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Use imperative in a sentence

Imperative Definition

requiring attention or action;important;
a mood that expresses an intention to influence the listener's behavior

Sentence Examples

It was imperative that lost property should be restored.

The utmost caution and vigilance is imperative.

I did not fully carry out the most imperative orders.

But all such schemes of imperative despotism were vain.

His seizure and death had now become imperative.

Adams felt himself under an imperative obligation to present them to Congress.

"Your need has become strangely imperative.."

Certain prohibitions are absolute and imperative for all.

It was imperative on his part, therefore, to take action without delay.

Caring then becomes a moral imperative for practitioners of the profession of nursing.

Proper designing of the mast-head, including the selection of the font, is imperative.

That some very important change in Sherman's plans was imperative was a matter of course.

"Nothing but the most important and imperative reasons could induce me to ask the question"

This is a more elegant and polite way of speaking than giving a command with the regular imperative.

Steady flow of pioneers to both continents is the imperative, urgent, sacred task of the present hour.

No other explanation is possible of his delay in carrying out the imperative orders that he had received.

Upon arrival, however, the need for shelter was imperative, and all sorts of rude expedients were adopted.

Full, rapid use of these forces, by an organized community alive to the sublimity of its mission, is imperative.

It insists upon the subordination of national impulses and interests to the imperative claims of a unified world.

Rich or poor, every child comes into the world with some imperative need of its own, which shapes its individuality.

Imitation, accordingly, is an imperative factor both in self-development and in the control of groups of individuals.

Moreover, the settlement probably seemed to him more imperative than ever from the restlessness and discontent of the land.

This matter is imperative and absolutely essential, inasmuch as hostilities and conflict lie at the root of affliction and calamity.

Should a child in that home show symptoms of cholera infantum it would be imperative for that mother to begin at once home treatments.

We cannot too strongly urge upon parents and guardians the imperative duty of teaching those youths who look to them for instruction..

It all at once became necessary to hurry, for the old clock in the hall clanged out the hour and David became aware that haste was imperative.

It was imperative that he should find such a place, and with all the assurance that one has in life of anything, that it would remain unmolested.

There was a general indisposition in the rural districts to expend money and time in military business, until the necessity should become imperative.

Where one person in every seven (7) dies of consumption, it becomes imperative that full knowledge of the disease and its prevention should become widespread.

Gordon, however, though he assented to the proposition as regarded dinner, made his friend understand that it was imperative that he should be at the inn that night.

You end up hardly sleeping at all, you end up sneaking naps in the middle of the day, or after dinner, trying to reconcile biological imperatives with cultural ones.

But it was imperative that I should have an assured income, however small; and every one who has tried it knows how uncertain a support one's pen is, unless it has become very famous indeed.

The imperative need of the Southern States at the close of the war was temporary military government, and permission, under such full military protection, to reorganize their civil governments.

'The constitution, sir, it is true, renders it imperative on both Houses to keep a correct journal of its proceedings; and all this can be done, and any portion of it may be expunged, without violating that instrument.'

This effort exemplifies the type of cooperation the Department of the Interior believes is imperative in beginning the gigantic task of trying to save and restore the threatened and endangered animals in this country today.

The perception of risks that might arise through contributing to these studies worried some organisations, particularly those from sectors where competitive advantage is imperative, or liability and litigation issues especially worrying.

When a creation of characters is imperative, as in dramatic poetry, the classic mold fashions but one kind, that which through education, birth, or impersonation, always speak correctly, in other words, like so many people of high society.

If we conceive ourselves to be justified in refusing the demand of the plaintiff, as a consequence of this conviction, we must necessarily hold it to be an imperative duty to repel, by every honest means in our power, a claim we believe false.

While it is traditional to add a reminder that various unnamed people contributed to a publication, it is imperative to state here that numerous people are essential to the collection, conservation, preservation, and exhibition of museum objects.

I have been taught to hold the opinion, gentlemen, that if there is one obligation more imperative than any other, imposed upon an American by the privileges of his birth-right, it is this very duty of maintaining justice in her full integrity; of raising his voice in her behalf when she is threatened, of raising his arm in her defence when she is assailed.