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Definition of impermanence:

  • (noun) The quality or state of being impermanent (temporary).

Sentence Examples:

Rather its very essence is impermanence.

It is permanent only in its impermanence.

The very land is a land of impermanence.

The proverbial symbol of impermanence is writing upon sand.

All that bustling impermanence was fallen from her.

This is manifested by the impermanence of human beings.

These added to Ray's feeling of restlessness and impermanence.

It was an inconsistent tie, permanent in its impermanence, with all its incompleteness terribly complete.

A painful sense of the impermanence of the things of this world came suddenly upon her.

Expressing nothing but a caprice, it had the futility and the impermanence of all caprices.

Asked Hannibal rather fearfully, smitten with the awesome sense of impermanence which dogs our footsteps.

All relationships receded in a world of impermanence, said the atheist bombastic to himself most piously.

Here, among broken records of the past, the impermanence of physical existence was written plainly.

You must be able to lose all consciousness of this relative personality, the sure victim of death and impermanence.

Something of the impermanence of life and the indifferent, soulless permanence of things, flashed through his mind.

Oh, but I am puzzled by the impermanence and the loneliness and the impotence of this Manuel!

I took several days to discover this, but the first impression of impermanence was truer than I knew.

If, indeed, their happiness had a flaw, it was in resembling too closely the bright impermanence of their surroundings.

The reason of this is to be found, I think, in a wide-spread and deep-rooted consciousness of the principle of Impermanence.

Sylvia was asking no questions of fate or the future, accepting the present with willful blindness to its impermanence.

The presence of the women and children took away much of that feeling of impermanence associated with most pioneer activities.

One knew that the Elephant never for a moment lost his sardonic sense of the impermanence of human effort.

Her sense of the impermanence of the harmony between them all had grown upon her of late, like an obsession.

It is not really consistent with any doctrine of metempsychosis or with Buddhist teaching as to the impermanence of the Ego.

He had been speculating upon the futility of his political energy in the light of the impermanence of life and fame.

As leaven is a principle of impermanence and decay, so salt, on the contrary, has the power of conservation from corruption.

I must note a strange impression which my neighbor gives me: she has always for me an air of personal impermanence.

And this is the indubitable perception or intuition of permanent mind which no experience of impermanence can nullify and no Nirvana excludes.

She recognized it, in a moment, for the heart's old, sad prevision of impermanence in beauty, its rooted unbelief in fortune's constancy.

It was strange how the presence of Margaret's luggage in the hall pervaded the house with a sense of impermanence and suspense.

The character of the meditation, its durability or impermanence, is, Schopenhauer continued, in direct proportion to the presence of attributes that attract.

I fully realized the impermanence of this enjoyment; upon my recovery, I would once again be hurled amid the mob and mainstream of society.

In a world that is in flux the permanence or impermanence of any emotion is of less matter than its intensity while it lasts.

Impermanence is the nature of all that exists, constant change and restlessness its conditions; unfixed, unprofitable, without the marks of long endurance.

He half started forward in his pew, and then remembered, and sat back again, but with an effect of impermanence that was ludicrous.

There was the same rush of people, the same irregular flush of lights, the same glimmer of lanterns through canvas, the same air of impermanence.

Many of these, although old, do not mellow, but have an air of impermanence, as though intended to serve only until something better came along.

Savior's preached a sermon about immortality, she looked at the familiar faces of the congregation and thought sadly of the impermanence of all earthly things.

In striking contrast to the traditional Japanese tendency to impermanence in building, this line is constructed regardless of expense as if to last for a thousand years.

Change, that tempest of discontent, made deciduous waste of all this impermanence that always left a person long before she would leave herself at her demise.

I have found myself, as I skirted its base, talking of trivial things, but never without a sudden reflection on the deplorable impermanence of first impressions.

He developed a feeling of the impermanence of life, his hold upon it no stronger than the tenuous cord of a balloon straining impatiently in great, unknown currents.

Feeling the body, entering it, ravaging it, he groped for the end of impermanence and acquisition of human flesh, and for family to cover his nakedness.

Hollister shook off this fleeting impression of man's impermanence, and turned downhill lest dark catch him in the heavy timber and make him lose his way.

Then it seemed to him that there was a certain heroism in being a childless presence, stopping the replication of a damaged element and accepting fully his impermanence.

The impermanence, the relativity, of all that exists in time and space, leads him to describe it, in a favorite term borrowed from Indian philosophy, as Maya, or illusion.

A man born in the world, by proper thought comes to delight in goodness, he recognizes the impermanence of wealth and beauty, and looks upon religion as his best ornament.

