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Use impede in a sentence

Definition of impede:

  • (verb) be a hindrance or obstacle to
  • (verb) block passage through

Sentence Examples:

Happily, in his eventful administration he was impeded by hostile and cynical senators; but this wholesale restraint embittered his life.

Far from impeding one another, these two tendencies, which appear so radically opposed, actually harmonize and seem even to support each other.

It has, however, of course, not the same cleaning effect upon fungoid growths or incrustations impeding the free "respiration" of the plant.

He was found to be entirely disoriented and with associations impeded, although he could get out his name and residence with difficulty.

Holcombe picked his way gingerly down a roughly graded side street infested with ragged urchins and impeded by abandoned tinware.

Her progress was somewhat impeded by contact with the surplice which, pinned to the clothes-line, was flapping in the breezes.

Up to the Belgian frontier roads had been cratered and bridges blown down, and these caused defiles and impeded the march.

Not impeded by riders in front, Dud reached the bluff above the river valley on the heels of the advance guard.

A good sweep of lawn is a peaceful object, but see that the view is not impeded with the modern's sprawling pell-mell beds.

No crowd, no booths impede the view; none of those discordant noises which make a perfect babel of other racecourses distract the attention.

The excessive caution, or rather the imbecile pusillanimity of a Chinese catechist, was calculated rather to impede than to facilitate our progress in Tartary.

Yet borrowed phrases and the constraint of meter impeded spontaneity, and these feeble versifiers could hardly create in modes of the antique.

These useless acts of destruction sadden the heart, and make you doubt the human understanding: how do old stones impede new ideas?

It is a psychological fact that most men are proud of their potency of copulation and feel greatly humiliated when the same is impeded.

They died in great numbers of prostration and of fevers, the Swedes also doing their best to impede the progress of the work.

He spoke jestingly, but it seemed as if there were something in his mouth which impeded his utterance, although his teeth were sound.

The country, as if parched by the heat, had cracked into innumerable fissures and ravines, that not a little impeded our progress.

The operation does nothing to impede the work of healing going on, and allows free movement of the foot and pastern to take place.

Do not eat too much, because it impedes digestion, and overtaxes, and thus weakens, the organs that must throw off the excess.

When the veins of the leg are varicose, the weight of the column of blood in the distended vessels impedes its circulation.

The fury of the equinoctial gales greatly impeded the advance of the party, frequently detaining them for several days at a time.

For years the proper action of the nervous, muscular, digestive, and secretory system had been impeded and forced in an unnatural direction.

It is obvious that those colors which render the transmission of external heat difficult, must impede the transmission of caloric from the body.

The nostrils are plugged up by an accumulation of tenacious discharge, which becomes encrusted over the lips and nose, and impedes the breathing.

Nothing disorganizes a railroad more quickly than impeded or inefficient wires, for the reason that its operation depends wholly upon its telegraph system.

Attempts at co-operative State and district work were impeded by conservative papers, which prejudiced the brethren against missionary societies, and hireling pastors.

His pink and cheerful face assumed a grave superciliousness of expression that struck with apologetic dismay the navigators who impeded his progress.

The false contrasts which the people, and consequently the language, believes in, are always dangerous fetters which impede the march of truth.

The river steamers, with their tall smokestacks and light guards extending out, were so much impeded that the gunboats got far ahead.

Its entrance is narrow and difficult, and when first discovered was impeded by perpendicular columns of stalactites, which have since been removed.

Another explorer might have southerly instead of northerly winds, and so might be assisted instead of impeded in his advance towards the Pole.

A German regiment was running along the street toward the west, making its utmost speed among the impeding stones and rubbish.

My heavy leather clothes impeded my movements, and I came very near swinging around the point for the last time in this world.

Swilling the system out with liquid does not in any way accelerate or aid the process, but, on the contrary, retards and impedes it.

