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Use impasse in a sentence

Definition of impasse:

  • (noun) a situation in which no progress can be made or no advancement is possible
  • (noun) a street with only one way in or out

Sentence Examples:

The great impasse was still unforced.

It is an "impasse"; traversable only for foot passengers.

My whole future depended upon my extrication from that impasse.

The impasse brought a new factor, one actuated by a woman of new motives.

Jasper had said at one moment that this terrible impasse might overcloud her brain.

Four days out from Dutch Rembrandt/van Gogh, his mind and body together reached an impasse.

They had both, in their half-hearted way, sought to discover a means out of the impasse.

Italian claims were now the impasse which stopped the present distribution and the future acquisition of land.

Only an Olive Schreiner could do full justice to your failure, you poor nun, you futile eremite, you absolute and hopeless impasse.

One of the most distressing aspects of the impasse was that members of the organization had to forswear one to choose another, and this I hated.

From this conversational impasse we were rescued by the interposition of the gentleman opposite, whose small twinkling eyes had been taking me in with intentness.

With this conclusion he estranged himself, as something apart from nature, and formulated the impasse, which put him in a cul-de-sac of a double life.

The lady made no reference to the impasse of the night before, and Lionel was too full of the present to dwell churlishly on the past.

I do not mean to blame the Suffragettes as they blame the Socialists; but only to point to an impasse of impenitence for which we are all to blame.

On the evening of her second day in bed, they attempted to thresh out their difficulties, but it was soon evident that they had reached a hopeless impasse.

Upon this impasse came Swizzle-Stick Smith from the bush side of the white factory buildings, polishing his eyeglass, and limping along at his usual pace, and no faster.

"Time brings counsel," as the Teutonic proverb has it; and wiser folk among our posterity may see their way out of that which at present looks like an impasse.

She, his wife, had dragged him, unwillingly enough, into this impasse wherein his quiet habits of a wealthy English gentleman were hopelessly perturbed and his outlook outraged at every point.

"The impasse, as you very justly call it, Jasper," she riposted, "will not cloud my brain, so long as you do not seek to make right seem wrong and wrong right."

Anonymous letters reached me in greater numbers than ever, I was dragged in the mire, and when I left or entered the Impasse, there were loud cries of: "Death to her" or "Look at the murderess."

They felt, and before reams of paper had been scattered broadcast to prove the contrary the feeling was very prevalent, that great diplomatic blunders must have been made for the situation to have reached such an impasse.

The vine had learned peaceful ways that saved it from extinction, drawing its food quietly from the earth while further developing a mobility of sorts, but eventually an impasse would be reached when greater mobility would endanger nutrition.

I know now that in so speaking he had not that intent, but that brought up short by the certainty of my guilt, and the impasse as to helping me, in which he stood, he chose that mode of repressing the emotion he felt.

What will be the future of the present industrial crisis I will not prophesy; but I do know that every element in the past, which has led to this impasse in the present, has been thus glorified as a mere novelty by such a noisy minority.