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Use impermanent in a sentence

Definition of impermanent:

  • (adjective) not permanent; not lasting | temporary
  • (adjective) existing or enduring for a limited time only

Sentence Examples:

For you will know grief also to be impermanent.

In fact, it wasn't solid anything, being mostly of a very impermanent structure and style.

"Is that which is impermanent sorrow or joy?"

It was an unfamiliar perception, impermanent.

It seems to give us all a sort of impermanent feeling.

There is no rest to be found in the impermanent.

It has been handed down that his subjects of discourse were such as "The bitterness and vanity of life as impermanent and uncertain," and that "The body is as a bubble or foam on the water."

It is strange, but it is true generally: the permanent is the passive element, the impermanent is the active.

Matters in their poetry, now the subjects of warm discussion among their critics, will be laid aside as materials for judgment; and justly, for they are of quite impermanent value.

Would she, too, waste her life in an effort to give substance to a shadow and to render permanent the most impermanent of earthly things?

For such, the world is a far distant thing, lying out on the rims of consciousness, delicate and impermanent as sunset hues or the lights and gestures of the dream.

The musician speaks a language that is in its very essence more impermanent than the speech of any other art.

More than ever convinced that our social order was unjust and impermanent, I sent in my "story," in some doubt about its being accepted.

This condition applies chiefly to the paper, but as this changes, the binding will also change from its present costly and impermanent character to something at once cheaper and more durable.

This book tries in the light of historical practice merely to distinguish the permanent from the impermanent in technique.

I viewed life as highly impermanent, and believed that it was too short to spend one's precious time playing games of popularity and prestige.

His first view clearly was that the individual is wholly impermanent, and at death simply disappears; nothing is left but the one Will and the universal Subject of contemplation identical in all.

Beneath the daring rays of present-day research all things are being proved impermanent, all found verging over the infinite abyss.

Even on that view, however, the impermanent type must in some degree have affected that which survived.

He who abstracts himself from the "plurality of the phenomenal world" anticipates the cessation of the impermanent.

The world was full of women, but their love was impermanent; you could not buy or steal a substitute if it was your wife who had left you...

Yet perhaps he must endure the impermanent a little, for these things return, but not wholly, for no two faces are alike, and, it may be, had we more learned eyes, no two flowers.

It was the camp of an army on the march, indispensable, in the eyes of commanders as wary as they were daring, to a halt that lasted no longer than a single night, but in its essence impermanent.

The design was often made two layers deep by applying simple masses of red over the sizing before the impermanent paint of the design proper was put on.

She was on her way, I thought I guessed, to carry her good news to our friends in the village, for she bore that same air which I have noted, of being impermanent and subject to flight.

Even he would grow old, even he would have to die one day, Siddhartha was impermanent, every form was impermanent.

All that is impermanent, or of the earth, belonging to the realm of matter, is but a likeness, or symbol, designed for the instruction of man, who must learn to read the lesson if he is to progress.

And so all individual cases of beauty are impermanent; the love that is directed to a woman must perish with the age of the woman.

As all love that attaches itself to a person must be impermanent, the love of woman is doomed to unhappiness.

What takes place in the mind and heart are alone the true events; their outward expression in the shifting and impermanent shapes of matter is the least real thing in all the world.

This being such, she knew that her time within her own crevasse would not last; and that to be inextricably attached to these selfish and impermanent beings who had fallen in with her would merely be a form of weak clinging.

It can think only through only one brain, enjoy through one body and such happiness as it gets is transitory, short-lived and impermanent because this world of relative existence is itself essentially changeable.

The European view of life differs from the Asiatic chiefly in attributing a value to actions in themselves, and in not being disturbed by the fact that their results are impermanent.

Somehow during the next weeks the Ridge furniture was assembled from the various places where it had been cached since the last impermanent experiment in housekeeping.

Indeed, one of the more interesting aspects of graffiti is that in an impermanent form it testifies to the continuance over the centuries of certain human concerns.

Never again need those moralists point out to you the inherent silliness of your earnest pursuit of impermanent things: your solemn concentration upon the game of getting on.

It tortured him in one deranged second for all was a phantasm of the mind and the phantasmagoria of an impermanent existence.

I have not done that since, because I do not wish to encourage physical memory, an impermanent and characterless faculty, developed to excess in every current theory of education.

And you felt that they and their faces and their gestures were impermanent, that this highly specialized form of holiness had continued with difficulty until now, that it hung by a single thread to a world that had departed very far from it.

Criticism led to the separation of the many from the one, the imperfect copy from the perfect type, the sensuous and passionate from the rational and the intrinsically good, the impermanent particular from the incorruptible universal.

They hold as Darwin did that specific diversity has no physiological foundation or causation apart from fitness, and that species are impermanent groups, the delimitations of which are ultimately determined by environmental exigency or "fitness."

If we are content to look beyond this war, however it may issue, and take in a longer stretch of time, we can say with quite a reasonable degree of assurance that Germanic power, of the type we know and fear to-day, is impermanent.

The body is considered by the Masters of Wisdom to be the most transitory, impermanent, and illusionary of the whole series of constituents in man.