Other colonies have been founded in the fertile valleys of the Andean foothills, but their growth is greatly impeded by lack of transportation facilities.

It sticks about their sides like treacle on a fly's wing; collecting unequally, it destroys all equilibrium, and impedes the efforts of the steersman.

The villages were burnt, the bridges destroyed, and heavy rocks and trees strewed in the path to impede the march of the cavalry.

The Science of Religion is only just beginning, and we must take care how we impede its progress by preconceived notions or too hasty generalizations.

He placed a line of batteries on the river bank to command the channel, and he established outworks to impede the approach of the enemy.

Hot air baths differ from vapor baths in not impeding the respiration as the latter do, by depositing moisture in the bronchial tubes.

With a wild trumpet note of battle, drawn by the bell clangor, an elephant crashed through impeding limbs and seized the evil-eyed goblin.

By the means indicated this portable domicile is borne lightly above the body of the Nautilus, without in any way impeding its progress.

The Spanish practice is recommended, where lime stone is plenty, wood scarce, and brush, trash and weeds so abundant as to impede or injure culture.

Such frequently prove the source of much inconvenience, by impeding the motions of the muscles, or disturbing the functions of any adjoining organ.

Jesse, having secured the gunny sack firmly to his saddle, and so that it might not impede his movements, rode still leisurely along.

After a time the fact obtruded itself dimly through our stupor that the constant pressure of the hard rock had impeded our circulation.

Adjust her neck, relieve constrictor and all other muscles that would impede any blood vessel that should drain the mouth and tongue.

The schemes of monarchists impede all progress, all serious labor, for in place of an advance the country is forced to have recourse to a struggle.

This clinging timidity may hang around an orator, and impede his flights of eloquence as effectually as an iron fetter would an eagle on the wing.

Short of that illiberality which impedes the march of improvement, let us cherish a partiality, an honest, homely prejudice, for what is our own.

Modern democracy, on the contrary, tends to level all mentalities, and to impede the predominance of capacity, shading everything with an atmosphere of vulgarity.

It is true the movement is slow, impeded by the frequent repetitions, but so the wearied mind, after nervous exhaustion, is "palsied and sere."

In general the feathers of the tail are more often elongated than those of the wings, as any great elongation of the latter impedes flight.

She made no objection, for she felt that further trouble impended, and she knew she must not impede any action her rescuer planned.

The corporal unbuckled his saber and threw it away, threw away his pistols, and everything that might in the least impede his flight.

They also indicate as part of the effects of the noxious physical causes the moral depravity and the predominance of bad passions which impede amendment.

And, instead of a cloak, which might have impeded his movements, he wore a top-coat with a high collar put on over his other coat.

Their hope was to gain shelter in the Government woodsheds, two miles ahead, before the inevitable downpour came to drench their bodies and impede their progress.

The fact that iron decreases the inductance and so seriously impedes alternating currents leads us to use iron-core coils where we want high inductance.

How anxiously did the spectators watch every motion of the little boat, that was now so crowded as very much to impede the rowers.

An assassin disencumbers himself of anything that is likely to impede him, especially when he is going to struggle with a man as young as himself.

The King arose as though further enraged by the reminder, then succumbed to a sort of paroxysm so violent that his utterance was impeded.

The system, as a consequence, becomes excited, nutrition is impeded, and disease produced, ultimately manifesting itself in scrofula, disease in the abdomen, head, or chest.

The incompetence of the valves allows the pressure in the varicose veins to equal that in the arterioles, so that the capillary circulation is impeded.

If aid should be sent, the insubordination of the French sailors would be in danger of contaminating the Spanish and would impede their own usefulness.

If this be the case, the power of forming granulations must be impeded, and these never can be deposited in the necessary degree of perfection.

The voices, which I too recognized, came nearer and nearer, but slowly, as if the speakers were impeded in their progress through the adjoining chamber.

He had five companies of cavalry and fifty-six riflemen, less than a single regiment; and he could only impede, but not check, the retreat.

