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Lexical Definition

of or relating to words

Sentence Examples

The lexical part of this literature is more defective.

These etymologies fail to develop any lexic relationship between the two terms.

But, of course, slang is more productive in the lexical than in the grammatical portion of language.

The most interesting were some lexical fragments.

Thus the lexical argument of Reitzenstein breaks down at the decisive points.

The languages are many and greatly diverse in their characteristics, in grammatic as well as in lexic elements.

The grammatical and lexical part of the Bohemian literature is uncommonly rich, and exhibits no small mass of talent.

Many thousand printed vocabularies, embracing numerous larger lexic and grammatic works, have been studied and compared.

Yet it is also likely that the tendency of late years has been to underestimate the significance of merely lexical analogies.

All of these things are held to belong to the grammar of a language and to be grammatic methods, distinct from lexical elements.

From the foregoing explanations, there appears to be no lexic relationship between the Serian and the Yuman digits denoting “two”.

With terms thus defined, languages are supposed to be cognate when fundamental similarities are discovered in their lexical elements.