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Use insult-to-injury in a sentence

Definition of insult to injury:

  • (noun) Harm, especially verbal, added to another, usually more substantive.

Sentence Examples:

"Need you add insult to injury by asking that?"

To offer me a sandwich, when I am looking for a supper, is to add insult to injury.

It adds insult to injury.

She returned shortly, "do not add insult to injury."

Are these servants of the poor to be allowed to add insult to injury?

Don't add insult to injury.

Both servants had flown, and to add insult to injury had taken the keys with them.

It is not interesting, and only helps to add insult to injury.

You add insult to injury, and shall answer for it.

Thus do they scorn our efforts and add insult to injury.

Then, to add insult to injury, was that delay at the court of the Duke of Brunswick.

Let us not add insult to injury.

As if to add insult to injury, about this time a commission consisting of Brig.

From time to time he adds insult to injury by shouting 'get to 'em!'

What shocking taste to add insult to injury by spreading all our wealth of canned dainties on the very stones where sit the ghosts of those who perished from hunger and thirst!

With the material extracted from the wooden beams they proceed to add insult to injury by building long covered galleries right across the ceiling of your drawing-room.

In speaking thus, you add insult to injury; your words, manner, and voice suggesting that I am so simple, so very weak in intellect, as not to be able to appreciate the inexpressibly gross outrage which has been committed against me.

And not only is he not allowed to do this, but he is treated with a lack of consideration by his protectors which adds insult to injury, and makes him appear as having less authority than is really his.

Hypocritical prayer will but add insult to injury.

As there is no royal road to the science of cigar-making, the article is badly concocted, of bad materials, and, to add insult to injury, is charged at a most exorbitant price.

It comes at once with an outspoken declaration of insanity in the very commitment to a hospital, an expression which carries a humiliation to the patient and adds insult to injury.

In plain English, Philip was, under this draft, totally disinherited, first in favor of his own male issue, by his wife Hilda, all mention of daughters being omitted, and failing such issue, in favor of his hated cousin George, who, as though to add insult to injury, was prohibited from willing the property back either to himself or his descendants, by whom the testator had probably understood the children of a second marriage.

She would not, indeed, punish with death or with stripes an outrage committed by a lunatic or an idiot, partly because an outrage may be really less offensive for being committed unwittingly, inasmuch as it does not, at any rate, add insult to injury, and also because the corporal chastisement of a lunatic or an idiot could afford no reparation to the wounded feelings of a healthy mind.

To add insult to injury she often taunted her aged spouse with his weakness, which was the consequence of her neglect, and cut him to the heart by making unfavorable comparisons between him and the pampered youth who could now log the rock from sitting on the grass; and that was more, as the giantess told her husband, than he could do in the best of his time.

And owing to a marvelous tendency of the human mind to add insult to injury, this very affliction, which should most command our sympathy and aid because it originates in cruel and idiotic injustice, is commonly regarded as fair game for our sneers and reproaches.

As if the noble army of Persian donkey drivers were not satisfied with the refinement of physical cruelty to which they have attained, they add insult to injury by talking constantly to their donkeys while driving them along, and accusing them of all the crimes in the calendar and of every kind of disreputable action.

Webster had been deluded, cheated, robbed, and pillaged many a time and oft in the course of his rather eventful career, but he had yet to meet the man who, having swindled him out of fifty dollars, had the effrontery to add insult to injury by exhibiting a perfectly obvious intention of making him like it.

To add insult to injury the graceless troopers compelled their entertainers to employ the Sabbath in winnowing corn in the fields for their chargers, and even refused to allow them to erect the usual curtains to protect the grain from being carried away by the high wind, so that the loss and waste amounted to barely less than the quantity utilized as fodder, and completely exhausted the fruits of their harvest.