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Use limousine in a sentence

Definition of limousine:

  • (noun) large luxurious car; usually driven by a chauffeur

Sentence Examples:

Certainly they were having a novel experience, and if Uncle John would feel easier to have them listen to the howling coyotes from inside the limousine instead of outside, they could not well object to his request.

They stowed themselves into the limousine somehow, the girls settled more or less comfortably on the seats, the boys squeezed in between, hanging on the running board, and spilling over into Carter's domain.

Swiftly the limousine whirled over the dusky road and either her voice could not be heard through the glass cage in which she was confined or there was no one near who was willing to hear or to rescue her.

Though by this time the German gunners had the range and shrapnel was bursting all about him, he was as cool as though he were turning a limousine in the width of Piccadilly.

This had the effect of making the prudent and frugal, who were denied the comfort of either limousines or taxis, decide on street costume instead of evening fripperies.

She directed, and Jules honked and honked, but the limousine did not budge.

As we started off a large limousine with violets in the glass vases of its interior, upholstered in fawn-colored cloth, stopped just ahead of us, and a woman I did not know got out of it, followed by one I knew well.

I saw them as they passed by on the road below; I recognized that rent limousine of the Central Garage with Ben Nicholson driving it, and a few moments ago I telephoned the Central Garage and asked for Ben.

Just at that moment the limousine was gliding past a building whose courtyard was one blaze of parrot tulips, and, his eye caught by the flaming colors, he was staring at them and reflectively rubbing his thumb and forefinger up and down his chin.

In his survey of the landscape he noted with trepidation the presence of two big limousines in the highway in front of the cottage and decided that if possible he must see Muriel alone and make his report to her.

He saw the great limousine in which the prince himself had traveled, and he helped two of the hostlers to clean it.

A fine looking and fashionably dressed woman had just alighted from her limousine at the hotel entrance, and was suddenly approached by this shabbily dressed man who requested a dime.

On some few well-remembered occasions her chauffeur had condescended to hold a short conversation with her; had even permitted her to sound the clarion of the limousine, with its bright, piercing tones.

For Jane had summoned strength enough to topple out of the limousine and teeter forward.

As the limousine joined others, all speeding forward merrily, her pale little face was pressed against the shield-shaped pane of glass, her frightened eyes roved continually, searching the moving crowds.

No matter whether a man or woman wore a jewel or a pair of patent leather boots as a sign of "class," or tramped afoot to the stand or arrived in a limousine, nearly every dark hand held the nation's emblem.

Huddled between a trolley and the nearside bank, which was rising sheer from the road, was a large red limousine, listing heavily to port and down by the head.

Alice I saw for a bewildering instant, framed in the window of a big limousine that rolled away up-town.

It was warm in his limousine, which was electrically heated.

During this time I had noticed, through the maze of gilt lettering, a limousine standing just round the corner.

Archie dragged himself into a handsome limousine that was brought to the curb by a chauffeur as impeccably tailored as the footman.

Luxurious sedans and limousines with liveried chauffeurs blocked their crossing.

Trencher was already taking shelter within the limousine, making himself small on the wide back seat and hauling a thick rug up over his lap.

She asked herself, appalled, as she felt her life being whirled along from one fatal impulse to another, just as she was being whisked by the limousine from darkness to darkness.

Helen Louise was frankly overawed by the unaccustomed magnificence of the limousine, and seemed to shrink before it with visibility.

Recall of the mayor was demanded and councilmen's official limousines were frequently overturned.

There it was no uncommon sight to see a gaudy limousine parked outside a tepee and a grand piano on the ground inside.

Astor, and, being careful first to find the right numbers in the book, got in touch with numerous large concerns, and ordered jewelry, bicycles, limousines, steam boilers and paper drinking cups with magnificent lavishness.

She took his hand as they came up the steps after seeing her father to his limousine flitter.

In the street a luxurious limousine was tooting for a ramshackle prairie schooner to turn to one side.

That stout woman riding by in her limousine, with a Pomeranian on her lap instead of a baby?

The man in the Bavarian hat hurried back to the third car from the limousine, and followed at a reasonably safe distance.

It was so thoroughly chic and Parisian, this limousine.

The next afternoon the limousine was not busy, and she borrowed it, with the handsome Greek chauffeur.

Claire pranced to the door, herded all of them down to the limousine, whispered an address to the chauffeur.

The three from the limousine were waiting for him upon the columned veranda.

He got out of the limousine, in which he was travelling, in his goat-skin coat and his fur cap, took the bottle, broke off the neck and drank.

In the blending glare of the searchlights from the two machines, the gray one arriving and the limousine drawn to the roadside, the young girl stood, her hand still extended in the gesture which had stopped the man who now leaned across his wheel.

By the acetylene light he produced an envelope and pencil, and proceeded to sketch a map, showing the route to the limousine's chauffeur.

It was a big limousine with several men inside, all singing and shouting riotously, and the chauffeur, I think, must have been drunk, for he swerved the car directly across the road in my path.

