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Use inflate in a sentence

Inflate Definition

exaggerate or make bigger;
synonyms:expand, blow up, amplify
fill with gas or air; "inflate a balloons"
synonyms:blow up
cause prices to rise by increasing the available currency or credit;

Sentence Examples

Why does the balloon rise, after it has been inflated by the expanded air?

Inflated with hydrogen, it had a carrying capacity of seventy tons.

I have enough to fully inflate the balloon four times.

More and more people are looking for ways to avoid the inflated price of proprietary software.

Someone slashed the inflated canvas bag.

inflated optimism

In pure emptiness, a shape of metal foil inflated itself.

He'd forgotten that the inflated suit held enough oxygen for several minutes.

The bill was partly open and he gave the appearance of swallowing air to inflate his throat.

There was a soft pop—as though a large, poorly inflated balloon had been pricked with a pin.

A long, long time later the inflated canvas bag came up and was floating on top of the waves.

His manner, it must be owned, was a trifle ponderous; according to Granville, he was an inflated bore.

Once they were cornered they would whip their tails about and inflate their necks, hissing dangerously.

The miserable wretch, inflated by this lunatic conceit, arranges his whole plan for publication and effect.

Local people inflate prices for tourists, accept and encourage tips, and buy and sell merchandise illegally.

To promise unearthly yields on one's savings is to artificially inflate the "price", or the "value" of one's savings account.

Some of their weapons are ingenious—in particular, the harpoon, with its detachable point to which an inflated sealskin is fastened.

Elshawe didn't like him; the man's arrogance and his inflated opinion of himself as a scientific genius didn't sit well with the reporter.

Her inner sight saw the metal ball inflating, a cosmic balloon, flashing like the sun, then seeming to fill the space between all the suns!

And now, though with no nervous haste, the work of arranging and inflating the balloon was commenced and for some days steadily proceeded with.

Selling his paintings at ever inflated prices because of their worth and his celebrity status as their decadent creator, he had the ideal life.

Johnny, though not necessarily prone to inflated valuation of himself still has just enough vanity left to resent the thought of this anonymous snuffing out in the dark.

The gas it makes inflates the canvas bag, which can't burn underwater, and that floats the whole thing back up with the ribs of the umbrella stretched out and spreading the net between them.

They walk around critical and self-righteous, inflated with a justice of their making and secure in the wisdom of being what they are rather than what they could have been and really wish to be.

When not inflated, the skin loaded with this extra weight and with a slightly serous suffusion which is present hangs down in a pendulous flap or fold exactly like a dewlap, about an inch and a half wide.

One cannot altogether admire the style; it is inflated, pedantic, written, I fear, with a considerable consciousness that he was saying the right thing and in the very finest way: but still it is a prayer.

The money is then transferred to other locations, sometimes as bogus payments for "goods and services" against fake or inflated invoices issued by holding companies owned by lawyers or accountants on behalf of unnamed beneficiaries.

She did not reach the position of the fish-filled circle until after nightfall, and it was necessary to have plenty of light by which to locate the inflated bag when it came to the surface, so nothing could be tried until the following morning.

Work was resumed next day, and the men now set themselves to build two strong, substantial, living huts, a big and a smaller, with a rough but dry shed for the stores and cargo, not forgetting the balloon and the varied apparatus for inflating it.

If the boasts of liberty and equality that inflated patriotic rhetoric in Western lands were a far cry from conditions actually prevailing, Westerners could justly celebrate the advances toward those ideals that had been accomplished in the nineteenth century.

The sea current was taking the target farther away every second, but I took my time on the next one, bringing the horizontal hair level with the bottom of the inflated target and traversing quickly, grabbing the trigger as soon as the vertical hair touched it.