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Intellectual honesty Definition

A manner of handling something which is characterized by an unbiased, honest attitude.

Sentence Examples

Now and then, in the history of the world, there has been a man of genius, a man of intellectual honesty.

With inexorable intellectual honesty, he drew all the logical conclusions from his premises.

Intellectual honesty, the disinterested love of truth, without which no progress can be made, will hardly be found in those who are the slaves of unworthy passions.

Even after his father's manifestly unfair speech, he had expected intellectual honesty from him.

The only thing I respect is intellectual honesty, of which, of course, intellectual courage is a necessary part.

That was his moral and intellectual honesty, integrity, sincerity, veracity, and justice.

Without that, he had too much intellectual honesty to invent it for a particular need.

It is the outcome—one of many—of what is perhaps his finest quality as a philosopher, namely, his intellectual honesty.

Wells possessed in full measure that intellectual honesty which is the indispensable characteristic of the true man of science.

It must be said also that in his intellectual honesty, in his respect for the immitigable laws of character, he rarely falls short.

Nowhere is his intellectual honesty more apparent than in dealing with what he believes to be the miraculous element in his history.

The great characteristic of his speeches, as of his letters, is the complete absence of affectation and the very remarkable intellectual honesty.

It means that your father is a man of great ability and of unimpeachable honesty—I mean honesty of thought, honesty of purpose—intellectual honesty.

Her intellectual honesty was as perfect as Frederick’s own, and she was as incapable as he was of endeavoring to blind herself to the quality of her own acts.

It seems a simple discipline, this moral and intellectual honesty of Tchehov's, yet in these days of conceit and coterie his letters strike us as more than strange.

In the interests of intellectual honesty there is nothing which we need more than to be put on our guard against allowing our reasoning processes to be warped by our feelings.

From an abstract point of view it may not seem to be so much of a virtue that a father should consider his son's intellectual honesty to be of more importance than his own opinions.

It becomes almost like a deliberate insult to our intellectual honesty to be approached with offers of "explanations" based on any so-called "natural" action of the forces of nature.

Involved by his visionary faith in claims of miraculous power and supernatural communication, he had not the intellectual honesty to carry those claims to their legitimate conclusion.

They are men of intellectual honesty, and cannot allow themselves to be put to rest by words, or phrases, or traditions, or theologies, but who must get to the bottom of things for themselves.

I venture to hope that they will not become infected by us in this matter; that nothing will dim in their writers spiritual and intellectual honesty of vision or tinge them with self-consciousness.

Discussion and conversation should be conscientiously utilized by the student for the practice of intellectual honesty, of sincerity with himself, for such sincerity lies at the very foundation of true scholarship.

Asquith had also to distract public attention from the fact that three official members of his Government, all men of unquestioned and conspicuous patriotism and intellectual honesty, walked straight out into private life on the declaration of war.

Besides this, he could hardly have been at ease among intimates most of whom could not even conceive of that intellectual honesty, that total disregard of all personal interests where truth was concerned, which was an innate quality of Lessing's mind.

It was, indeed, one of his first principles that there is no more fatal obstacle to the discovery of truth than the deflecting influence of party and system, and that the jealous maintenance of an independent judgment is the first element of intellectual honesty.

All his life Lincoln was a man who thought for himself; he would not allow the opinions of others to obtrude themselves on him, he investigated for himself, and his intellectual honesty would not permit him to make pretense to faith or simulate what he did not feel.

It is quite true that those twin engines of education, classics and mathematics, are adapted partly by long practice, but partly, as I too believe, by their very nature, to discipline the youthful mind to habits of intellectual honesty, of accuracy, of industry and perseverance.

It is not given to many to perform the achievements of such giants as these, but every one may help to keep the standard of intellectual honesty at a lofty pitch, and what better service can a man render than to furnish the world with an example of faithful dealing with his own conscience and with his fellows?

If, then, any system stigmatizes as criminal the state of doubt, denounces the examination of some one class of arguments or facts, seeks to introduce the bias of the affections into the inquiries of the reason, or regards the honest conclusion of an upright investigator as involving moral guilt, that system is subversive of intellectual honesty.

His theory of a universe brought out of all-pervading matter, wrought into orderly arrangement by movements in accordance with physical laws—though it was but a provisional hypothesis—had done much to draw men's minds from the old theological view of creation; it was an example of intellectual honesty arriving at errors, but thereby aiding the advent of truths.