revenues, he despoils them by illicit exaction.

We regard novelties as dangerous, experiments as illicit and deviations as forbidden.

The old questions of illicit trade with the enemy and the carrying of contraband arose.

All theologians agree that the use of marriage during the sterile period is not per se illicit.

And the gaunt elderly stenographer who had run an illicit mail-order business for her employers.

The fight against corruption has been titled against the recipients of illicit corporate largesse.

Such funds are often set up to cover for illicit and illegal self-enrichment, embezzlement, or tax evasion.

Illicit whiskey has been made in our southern mountains, as well as in towns and cities throughout the country.

Money generated by drug dealings, illicit arm trade and the less exotic form of tax evasion is thus "laundered".

A lot of the money that pours into pyramid schemes and stock exchange booms is laundered, the fruits of illicit pursuits.

In order to put a check on illicit removal, all passengers now leaving the Union are searched before they board their ships.

"It's a terrible thing to have killed the wrong man," said the conscience-stricken illicit distiller in his mountain fastness.

"Every ownership, any trade, which bears prejudicially on the existence of our fellow-creatures is necessarily illicit and immoral."

Someone important feared him enough to want him dead, which meant that his knowledge of illicit tobacco was not as secret as he thought.

Husbands were caught cheating on their wives; wives were caught cheating on their husbands, kids were caught sneaking out with illicit girlfriends and boyfriends.

But they utterly forgot that, if Hastings had by illicit means obtained pecuniary advantages, he had done so, not for his own benefit, but in order to meet their demands.

He showed it by readily admitting that he was engaged in the illicit traffic of liquor, when apparently, the police were not at all concerned with this phase of his activities.

When, therefore, I call women slaves, I mean in a political and civil sense; for, indirectly they obtain too much power, and are debased by their exertions to obtain illicit sway.

Western governments, Western banks, Western businessmen and Western institutions were sucked into the maelstrom of money laundering, illicit trading, corruption, shoddiness and violence.

Then, too, Jack allowed himself to figure out what would be the nature of their next undertaking, following out their plan for striking telling blows at everything that helped to build up the strategic working of the smuggler ring’s illicit business.

"I pointed out to him that the fixing of maximum prices and the issuing of regulations dealing with illicit trading merely forced the people to pay exorbitant prices, at the same time helping those engaged in underhand trading to amass huge fortunes."

If a society existed in which the existence of impulse toward food were socially disavowed until it was compelled to live an illicit, covert life, alienists would have plenty of cases of mental and moral disturbance to relate in connection with hunger.

The meaning of this is more than clear: the Jacobin populace, having decided that the possession of, and trade in, groceries was prejudicial to its existence, the grocers' monopoly is, therefore, immoral and illicit, and consequently, it pillages their shops.

They spread their illicit funds among dozens of disparate economic activities and show not the slightest interest in the putative yields on their investments, the maturity of their assets, the quality of their newly acquired businesses, their history, or real value.

The profits of piracy and the irregular trade practiced at that time were large, and twenty-nine hundred per cent profit in illicit trade was not unusual, so there is little wonder that adventurous men took chances and honest letters-of-marque sometimes seized upon whatever crossed their course.