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Use kingpin in a sentence

Definition of kingpin:

  • (noun) the most important person in a group or undertaking
  • (noun) bolt that provides a steering joint in a motor vehicle
  • (noun) the front bowling pin in the triangular arrangement of ten pins

Sentence Examples:

Bryant was the kingpin in the Rock Island deal.

They're the kingpins, they make the system work.

Sort of the kingpin of the colony, I reckon you might say.

Jim was the kingpin and we were auxiliaries.

He said he was the kingpin of the tooth-pullers, and I believe he was.

I don't care so much about Baxter the man as I do about Baxter the kingpin.

"The kingpin needs a hand!"

If I knew anything about Kingpins, that's where Max Arena would hang his hat.

The bell captain is the kingpin.

What do you want to be, besides the brain and the kingpin and the balance-wheel and the spark-plug of the outfit?

It is only when something happens to the housekeeper we realize that she is the kingpin who holds the universe together.

I paid no attention to the conductors, judging the detective to be the kingpin and the conductors merely dragged in as a matter of routine.

Worth, kingpin of the Chicago gambling fraternity, had grown old and what is known as the "concession" had fallen into other hands.

The acts of a coward are preceded by a queer train of thought, the kingpin of which is fear.

They knew Par was a kingpin and, as such, he knew all the important players in the underground.

You are to be a kingpin witness in my case against two pickpockets.

I do rather like being the kingpin incognito, as it were.