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Use incessantly in a sentence

Definition of incessantly:

  • (adverb) with unflagging resolve | endlessly | ceaselessly | unendingly | unceasingly | continuously

Sentence Examples:

He is as terrible to me as a Gorgon: if I see him I swear I shall turn to stone, petrify incessantly.

He talked incessantly, as if her silence was condemnatory and as if eloquence alone could convince her of his honesty.

For six weeks it had cried night and day, almost incessantly, except when under the influence of opiates.

Hastening to the spot, they saw the dogs looking eagerly up a slender, tall persimmon, and barking incessantly.

I had palpitations of the heart incessantly for six days, and the sensation all the time was loathsome.

The silence here was broken incessantly by the stirring of the birds, which swarm in these berry-bearing coppices.

"To fill up the gaps in the ranks trains of German reserves are being hushed to the front incessantly."

Finally, at the close of October, the entire German press incessantly proclaimed the importance of the "Battle of Calais."

The nuthatches perched about upon the branches or ran up and down the tree trunks, incessantly piping their displeasure.

The insects which infested our dungeon tormented me incessantly, and my feet were blistered all over from their bites.

Each man redoubled his efforts to repel the forces that were incessantly poured down upon them by the French.

The men had been worked incessantly and unmercifully, yet no great numbers had fallen out on account of breakdown.

They are the curves, of which the wise are the asymptotes; they incessantly approach each other, but never touch.

It commenced raining about one o'clock, and continued incessantly for three hours, which obliged us to stop and encamp.

Still at that age his sight, hearing, power of recall of names, and tottering form were incessantly passing away.

She read and took notes incessantly, mastering facts with painful laboriousness, but never flinching from her self-imposed task.

He chatted incessantly while she washed his face, and smoothed out his tousled curly locks with her fingers.

The good lady herself had danced almost incessantly until her face had taken on the hue of a ripe pippin.

The day was excessively oppressive, with a hot parching wind, and both we and the horses drank incessantly.

The posse drew nearer and nearer, and the firing was kept up incessantly both with cannon and musketry.

She talked incessantly and dwelt on trivialities, as people will under a weight of events too large to measure or discuss.

The crew seemed quite elated over something, and talked and joked incessantly about the prospect of action in the near future.

"Lori's distaff buzzes incessantly to-day," said Albertina, casting a glance ready for conquest upon the gentleman sitting beside her.

No one knew, not even himself, for life interested him too intensely and too incessantly to leave him time for self-analysis.

And at those eyes, the little white foxes yapped so incessantly that the sound of it drove men mad.

On her neck one saw the red scars of her burns and her veins stood out and palpitated incessantly.

How the teamsters talk all night, and the sentinels call wildly, incessantly, for the corporal of the guard!

He talked incessantly on trivialities, and fussed about the house, vainly imagining that no one noticed his delight and excitement.

Prosecuting officers are importuned incessantly, even by "leading citizens," to abandon prosecution of them or to "let them off easily."

Machiavelli states, with a sort of cheerful glow, that they quarrelled incessantly, and shouted at each other like infuriated lunatics.

Incessantly occupied, mentally, he paid but little attention to his personal appearance, and in dress was something of a sloven.

Robinson is not a man suffering entire isolation; he has a companion, and the savages are incessantly making inroads around him.

Within its folds was a mammoth condenser, contracting to drench the land impartially, incessantly, for sixty days or more.

Great weakness and general debility hindered her from laboring incessantly, as was her usual custom for her dear Savior.

The sea lay a floor of molten silver and burnished steel, and the crows called incessantly from the woods.

From this time public notices, requisitions, forced labors, domiciliary visits for tools and wheelbarrows, came one after another, incessantly.

Significantly enough, Roman literature and poetry do not exist for Plutarch, though he incessantly cites Greek authors and poets.

The cheroot at which they almost incessantly puff is eighteen inches long and about a quarter of an inch in diameter.

He importuned us incessantly on the subject, saying she was his slave, and offered her in exchange for a musket.

There were as many splotches of color as of ink on the margins of those beautiful volumes that were so incessantly thumbed.

She was nagged incessantly by a gadfly of conscience that buzzed in her ears the counsel to tell the police.

Through poetry, the ethereal elements of the mind, incessantly dissipated and deadened by common concerns, are renewed in their sanctity.

We have now to see what becomes of this meteoric dust which is being incessantly poured into the air from external space.

The dramatic poet must incessantly renew this relation, and maintain it through all the vicissitudes of the most various positions.

The cables, extending from one side of the hill to the other, carried buckets which rushed incessantly to and fro.

They might have known I was going to sing, for I bawled incessantly from birth to the age of twelve months.

As for his voice, it was thin and toneless, like the notes on his improvised fiddle, on which he played incessantly.

Have we not, for the last thirty years, been laboring incessantly to encourage and extend revolution in all the adjoining states?

He highly approved of the young man upon whose gallantry in rescue he had enthusiastically and incessantly descanted in all companies.

The inspector's face looks like it was petrified, Angus MacPherson is swearing incessantly, and old Louie is crying into his beard.

He was not handsome, he was not a Canadian Adonis, he incessantly smoked a very ugly pipe fully as old as himself.

The scholar also was occupied incessantly with thick quartos; but the full bloom of German literature had not yet arrived.

