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Use impunity in a sentence

Definition of impunity:

  • (noun) exemption from punishment or loss

Sentence Examples:

For a long time these freebooters roved and spoiled with impunity, but were finally arrested and executed.

A considerable number of patients, to whom fresh air is a boon, cannot breathe a vitiated atmosphere with impunity.

What will become of you in a country where robbers and marauders can kill and plunder with impunity?

The real leopard is emboldened by impunity, and often becomes a terrible scourge to the village he infests.

A Roman citizen could not be maltreated with impunity or punished without a legal trial before Roman courts.

Emboldened by success and by impunity, they reckon up their strength and the weakness of the latter.

A man may steal from government with impunity, who would be socially ostracized for cheating his neighbor.

Could I proclaim to the benighted heathen, that they might habitually break the fourth commandment with impunity?

Fortunately widows, though often violent and noisy, are not dangerous animals, and may be browbeaten with impunity.

The unruliness of the crowd, which had been trained to destroy and plunder with impunity, knew no bounds.

An order was given; the Nautilus tacked about and left the furnace it could not brave with impunity.

The insolent Germans must be taught that the great French Empire was not to be insulted with impunity.

Many writers have imagined that the accolade was the last blow which the soldier might receive with impunity.

The impunity of political crimes would bring about the subversion of social order, by rendering all government impossible.

One fact, nevertheless, connects the Scald with the jester; both were licensed to sing or speak with impunity.

All these denizens of the supernatural world have power to bestow that may not with impunity be refused.

The monkey can sit on a branch and jabber with impunity at the leopard on the ground below.

The gentle arts of development, of characterization, of the conduct of a play may not be flouted with impunity.

It was painfully true that, intoxicated by impunity, no one cared now whether a thing was legal or not.

It is a fact that, under war conditions, aviators flew in every sort of weather, and often with impunity.

The world must learn that no one can hurt a hair on the head of a German subject with impunity.

An American policeman, for in stance, is endowed with an authority which he can with impunity use in tyrannous fashion.

The Courtiers, for the most part, sure of impunity, were wont to tyrannize over the people in a shameful manner.

True, it is of a nature inconceivably tenuous; but unrepaired waste, however small in amount, cannot be persisted in with impunity.

Hypocrisy alone enjoys a privilege which stops the mouth of the satirist, and enjoys the repose of sovereign impunity.

Various persons have inoculated themselves with its virus with impunity, though several were ultimately victims of the bold experiment.

The Albanians then spread over the vacated lands, which they have been permitted to harry with impunity ever since.

The court fool was licensed to utter with impunity whatever came to his thought, however mordant or however indecent.

Here we fished with impunity and an untroubled heart, hoping for a carp, now and then catching a tench.

There was little conviviality about these gatherings assembled in back rooms where the light could burn with impunity.

Night after night incendiary fires broke out, and emboldened by impunity the rioters proceeded to pillage by day.

Jeffrey Masters is not the man to allow his wife to be insulted with impunity by one of his cattlemen.

It won't do for us to be soft heads and let our wives think they can massacre us with impunity.

All the ties of domestic happiness and reciprocal duties are thus violated with impunity through the instrumentality of auricular confession.

Wilkes was no sooner at liberty than he showed he was not a man who could be maltreated with impunity.

It was therefore a commutation for the Ritual Law, and gave them impunity and atonement for all its violations.

Forced by hunger to work for the most niggardly pay, he was yet not to be insulted with impunity.

What the Greek moralist feels himself called on to explain is the apparent prosperity and impunity of the wicked.

Let them rail with impunity as licentiously as they infest the whole world with the impurity of their lives.

There was no penalty for disobedience, and persons disaffected, forgetful, or idle, might refuse or neglect to obey with impunity.

The Portuguese boats are always ready to bring off great quantities of such trash, which no one can eat with impunity.

Rarely, indeed, does a German caricaturist presume to meddle with politics, and still more rarely does he do it with impunity.

They come swarming in from all parts, hoping, in the general disorder and confusion, to be able to thieve with impunity.

A little in advance, the enemy had a gun and bullet-proof breastwork, behind which they fired on us with impunity.

Bands of marauding Moors were taking advantage of the unsettled state of the country to carry off cattle with impunity.

Thus trained athletes are compelled to take dietetic and other precautions, which men of minor strength disregard with apparent impunity.

Don't think, though I am old and feckless, that my friend's son shall be murdered before my eyes with impunity.

The good old times are now over when a score of burghers could with impunity produce one and the same rifle.

He is domesticated, and bred with the utmost ignominy in a poultry run, and his tail is pulled out with impunity.

Prisoners were permitted, too, to deface their cells with impunity by scribbling on the notice boards and writing on the walls.

It has long been known that the Russian peasantry eat, with impunity, mushrooms of species everywhere else regarded as very poisonous.

The publishers of the most treasonable pamphlets escaped with impunity, provided Wood and his patent were introduced into the work.

It was absolutely necessary for their own preservation to show that depredations upon them could not be committed with impunity.

