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Use jitter in a sentence

Definition of jitter:

  • (noun) small rapid variations in a waveform resulting from fluctuations in the voltage supply or mechanical vibrations or other sources
  • (noun) a small irregular movement

Sentence Examples:

All the world had the jitters.

They give me the purple jitters!

The security and the tight regulations gave Crawford the jitters on each of his visits.

It's given you the jitters.

It gives me the jitters.

He had to make himself a new robe while the cab meter ticked and Kate jittered.

And when your enemy starts getting the jitters, there's no telling what can happen.

The police might tell her she had been seized with a plain case of jitters.

I'd like to have a chance at him, but not enough to keep you in this state of jitters.

Even the Air Force has got the jitters.

His mass indicators began to jitter.

When Dave Cravens gets the jitters something pretty powerful is giving them to him!

I've got the jitters.

The whole earth had the jitters because of the apparently inevitable trial of strength between its two most gigantic powers.

And it began to look like a case of the cosmic jitters that only the most drastic of orbital surgery could cure.

He was having a fine case of jitters, because the Englishman was driving on what appeared to Rick to be the wrong side of the road.

Comes out and sits on the side lines to watch practice quite often, and he gives me the jitters.

She was determined to keep Jitters running at the greatest speed possible, and yet not be reckless in making the many sharp curves.

Bill shook his head as though he were suffering from a fantastic form of nightmare generally known as "space jitters."

Dithers and jitters.

Like women who when experiencing prenuptial jitters have nightmares of their wedding ceremonies being interrupted by dark revelations, she dreamed something similar to this belatedly.

A stiff jolt of elderberry wine drove off the jitters and reasoning returned.

Unable to break audio silence and communicate with the hidden Solar Guard fleet around him, lest he give away their positions, Strong found the loneliness driving him into a case of jitters and nerves.

Ever since that time I got the itch in the Link Trainer, instrument flying gives me the jitters.

He had dropped off to sleep in spite of his jitters from the deadly scorpion episode.

The jitters passed, the butterflies went into hibernation, and his nerves calmed down.

And it all boils down to the same sustained jitters, but in different wrappers.

He smelled terrible, a combination of garbage and sweat, and he had the raccoon-eyed jitters he got when he stayed up all night.