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Use latency in a sentence

Definition of latency:

  • (noun) the time that elapses between a stimulus and the response to it

Sentence Examples:

The stage of latency was too protracted.

The sexual impulse later regularly becomes autoerotic, and only after overcoming the latency period is there a resumption of the original relation.

Now science, as we have just seen, is tolerant of this notion of latency or potentiality, and is ready enough to use it in aid of beliefs in conservation.

It assumes pairs of characters and calls the active unit of the pair dominant, and the latent recessive, without further investigations of the question of latency.

Specific or varietal latency is not the same thing as the ordinary latency of characters that only await their period of activity, or the external influence which will awake them.

In the case of retrogressive changes the visible modification is due, at least in the best known instances, to the reduction of an active quality to a state of inactivity or latency.

Such latency in potentiality is evidently indispensable when we consider that there is here concerned the evolution of law in opposition to nature, and its triumph for all time over the mere brute.

During the period of latency, when sex has not arrived at consciousness, is only potentially existent, and has no powerful organic bias, influences may operate, injurious to its normal and natural evolution.

The existence of varietal colors in allied species obviously points to a common cause, and this cause can be no other than the latency of the pigment in the species that do not show it.

The most striking process of puberty has been selected as its most characteristic; it is the manifest growth of the external genitals which have shown a relative inhibition of growth during the latency period of childhood.

Systematic latency explains the innumerable instances in which species are seen to lack definite characteristics which ordinarily do not fail, either in plants at large, or in the group or family to which the plant belongs.

As this individual latency may show itself from time to time during the life of a given plant, the first may only become active from time to time during the whole existence of the variety or the species.

The first shift has its origin between the age of three and five years, and is brought to a stop or to retrogression by the latency period; it is characterized by the infantile nature of its sexual aims.

Instantaneously the Asiatic disappeared, thrust back into its habitual latency within the prison of European: Prince Victor was as he had been, as always to the world, cool, composed, and crafty, master, never creature, of his emotions.

The conception of latency of characters as the common source of the origination of varieties, either in the positive or in the negative way, leads to some rules on variability, which are known under the names given to them by Darwin.

A phase of sex life in the child that is significant for the future is the sublimation that occurs in the sexual latency period between the third and fifth year, when the sentiments of shame, loathing and morality appear.

I have here written down one of these adventures, leaving it to the reader to judge whether it is purely symbolical, or whether the incidents related actually took place, and were out-realized from latency by the power of the Master within.

Throughout the latency period the child learns to love other persons who assist it in its helplessness and gratify its wants; all this follows the model and is a continuation of the child's infantile relations to his wet nurse.

If the process is again repeated, the response will be still more powerful, with a still shorter period of latency; and so on, perhaps, for eight or ten stages, when the maximum force of contraction of which the tissue is capable will have been attained, while the period of latency will have been reduced to its minimum.

He believes, not only that the sexual impulse in women is absolutely less than in men, and requires stronger stimulation to arouse it, but that also it suffers from a latency due to inhibition, which acts like a foreign body in the brain ... and demands great skill in the man who is to awaken the woman to love.