A form built up out of billions of living entities, an impermanent agglomeration of individuals called cells.

They are the feelers that our timidity flings out towards an illusion of permanence in an impermanent and fleeting world.

It was the very essence of his life to be a solitary achievement, accomplished not by hermit-like withdrawal with its silence and immobility, but by a system of restless wandering, by the detachment of an impermanent dweller amongst changing scenes.

Whatever he did he ever seemed to wander: he had an impermanent transitory air, an aspect of weary yet patient non-arrival, even when he sat, as he was capable of sitting for hours, in the court of the inn.

They were like a refugee camp after a disaster, impermanent, uncomfortable, barely holding on to the swampy earth.

He found an occasional momentary satisfaction in burned cork, but the joy was futile, and impermanent.

By its very nature it is transitory, impermanent.

It was distorted by the impermanent neurological circuitry of the brain (so little did one possess himself).

None of these troubles is a disease in itself; all are evidences of an imperfect national morale, and any attempt to deal with them that does not reach their common cause will necessarily therefore be unsatisfactory and impermanent.

They are impermanent; and now for better, now for worse, they are ceaselessly changing form.

There, there and not anywhere else, these supernaturally clear things had reality, a unique but impermanent reality.

Many of the art treasures of the world had been brought here and hidden from the vulgar in those awful impermanent "palatial mansions."

The great buildings of metal and stone, so solidly appearing to the brief lifetime of a single individual, were impermanent over the centuries.

A crude desire for immediate effect, and the tendency toward a more barbaric luxury, resulted in the piling up of frail palaces as impermanent as tents.

It had never occurred to any of us, somehow, that Fortune might be as transitory and impermanent as his patron goddess herself.

Though science pronounces the ultimate nature of pleasures and pains to be inscrutable, it partly confirms the Buddhist teaching of their impermanent character.

I had never yet been a godfather, but I had the belief that it brought grave responsibilities, which in the very casual and impermanent circumstances I did not see how I was to meet.

As, by the power of meditation, you grow in wisdom, you will relinquish, more and more, your selfish desires which are fickle, impermanent, and productive of sorrow and pain; and will take your stand, with increasing steadfastness and trust, upon unchangeable principles, and will realize heavenly rest.

She found great creative energy from being here transposing the new environment to the permanency of color and theme that man's impermanent and mundane movements seemed to lack; and she almost believed that creativity lay within this country and culture instead of the omnipotent Self.

Those Europeans who share with Asiatics some feeling of dissatisfaction with the impermanent try to escape it by an unselfish morality and by holding that life, which is unsatisfactory if regarded as a pursuit of happiness, acquires a new and real value if lived for others.

His youth had cowered in the corners of the shadows of family, and he had stayed within them complacently, cognizant that every cockroach that was not smashed sooner or later found a more preferable exit, and that although it would seem forever, this time of the impermanent first family would just be a brief space of years within one's lifetime.

What was worse than to be with someone who needed to be needed, who needed another person to be wistful and yearn for him, and who needed to etch himself personally and as indelibly as one could onto the adventitious, impermanent putty of the human mind?

For it was on such days that happy or speciously happy groups burgeoned rife on sidewalks as a type of rank urban wildflower; and on these days in particular, pedestrians like himself could not walk down a sidewalk without using a hand like a machete against these impermanent but nonetheless hard and obdurate clusters of families.

Nevertheless, conceding to our mental infirmity the idea of a real existence of visible nature, we may consider it as offering a succession of impermanent forms, and as exhibiting an orderly series of transmutations, innumerable universes in periods of inconceivable time emerging one after another, and creations and extinctions of systems of worlds taking place according to a primordial law.

Too elevating for the materialism of the age that had gone and too elevated for the democracy of the age that followed, it was comparable to a precipitate of the chemistry of the soul projected into the heart of a life splendid and impermanent, a form of existence impossible before, impossible since, a social order very valiant, very courteous, to which the sense of rectitude had not come but in which joy, unparalleled in history, really, if unequally, abounded.

Thirdly, reason has no concern with things (that is, the impermanent flux of particulars), but with the permanent Relations; and is to be defined even in its lowest or theoretical attribute, as the power which enables man to draw necessary and universal conclusions from particular facts or forms, ex. gr. from any three-cornered thing, that the two sides of a triangle are and must be greater than the third.

It is not to be supposed that the champions of fixity were unacquainted with varietal differences and with the problem thus created, but in their view these difficulties were apparent merely, and by sufficiently careful observation they supposed that the critical and permanent distinctions of the true species could be discovered, and the impermanent variations detected and set aside.

No sensible person, no matter when or where he might live, would be apt to spend the time required to copy the Bible in its entirety (a task necessitating the labor of a skillful calligraphist for nearly three years) when all his work would soon be wasted by reason of an impermanent ink.

The rooms were lofty, a ripple of sunshine flowed over the ceilings; and the periodical invasions of tourists from some passenger steamer in the harbor flitted through the wind-swept dusk of the apartments with the tumult of their unfamiliar voices and impermanent presences, like relays of migratory shades condemned to speed headlong round the earth without leaving a trace.