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Innuendo Definition

an indirect (and usually malicious) implication

Sentence Examples

A roar of laughter followed this brutal innuendo, but Brigham was not set back.

I received an impression of drinking bouts and disorder, which was conveyed in innuendo rather than directly.

Examples of defamation by innuendo are those ambiguous expressions or half-veiled accusations that arouse suspicion and often do more injury than plain accusations.

innuendo and suggestion

Lowch ignored the innuendo.

The innuendo was unmistakable.

Was this meant as an innuendo?

There was no innuendo and no cynicism.

The innuendo of the thing was apparent.

"I will not have him attacked by innuendo."

Dorn caught the eager innuendo of his voice.

She was also expert in innuendo and double entente.

The innuendo brought a huge roar from Oliver Jordan.

He contrived therefore to combine innuendo with fact.

The innuendo was plain, and Yeager put it into words.

The imputations and the innuendos he dreaded far more.

A slight movement of shoulders rounded out the innuendo.

Crabbe disregarded the utter grossness of this innuendo.

Some of the other papers have indulged in unpleasant innuendo.

How easy, by innuendo and suggestion, to turn Hedwig against him.

Archie understood, and his generous nature chafed at the innuendo.

I was forced to accept the innuendo beneath his enigmatic utterances.

Rumor, suspicion, and innuendo for the time had played themselves out.

Colbrith took refuge in innuendo, as seemed to be his lately acquired habit.

I have known few people who could argue so fiercely without personal innuendo.

I ambled by his car, acting as though I was ignoring the innuendos of his pitch.

Then followed an innuendo at old Horace Walpole which is immaterial and obscure.

In all I have said so far, there has been no innuendo; I've stood out in the open.

Instead, he had made Joe’s supposed offense the greater by suggestion and innuendo.

Then without waiting for a reply to this innuendo he turned his attention to Hardy.

Trying by innuendo to make it seem her companion might have been guilty of a crime?

He was all innuendo and strange hints and whispered secrets, and I-could-if-I-woulds.

To be left so cruelly was bad enough, but what hurt most was John's horrible innuendo.

He loves to make a parade behind the wall of innuendo and allusion when he is well fed.

Lockwood was not there to defend himself and I would not have him attacked by innuendo.

What could he know, this airy, unfeeling meddler, so free with his advice and innuendo?

There was no lack of perception in Corrie; he recognized both the innuendo and its truth.

"I was made miserable by insinuations and innuendos that I had betrayed the college teams."

The innuendo was one of the most heinous untruths ever invented by his crowd of sycophants.

Give him the inch of fact and he would guarantee to provide the ell of surmise and innuendo.

Either he pretended not to have heard the girl's innuendo or it failed to get under his skin.

In a word, the term contains a series of expressive innuendos by its etymological derivation.

The woman overlooked the innuendo; or, rather, buried it under a landslide of emotional acting.

"So it seems," he said, his look like his tone eloquent of an innuendo which embraced Terry evilly.

The coffee merchants themselves presented the spectacle of "knocking" it by inference and innuendo.

Fortunately, he had not perceived the innuendo within the older man's question and was not offended.

Not in so many words, but in the cleverest innuendo of face and manner; —that's what makes me so mad!

A proud, high-spirited girl, she had suffered untold anguish in the publicity and scandal and innuendo.

She was afraid she had gone too far; and, a kindly soul at heart, she repented her imprudent innuendos.

He divined an innuendo, a double entendre in the speech that he did not comprehend, yet which enraged him.

It was that Brooke’s innuendos led me to the suspicion, and something Lady Glengall said might have meant it.

Suspicious looks and taunting sneers, innuendos and broad suggestions all came to her with exceeding bitterness.

Well, that might be altered, with a little judicious innuendo, as to the first, at any rate, if not as to the last.

For some odd reason the laugh caused Lassie to blush deeply, although the laugh was absolutely innocent of innuendo.

What is the universal sense of want and ignorance, but the fine innuendo by which the soul makes its enormous claim?

When they had gone, he spoke with less restraint, but continued to avoid any unsuitable innuendo or display of vanity.

Now he was dead and many who had feared him in his lifetime were blackening his memory with subtle sneers and innuendo.

Had she been an experienced actress of years she could not have thrown into this question a greater lack of all innuendo.

Slightly by, the spoken word and the whistled innuendo followed her like a trail of bubbles in the wake of a flying-fish.

The pawky barn boss, who possessed perfectly the art of tantalizing innuendo, thus stirred the bar-room pool to the depths.

There was considerable nudging and innuendo exchanged as a small pleasant-faced man with a Van Dyke beard entered the room.

He knew how to make light love by implication, to skate around the subject skilfully and boldly with innuendo and suggestion.

She understood not the innuendos of Roderic, and she remarked not with an eager and inquisitive eye the distraction of his visage.

Every decent person is sick and tired of your taking advantage of being a woman and springing every mean innuendo you can think of.

She said "mother would wonder what had happened," and laughed a little in her excitement, at the innuendo, and in encouraging flattery.

The House will pardon me if for a moment I dwell upon what by application is an innuendo conveyed in the admonition of the noble Marquess.

Nothing definite is stated, but the slanderous "know-all's," who really know nothing, try to make out a case by means of hint and innuendo.

"I've a public position in this town—and I won't have people sneaking out of my house to spread a lot of innuendos against their employers."

Hopkins felt shaky again, and looked at his tormentor earnestly, trying to discern whether there was any real knowledge beneath this innuendo.

In either case, I had come to feel decidedly uncomfortable, so much so, in fact, that I was content to let the innuendo pass without a retort.

It is seldom necessary to furnish a Spaniard, who is usually skilled in innuendo, with a second hint, and the officer took his departure gracefully.

He had a long time suffered greatly from innuendo and unfriendliness, but we must do Roy the justice to say that such a manner of speech was uncommon with him.

Justice was so quickly distributed, men were so open in their conduct, good and bad, that none looked askance, nor put their actions in ambush, nor studied innuendo.

Of this phase I was cured, mainly through the agency of the abominable Trask, whose horse banter and innuendo at such times rendered it difficult to keep my hands off him.

Failing to find a single flaw in the private, public, or professional life of this distinguished man, his political enemies now seek by ridicule and innuendo to attack him.

"You have some reason for that innuendo and after all I have done for you and that Mr Neil has done for you, I consider that you are acting very ungratefully by this reserve."

In Lady Ashton's voice, a tone of impressive, and even stern, innuendo was sedulously and skilfully concealed under an appearance of the most affectionate maternal tenderness.

The hush was not broken by any sounds, save only that of the great counsel's voice with its deadly innuendo, its remorseless logic of fact, and the replies of the sweet-voiced girl.

He hints, he does not declare outright, but by ungentle innuendo allows them to understand that, whatever their private characters may be, to him they are all liars and rogues and thieves.

Her conversation was constantly of this vulgar, commonplace type, but it carried home veiled doubts and innuendos, as no other form could have done; and it was homelike and familiar to Robert.