He was incessantly employed in the study of Pagan languages, mythology, and Scripture, and of Moorish languages, and infidel books.

The needle swung to and fro incessantly but always within a definite arc, the center of which was the true direction.

She cultivates bright conversation in both Greek and Latin, and her tongue goes loudly and incessantly like a bell or gong.

Incessantly the words her lover had spoken seethed in her brain: "If even you had been a widow," he had said.

The chickadee turns that bead-like eye of his in all directions incessantly, lest something seize him while he is not looking.

"She talks of you incessantly, Dud, and only seems happy when I am answering her thousand and one questions about you."

From all these throats an inarticulate babbling cry went up incessantly; it sounded like the bleating of young lambs, but angrier.

From all these throats an inarticulate babbling cry went up incessantly; it sounded like the bleating of young lambs, but angrier.

Unknown customers kept walking incessantly to and fro, obstructing her field of vision and shoving against her with their feet.

"The phrases men are accustomed," says Goethe, "to repeat incessantly, end by becoming convictions, and ossify the organs of intelligence."

You may then spare him every exaction, relinquish every gain; but till down he must be struck incessantly and remorselessly.

All these men are a trifle debauched, talky, futile, and their companions are flighty, intriguing little women who chatter incessantly.

And there can be no powerful, durable, homogeneous production if his work is to be incessantly mangled and cut up by interruptions.

You would keep incessantly crying out against this with angry vociferation, as a most unwarrantable and unjust Test and Corporation Act.

Furthermore, a cow with full udders was mooing in the yard, and dozens of chickens with innumerable broods were cackling incessantly.

In the wadi itself the engineers had been laboring incessantly since its capture to bore wells for the troops holding it.

It is a pretty, active, noisy little bird, incessantly flying about with its two long racquet-shaped tail feathers fluttering after it.

At such times she talked incessantly, laughed immoderately and was so restless that Julie always threatened to tie a string to her.

Under the purple robe the long, old, wasted limbs vibrated and the gems, quivering on the gnarled fingers, scintillated incessantly.

A robin redbreast sat beside his ear, mournfully and patiently coaxing, coaxing incessantly, in the vague hope that he might still hear.

The sachem redoubled his boldness, incessantly urging on his men, and insulting the whites by his shouts and ironical gestures.

The outlying garrisons were captured, the foragers waylaid and massacred, even the camps and columns incessantly sniped from the hills.

The mother bird grunted and clucked incessantly and fell upon her side uttering weird cries, and beating her wings pitiably.

"There is a plot of the royalists against you," was incessantly repeated to the regiments upon which these new officers were imposed.

The orations, the genuflections, the salutations, all of those formulas, all of those ritualistic gestures incessantly repeated, dulled her senses.

We are incessantly drilled in making allowance for this perspective, and reducing things to their real form in spite of optical foreshortening.

It was a musical, clear voice and sounded strangely calm in the midst of the hubbub of other voices that gabbled incessantly.

Robbins was voluble, and as usual, when in liquor, talked incessantly of his wife and children, of whom he was inordinately proud.

As the hunt, the deadliest of all hunts, proceeded, each became more engrossed in it, neglecting no precaution, seeking incessantly some minute advantage.

By day, we lay and slept in the drenching heather; by night, incessantly clambered upon breakneck hills and among rude crags.

The Russians must have lost three times that number, judging from the heavy rolling fire of musketry incessantly directed upon them.

In this manner they wander about incessantly, encamping under tents of skin, and supporting themselves with the produce of their deer.

She babbled incessantly to the green linnet, which with swollen throat rejoiced with her, and occasionally she looked in the mirror.

During this period he was writing incessantly for the stage, and the Spanish stage was not then a school of asceticism.

Doolittle, the post-master, bore himself with a dignified composure truly admirable, going fishing more persistently and smoking more incessantly than ever.

The Crusaders, worn out by fatigue, parched by thirst, were unable to withstand an enemy who was incessantly recruited by fresh troops.

For Friedrich Nietzsche health was a fragile possession, and the more precious in that it must be incessantly conquered, lost, and reconquered.

Fifteen men and one woman were on it, without food or water, miserably clothed, and drenched incessantly by the wash or spray.

When a flock of sheep is scattered, the ewes bleat incessantly for their lambs, and their mutual pleasure at coming together is manifest.

Both eggs and pupa are incessantly watched and tended, licked and fed, and carried to a place of safety in time of danger.

Once crowned, and feeling himself still compelled to speak incessantly of the good of his country, his views of good will become debased.

She talked of him incessantly, like one deranged, until a young gentleman came by the house, leading a horse with a side-saddle on.

Damon talked incessantly, and I enjoyed it far more than I could have done the opera, even if I had been a perfect Italian scholar.

"Misfortune incessantly watches over man," the chief remarked sententiously; "he should be ready to receive it at all hours, like an expected guest."

Difficulties of this kind were incessantly occurring amongst the buccaneers, and on the eve, too, very often of the execution of big projects.

A whole colony of whippoorwills whistled from point to point incessantly, and two owls, one distant, one quite near, hooted a responsive duet.

Through it all the dejected male orchestra, squatted on the floor in a corner, screeched incessantly some incredibly discordant Korean conception of music.

How ceaseless was this movement of Dreams, never still, always changing and on the dance, incessantly renewing itself in kaleidoscopic patterns.