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Integrity Definition

an undivided or unbroken completeness or totality with nothing wanting;
synonyms:unity, wholeness
moral soundness;

Sentence Examples

Till now, I had no reason whatever to doubt the man's integrity.

Buckhurst was a man of unimpeached integrity and gentle manners.

The integrity of every rank and station must needs be preserved.

integrity of mind

intellectual integrity

He had the integrity of Aristides.

The DVD did the rest, installing a whole bunch of hidden programs on the machine, programs that would stay hidden even when the Board of Ed did its daily remote integrity checks of the machines.

Incidentally, it also secured its own territorial integrity.

I presented what plumage I had—no money, but a small currency of integrity.

He gives me praise for justice, clemency, and integrity, which I did not want.

That was his moral and intellectual integrity, sincerity, veracity, and justice.

Now I valued this part, struggled with it, and expressed it directly with courage, integrity, and pride.

Alphonse had his own standards, his own integrity, and somehow he was stronger than the whole gray clanking cannery.

Squire Schuyler required deep integrity and strength of moral character in the man who aspired to be his son-in-law.

Among the fixed principles which you should establish for your government, by no means overlook Honesty and Integrity.

He owed his influence partly to his natural genius and partly to the transparent integrity and nobility of his character.

The integrity of the family bond must be constantly considered, and the rights of the individual members must not be transgressed.

She realized that she maintained her integrity only by relying on the residue of her former solidarity and on the force of custom.

Although his opposition was unavailing, yet it clearly showed that the integrity of the man was superior to the policy of the mere politician.

These were all men of superior talents, of tried integrity and faithfulness, and well worthy the elevated positions to which they were called.

"I don't suppose that an important position like the one you hold, requiring absolute integrity and competence, is given without fullest investigation."

Only in total abstinence from illicit pleasures is there moral safety and health, while integrity, peace, and happiness, are the conscious rewards of virtue.

The Constitution and laws as they were before secession, modified to embrace the legitimate results of the war—namely, national integrity and universal freedom.

The integrity of critical infrastructures, permitting national security mobilization and global engagement during times of both peace and conflict, must be assured.

This rose in my hand will become disintegrated and its symmetry destroyed, but the elements of its composition remain changeless; nothing affects their elemental integrity.

Rather than stress the political significance of free software programs, open source advocates have chosen to stress the engineering integrity of the hacker development model.

"Adams, by long service in our diplomatic concerns appearing to be entitled to the preference, supported by his acknowledged abilities and integrity, his nomination will go to the Senate."

Above all, the unity and integrity of an incorruptible world community was consistently safeguarded in face of the insidious opposition of avowed enemies without and the Covenant-breakers within.

Whatever you may lose, in a pecuniary point of view, at any time, by a strict submission to honesty, you will make up an hundred-fold in the long-run, by establishing and preserving a reputation for integrity.

The World Bank has appointed last year a Director of Institutional Integrity - a new department that combines the Anti-Corruption and Fraud Investigations Unit and the Office of Business Ethics and Integrity.

Adams had many bitter enemies—made so by his fearless independence, and the stern integrity with which he discharged the public duties entrusted to him—yet in the hearts of the people he ever occupied the highest position.

In succeeding to the patrimony of the nations they conquered, they also inherited their weakness; in a few years they had lost all the vigor of their youth, and were barely able to maintain the integrity of the empire they had founded.

These will interfere with no useful enterprise, no honest business, no laudable calling; nor prevent the prosecution of any of the many projects among men, which comport with the public good, and are executed on principles of integrity.