We have done wrong in considering Flaubert a naturalist impeded by his romanticism, or a romanticist impenitent, irritated with himself because of his tendency to naturalism.

Something appeared suddenly to impede it; and instead of alighting on the body of its victim, it fell short, with a dead plash upon the water!

If a door or a gate impeded their progress, Ivan thrust his iron rod through it and soon made a passage, through which his men rushed pell-mell.

Did the framers of the Constitution "when granting these powers for the public good" intend to impede "their exercise by withholding a choice of means?"

To free him, the noblest of Scottish knights is now engaged; but such hosts impede him, that hope hardly dares hover over his tremendous path.

She smiled, palely, and gnawed the ginger stick, her jaw being so impeded by her desire to cry that she could not bite it.

Every measure by which the President of the Republic shall dissolve the National Assembly, prorogue it or impede the performance of its decrees, is high treason.

One of the rocks which impeded the entrance to the port was believed to have been the monster which Perseus petrified with the head of Medusa.

Presently afterwards we saw some dark dots on the floe, which had apparently come in contact with the field of ice at present impeding our progress.

No contracts between Germans and Americans were to be canceled or suspended, nor were citizens of either country to be impeded in fulfilling their obligations arising thereunder.

Their temporary humor lost with their prototypes becomes like a paralytic limb, which, refusing to do its office, impedes the action of the vital members.

And yet there are some features in the habits of the people, probably the results of an antiquated social condition, which impede the progress of the nation.

On landing with the botanical gentlemen, I ascended a hummock at the east end of the island, where alone the view was not impeded by wood.

We proceeded through the snow, which lay in masses impeding the way, while the descending flakes, driving against me with redoubled fury, blinded me.

Large islands of ice had impeded some voyagers for days together; icebergs miles in extent, and from one to two hundred feet high, had been reported.

When they had themselves forced upon the Conservative party the task of Administration, it seemed factious to impede the return of individuals necessary for that purpose.

As time passed, viceroys, churchmen, lawyers, and teachers became more and more aware of the language barriers that existed throughout the country and that impeded progress.

She felt doubtfully of her rubber soled sneakers, and deciding they were too light to impede her progress, crept forward to the edge of the pond.

Its complete success of late has been impeded by the want of adequate funds to maintain those departments of scientific instruction now imperatively demanded in modern education.

Of the greater part of all that skill and strength, no vestige is left, but fallen stones, that encumber the fields and impede the streams.

Each regiment of infantry should have a detachment of sappers armed with axes to act as pioneers, for the removal of obstacles that may impede its advance.

Of the greater part of all that skill and strength, no vestige is left, but fallen stones, that encumber the fields and impede the streams.

In spite however of all inspiration and of all support, sickness and uncongenial company impeded his hours of labor and corroded his hours of repose.

We see the men through their dust, and we see how the dust with which they are surrounding themselves befogs them and impedes their progress.

By destroying the railway bridge the transference of German troops from the southern sectors of the line to the threatened regions would be seriously impeded.

The circulation of the part, already predisposed to sluggishness by reason of its distance from the heart, is farther impeded by the action of the cold.

He seemed destined that morning to discover, that a lover's course is not only impeded by important obstacles, but often obstructed by things trifling in themselves.

Up to that time the progress of geology had been most seriously impeded by the supposed necessity of making its results harmonize with the Mosaic cosmogony.

There can be no doubt that an assiduous application to the study table impoverishes the organism and above all impedes the normal development of the thorax.

He is the aim of a hundred flashing weapons and infuriated men, who, in their blind eagerness to destroy him, impede and inflict severe wounds on each other.

Taking off his handsome and richly embroidered clothes, which would only impede him in his labors, he stood dressed only in his under-vest and trousers.

I believe that a general disarmament would be followed by a moral degradation, assuming the form of a widespread effeminacy which would impede the progress of humanity.