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Use in-a-pinch in a sentence

Definition of in a pinch:

  • (idiomatic) in an urgent or difficult situation; when no other solution is available

Sentence Examples:

In a pinch, we needed little.

Now Cameron is in a pinch.

Cream cheese will do in a pinch.

It went back on me in a pinch.

We're in a pinch down here, Marian.

Well, in a pinch she will do.

"In a pinch, I'll mention your name."

In a pinch you could take Kessler's place.

They were a desperate lot in a pinch.

Usually blows up in a pinch, like now.

A companion would be of aid in a pinch.

Well, I can control both in a pinch.

In either case, put in a pinch of salt.

What's more, you can't fool her in a pinch.

"Guess I'd bet on you in a pinch, though."

It's certainly a dandy club in a pinch.