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Infallible Definition

incapable of failure or error;

Sentence Examples

"A doctor is not infallible, he may make mistakes."

They never claim to be infallible, but study scientifically to increase their knowledge and improve the methods of treatment.

This is also an almost infallible cure for common itch.

At least the man wasn't infallible.

This is a clear proof that human reason is not to be relied upon as an infallible criterion.

I have an infallible remedy.

He may be known by two infallible signs, - his hands are fat, and he tucks his napkin into his shirt-collar.

And he is a motion generative; that's infallible.

infallible and disdainful

infallible judgment

Like infallible radar the ruts could lead bombers to "the dam."

A lightning-phrase, as if shot from the quiver of infallible wisdom

Against them the authority of Calvin was urged as if it were infallible.

Southey construct any institutions which shall secure to us the guidance of an infallible opinion?

This would have given more weight to their sublime sermons and those of their infallible successors.

Here he appealed to his own works, which he maintained to be infallible proofs of his divine mission.

If you, reader, are conscious of this indifference, see in it an infallible sign of your backsliding.

He can at last see neither spot nor blemish in them, and comes virtually to believe himself infallible.

For pride, as I believe I have heretofore said, is an infallible sign of weakness; of something wrong in the head or in both.

All which he was forced to give an account of; since now to have fallen back, when he was in their hands, had been his infallible ruin.

His knowledge of human character as men moved before him, his ready insight into the tangled web of human motives, was almost infallible.

The Party is all pervasive, the leadership is glorified to an extreme degree, and Party pronouncements are treated as infallible doctrine.

Franklin advises his friends to "take care of the pence, and the pounds will take care of themselves:" but this rule is by no means infallible.

Sparkling eyes, Jack, when the poetical tribe have said all they can for them, are an infallible sign of a rogue, or room for a rogue, in the heart.

The chalk will leave an infallible mark on the mantle of every tardy citizen, and he who is thus marked as late at the meeting will lose his fee for attendance, if not subject himself to a fine.

In short, techniques of manufacture such as are exhibited by the shaping of earthenware rims and handles should be the only acceptable guide for identification, and even these are not infallible.

So he puts his reliance in the Team, as if that were some sort of separate entity in itself, and had magical, infallible powers that were greater than the aggregate of the individuals that composed it.

Hutchinson, a woman of rare intellect and eloquence, who maintained the right of private judgment and pretended to an infallible inner light of revelation, was, like Williams, a victim of Puritan intolerance.

But as attention awakes and discrimination, practically inspired, grows firm and stable, irrelevant qualities are stripped off, and the mechanical process, the efficacious infallible order, is clearly disclosed beneath.

Mark this distinction, for the difference in the process as well as in the result, may be as great as that between a photograph secured by the infallible pencil of the sun, and the rude outline from a school-boy's chalk.

For if this is not so, not only do his subjects miss their end, but the kingdom itself falls to destruction, according to that word of the infallible truth: "Every kingdom divided against itself shall be brought to desolation."

There is no doubt that in all this Burke was in the right, as he was in his denunciation of the mischief certain to follow when a nation tries to start afresh, and to blot out all past progress in the light of simple reason, which is often most fallible when it believes itself to be most infallible.

Certainty and unbending rigor in the exercise of his art; complete contempt for all affectation and showy effects alike in the presentation of the work and in gesticulation; not the slightest concession to the public; and added to that, iron discipline, mastery of the first order, an infallible ear and memory, and, as a result, perfect clarity and objectivity in the rendering….