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Use jingoistic in a sentence

Definition of jingoistic:

  • (adjective) fanatically patriotic

Sentence Examples:

It was true that there was something jingoistic about them, nevertheless Bob's heart thrilled.

A censorship of the press to exclude all jingoistic and inflammatory utterances may at times be necessary.

A jingoistic term meaning Indian.

The press is almost universally jingoistic, because it is financially interested in sensationalism.

He knew the game well, and was able to inspire a keenness that was not jingoistic.

It does satisfy the mothers of the land at whose hearth and fireside no jingoistic war has placed an empty chair.

In Germany patriotism becomes jingoistic hatred and contempt for others, organization becomes the utilization of servility, obedience becomes willingness to do wrong at command.

Many smothered what they felt in the wild hilarity of jingoistic dialogue with the shore and with civilian craft flitting about the transport.

On returning to his study he set about writing a letter to the Press, alleging that the failure of the meeting was due to a Jingoistic conspiracy.

In the main, however, the demand for Americanism took on an aggressive, jingoistic, red-white-and-blue tinge.