Nirvana may thus be described as full enlightenment as to the unreality and impermanence of phenomena, the removal of delusions about the self, and the eradication of the cleaving to life.

The present, with not its usual flashing impermanence, had, for hours, been the same, had stopped, as it were, at an instant of vigilant alertness, and held him in it rigidly.

Observe that he attained to such a distinguished rank in the heart of the world that his greatness still rings out through all the impermanence of time, and he won eternal life.

Even now his basket-work home is never built on dry land, if water can be found wherein to plant the supporting poles of the fragile dwellings, suggesting the impermanence of a nomadic race.

This touch, indeed, accrues naturally to profound pleasure and to great beauty by the mere fact of the incongruity of their earthly surroundings and the sense of isolation, peril, and impermanence caused thereby.

This commonplace of the poet and moralist as to the impermanence not only of sensuous enjoyment, but of fame and civic achievements was profoundly reflected upon by philosophers, especially by Plato and Aristotle.

It is the tempered soul that outlasts the fury of the pyre, the mortality of the flesh, the vicissitudes of fancies, impermanence of favors, the narcissism of vanity and the intransigence of factions.

Well, it at least suggests the continuity of the ageless struggle of mankind, showing that the past has its place in the present, relieving man's horror of the impermanence, the disjointed character of existence.

The enchantment that surrounded her each time she went to see them and always as the last hours went by, grew oppressive with the reminder of its impermanence, shone, at last, wide over the future.

The life of adventure, danger, and impermanence was sufficiently attractive to them to induce them to abandon for it their roving habits; perhaps the difference of life was not so marked as to make the change distasteful.

His enemies took hold of this recommendation, declared that he shared the author's views on the impermanence of the marriage tie, and, despite his reiterated contradictions, they used extracts against marriage from the book as containing his views.

He had seen in the varying fortunes of the field as surely as has the historian in the rise and the crash of empires, the arrogance and impermanence of success, the courage of despair, the vanity of ambition.

These passages of utter despair are commoner to the young than they are to those whom years have experienced in the impermanence of any fate, good, bad, or indifferent, unless, perhaps, the last may seem rather constant.

They had come, like gay young comets, into our orderly constellation, trailing behind them their cars and servants, their children and governesses and rather riotous friends, and had flashed on us in a sort of bright impermanence.

It was an instrument for illustrating his impermanence so that he might accept that this was the natural course of all things even if human intellect knew that nature was vile and that this impermanence should be otherwise.

The golden fume of the October weather transcended somehow all impermanence, and he felt with a sudden springing of imagination that so had this scene been played before, that so forever would it be played for generations to come.

If the foregoing discussion has been sound, we may attribute the impermanence of all civilizations of which we have knowledge to the failure of society to preserve with increasing magnitude of its communities a true homogeneity and a progressive integration of its elements.

Always and everywhere there is a total absence of what we would call solidity; and the characteristics of impermanence seem to mark almost everything in the exterior life of the people, except, indeed, the immemorial costume of the peasant and the shape of the implements of his toil.

We thus, since all aggregations of matter are perpetually changing as to their forms, do not attribute reality to form, but for this so-called impermanence, think of it as the least real thing we know, the very opposite of matter, an incident only of the latter and a very non-entity.

In the month of June, for example, there is really nothing which quite conjures up for the college youth of today a sense of the mutability and impermanence of this mortal life so much as the sight of a member of the class of 1875 after three days' intensive drinking.

Though her love was the only thing that was vivid to her, she had even now, while she felt his arms about her and his lips seeking hers, the old haunting sense of impermanence, as if the moment, like the perfect hour of the afternoon, were too bright to endure.

Even though he wanted the continuum of each one's friendship and to learn to appreciate each as the unique visual, social, and sexual creature that she was, finding no ultimate beauty, the quest for it always seemed to facilitate the making of them all into ephemeral entities in his life when impermanence was making him dizzy.

The officials shared to the full the general sense of impermanence that is inevitable to revolution, however soberly it may be conducted; they were uncertain of the limits of their own authority, and as far as possible each one would shuffle out of definite action lest it might prove that he had overstepped the mark.

There remained now the indefinite sea and a city withdrawn, secretive, made vaguely beautiful by intangible voices, all its voices that had laughed and shouted, whispered and cried; and by the towers and walls merged in a single pattern, the old and the new drawn together by an aspect of impermanence, freed from the deceptive appearance of solidity.

And now the waiting women all, with music and their various attractions, seeing that all were useless for the end, with shame began to flock back to the city; the prince beholding all the gardens, bereft of their gaudy ornaments, the women all returning home, the place becoming silent and deserted, felt with twofold strength the thought of impermanence.