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Incentive Definition

a positive motivational influence
an additional payment

Sentence Examples

A system of incentives to avoid corruption must be established.

He has no ambition; no incentive; no force.

True incentives to knowledge

Information sharing incentives.

Poor labor discipline has been a consequence of inadequate work incentives.

When a state chooses not to respond to such incentives, tough decisions will be confronted.

A positive incentive to exceed export quotas has been provided in the form of export bonuses.

I admit without hesitation that any Scheme which weakened the incentive to Thrift would do harm.

These individuals are avowedly anti-civilization in so far as its material incentives are concerned.

A complex system of incentives and disincentives drives the workforce to dedication and industriousness.

The alternative, of course, is for the employer to secure unconscious pacemakers by providing incentives

The basic wage constitutes the main incentive for work; bonuses, premiums, and honors play a minor role.

After the patrimony had been eliminated, a major incentive for submission to the patriarch had disappeared.

Most of the officials are aware, nevertheless, that the basic problem lies in the absence of adequate incentives.

They are the outcome of preoccupation with material incentives that can be stated in two words, profit and power.

Production of parts is inhibited by its relatively low profitability, despite incentives offered by the government.

The system of remuneration for collective farmers was also modified in 1970 with a view to strengthening work incentives.

This method, however, has no incentive value because it is not directly linked to an improvement in the workers' performance.

All these may be essential, may be powerful subordinate incentives to action, but singly or collectively they are not adequate.

Food production adequate for domestic needs, but exports limited because of insufficient investment and lack of labor incentives.

When it was a question of the grandest class of efforts, the most absolute self-devotion, they depended on quite other incentives.

The death of the queen gave the first incentive to the war which broke out between the two brothers and divided the nation into two camps.

"But he did not explain how the charging of a pistol fee would have been an incentive to the holders of these lands to have them patented."

This appears to be a sort of bonus or incentive which is provided to the participants and is meant to cover expenses for transport, food, etc.

Socialization of the land has had a deleterious effect on work incentives, with a consequent lag in the planned growth of agricultural production.

This feature, some observers believe, may reduce incentives to raise the level of efficiency, increase output, and improve the quality of products.

The situation today is much improved, with the government providing coaching facilities and other incentives, especially at the school and college level.

These ends are to be attained through greater exposure of domestic producers to international competition and by providing incentives for them to meet it.

To a being of this description, therefore, it is a blessing to meet with incentives to action, whether in the desire of pleasure, or the aversion to pain.

A capital full of officials, eunuchs, and all the satellites of an imperial court provided incentives to economic advance, because it represented a huge market.

The real incentive lies in the belief that literary works in the public domain should be freely accessible to as many people as possible for as long as possible.

A planned expansion of livestock herds and of the output of livestock products has been hampered by inadequate incentives for peasants and by a shortage of fodder.

Beyond that, I believe that it provides an incentive for people to learn languages associated with the cultures about which they are attempting to gather information.

Such incentives should include a higher pay, the fostering of civic pride, educational campaigns, "good behavior" bonuses, alternative income and pension plans, and so on.

Government policies concerning prices, incentives, and feed allocation were mainly responsible for the differences in development within the socialized and private sectors.

I believe now that the highest external incentive to honorable conduct anywhere in the world is that of responsibility to the government and the whole people of the United States.

The reorganization of the agricultural mechanization enterprises was accompanied by a change in the system of pay for mechanics and maintenance men to provide for greater incentives.

Under the prevailing price system, which assured high profits to many enterprises and provided subsidies for unprofitable ones, there was no incentive for enterprises to reduce costs.

They established financial incentives and sanctions not only for the contracting organizations but also for their top managers as individuals, based upon the end results of their joint work.

The use of these bulls was an added incentive for farmers to pay the nominal fee and join the Dairy Herd Improvement Associations, since membership was required in order to borrow a government animal.

The changes in laws and regulations are the result of an unceasing search for a system that would provide effective incentives toward conscientious and efficient work to all gainfully employed persons.

The continuance of emulation among states must depend on the degree of equality by which their forces are balanced; or on the incentives by which either party, or all, are urged to continue their struggles.

The increased interest and need is creating incentives for people around the world to create improved language courses and other assistance and the Internet is providing fast and inexpensive opportunities to make them available.

Provision was made for regulations that would offer material and moral incentives to use unproductive land for construction purposes, and more severe penalties were prescribed for violations that result in the waste of arable land.

Others have worked out profit-sharing plans by which their men share in the dividends of the good years and are given a powerful incentive to promote teamwork and the practice of the economies from which the overplus of profit is produced.