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Use jibber jabber in a sentence

Jibber jabber Definition

To talk fast and excessively that is difficult to understand.

Sentence Examples

"They always jump in with half-baked opinions, unsourced facts or general jibber-jabber."

“I always knew you were a big scholar, Mr Jack, sir,” continued Ned, “but I didn’t think you were up to this jibber-jabber."

"I don’t jibber-jabber."

Joe yelled, "No jibber jabber!"

"Damn it," said Donald, "stop jibber-jabbering!"

My courtroom is a temple of decorum, and I do not tolerate jibber-jabber.

"Guys, listen, I'm going to need some science jibber-jabber to distract these guys."

At this, Emperor Euphrates had somewhat testily held up a forestalling hand, and after their jibber-jabber had died away, he said with a frown, "Eh, about one called Puffat..."

“It’s true he’s a bit too full of that jibber jabber of his as you calls language, but he’s getting to talk English now, and since he’s been what Mr Dean there calls more civilized I’ve begun to take to him a bit more as a mate."

"I can’t understand their jibber-jabber, but it’s plain enough to see that they are grumpy and don’t like it, and the way they goes on screwing up those bits of paper and lighting up and smoking away is enough to make you ill to watch them."