Indeed, the idea which he fostered has spread to the whole country, and nowhere may animals be mistreated with impunity.

It is an indisputable fact that some people may say with impunity what other people dare not say under pain of excommunication.

My head was already teeming with plans of all the wild and wonderful things I had now impunity to do.

Twenty years from this date an atheistic treatise might have been written with perfect impunity by any Fellow of any college.

And so, encouraged by example and by the impunity of lesser thieves, the greater ones soon took part in the robberies.

The Burgesses might betray the interests of the people with impunity; they could not be made to answer at the polls.

We cannot procure witnesses in our favor, scattered about as we are in an unfrequented desert, and therefore we are robbed with impunity.

The apathy of their victims has, undoubtedly, been one great cause of the impunity so long enjoyed by these daring marauders.

All the great sages are as despotic as generals, and as ignorant and as indelicate as generals, because they feel secure of impunity.

The effects of the nickel, he was confident, would be quite astounding; but that lead might always be applied with impunity.

Nay, even if I have to lose as much again, I'll lose it rather than let myself be mocked and despoiled with impunity!

He gave me the history of a gentleman who used a blue dye for his mustache and murdered his wives with impunity.

There were symptoms of an approaching alteration in human affairs, which perplexed the thoughtful and gave promise of impunity to the bad.

If he sees all around him thieving and enjoying their plunder with impunity, what wonder is it that he should thieve also?

His unworthy favorites, enriched by the boundless liberality of their master, usurped with impunity the privilege of rapine and corruption.

In unfrequented country districts the footpaths as a rule may be taken with impunity, but it is never absolutely safe to do so.

It could not therefore be expected that, while literature and philosophy were affected by Rationalism, the Scriptures should escape with impunity.

They were the capitalists who farmed the public revenues in the provinces, where they committed peculation and extortion with habitual impunity.

At least until lately the country and the cities were infested with quacks, who dealt out poison and death with impunity.

How do you come off with more impunity, since you hanker after such dainties as can not be had for a little expense?

There are a great many things to be done with impunity in Connemara, but poaching is the seven deadly sins rolled into one.

With habituation, some persons can take with impunity an amount of morphia which would prove fatal to five or six healthy, full-grown men.

A Roman could take the life of his Gallic slave with as perfect impunity as an American can slay his bovine servant today.

Thieves and robbers plied their trade with impunity: yet they were hardly so terrible to peaceable citizens as another class of ruffians.

He was to share with his client the fruits of his depredations, and, in return, to secure him impunity for his crimes.

How should there not be ingrates in the world, when we expose this man to the temptation of being ungrateful with impunity?

It has ever been the privilege of wits to satirize the life of society with impunity, provided that license does not degenerate into frenzy.

They keep you dry, and you can kneel on the grass or potter about amongst wet osiers, nettles, and rushes with impunity.

The sycophants, who were legally punishable, enjoyed impunity: the King, who was not legally punishable, was punished with merciless severity.

Companies of Indians were constantly traversing the country in secret, and committing depredations, wherever they supposed it could be done with impunity.

Rich, brave, audacious, he had always lived certain of impunity, since bourgeois legality inflicts no chastisement for crimes like the Mexican expedition.

All the newsletters, all the coffeehouse orators, complained that the blood of the poor was shed with impunity by the great.

On the merit of this service, his disobedience to the royal prohibitory order in attacking La Vera Cruz was to pass with impunity.

The impunity with which these sacrileges had been perpetrated had made a profound impression, and did no little to undermine Hellenic faith.

Impunity seems assured him, for what peasant would be mad enough to attack a master who could have him gibbeted at a word?

And was not his fortune necessitous enough at all times, to catch at an impunity, which was baited with Rewards to bribe him?

Now, what the ducal lungs and the princely legs might do with impunity, I declare I've a right to do, if I like.

Dyspeptics cannot eat it with impunity in many instances, though it agrees far better with them than does ham or the fresh meat.

Every man was a self-constituted member of the committee of vigilance, and none could drink tea, or use other proscribed articles with impunity.

Its drinking saloons were infested by these characters, whose drunkenness, gambling, fighting, and all sorts of crime, were indulged in with impunity.

Spore-bearing bacteria like anthrax withstand drying with impunity; even tuberculous material, although not possessing spores retains its infectious properties for many months.

He was a clever lad, without any principle; he would lie unblushingly, and steal deliberately, if he thought he could do so with impunity.

The novice ought to have dipped his hands in water before he touched the birdlime, and then he might have manipulated it with impunity.

A more pestilential hole cannot be conceived; and yet people traverse this district, and sleep here at all seasons of the year with impunity.

The impunity with which they flatter themselves, because the judges are afraid of irritating the people by examples of severity, only emboldens them.

The Turkish hospitals were full of fever and dysentery patients, and the insurgents harried all the country round about with perfect impunity.

There the offending wife fears beheading and 'saucy water;' here she leaves with impunity her husband, who rarely abandons the better half.