The audience watched her, spellbound, as she stood on the sidewalk before the theater, looking with grave inscrutable eyes after the costly limousine that had just driven away without her.

When she came to, as she did under other ministrations than mine, I was for carrying her off in my limousine.

Establishing his famous friend in the old lady's limousine, Charles told, in modified, expurgated form, how he had got possession of it.

It was nearly midnight when their car threaded its way out from the flashing, snorting tangle of limousines and taxis, and gradually leaving the lights and the noises behind, purred out toward the snowy darkness of the hills.

Archibald had no wish to intrude; still, an automobile is an automobile, and it seemed to him that on a fine Spring evening almost any young lady might like to ride in one, even if accustomed to limousines.

They hesitated, impressed by his hauteur, his fine clothes, the waiting limousine.

Outside of the storm-coated lines the penniless world of shreds and patches craned a thousand necks as the glittering costumes passed from brougham and limousine under the awnings into the great house.

A monster limousine with curtains drawn waited at the curb, and on the front seat sat a figure at whose pallid face and red-rimmed eyes Harry gazed without a start but with a strange sensation of fitness.

Twenty minutes later a limousine was to strike into the pike from a road just beyond the village, and a runabout, emerging from an opposite direction, complete the chain.

Here the touring car passed him, and he met a limousine, traveling at a pace as sober as his own, in its lit interior two men talking; after that a farmer's wagon drawn up against the roadside grasses, the horse prancing in fractious fear.

Occasionally, passing by them on foot, you would hear some general's aide spluttering in his limousine at the delay and wet.

As I glance into the windows of the automobile salesrooms and catch my own reflection in the enamel of Babylonian limousines I find myself thinking all at once of the children at home.

Then Norton suggested that he make an effort to commandeer the limousine of the countess; but there were men about, so the limousine was out of the question.

Well, if you're learning to drive his big car you had better let me teach you how to manage a roadster and Granny's small car and the limousine.

The two were jabbering in Croatian when Anthony Trent lowered himself to the top of the limousine and nestled down in the shadow of the baggage.

Anthony Trent arrived in time to see a huge limousine driven by a liveried chauffeur with a footman by his side begin to climb the step grade to the street.

Long double and triple files of touring cars and limousines, the combined cost of which would render statistics such as would gladden the heart of a Sunday editor, make their way up and down the great street tediously.

The limousine was a beauty and the guards were faultlessly turned out.

Bobs was soliloquizing as she sat on the back seat of the big, comfortable limousine, and now and then glanced at her preoccupied companion.

A limousine was drawn up in the shrubbery that surrounded a Georgian portico.

A limousine, driven by a liveried chauffeur, beside whom sat another liveried man, was also stopped by the policeman in the center of the avenue.

"Well, having stolen a classy outfit of society lingerie for you, I'm now going to see if I can steal you a limousine."

Past these the limousine whizzed on like a thing possessed, taking the last mile between the forked lane to the house at such a speed that it would have overtaken or passed any other vehicle that might have been coming to the hall.

He was very frigid and courtly when he bade the Princess good night at the door of her limousine.

The speedometer on the limousine had doubled its mileage since they came to town.

Next morning immediately after breakfast, "Aunt Harriet" set out with Phyllis in the big limousine for Doctor Gibbs' sanitarium.

There are lovely ladies in limousines, and sometimes there would hop out of a motor a pretty little English Canadian girl, to buy some nuts from open bags which always stand in rows along the pavements.

The doctor's wife reached the gate in her own handsome little limousine, and Susan had shared her welcome of Anna with enthusiasm for Anna's loose great sealskin coat.

Sims till the shadows fall in the street outside, when a limousine motor trundles up to the club and rolls him home.

A limousine was already drawn up at the curb, and the hotel starter was deferentially holding the door.

Sauntering out from the stage entrance with her friends, Miss Clay was the cynosure of all eyes, and knew it; part of the audience still waited for the tedious line of limousines to disperse.

Presently she heavily departed; her solid weight, her tinkling spangles, and her rainbow plumes vanished into the limousine, and she was whirled away.

Money, comfort, limousines and ragtime are not the requisites of men when heroes are dying.

I was about to prolong the waiting time by some jolly about such a stunning girl not having by any possibility such a cannibal of a parent, when the rattle of the changing gears of a car outside told of the approach of a limousine.

A host of handsomely gowned ladies came in shining limousines with attentive chauffeurs.

While Dan and I were walking about, a long limousine came across the valley and parked behind a screen of mesquite well away from the house and the guests.

Around the corner of the palace wall a limousine, with the curtains drawn, swung on two wheels, skidded, struck the carcass of a horse and turned over, catapulting the chauffeur into the middle of the street.

"Who wouldn't love a ride in that big, spiffy limousine!"

Doris watched Stryker skulking along in the shadow of the limousine.

To be seen in the company of a pretty face was all the reward a man ought to expect for limousines, late suppers, tantalized hopes and the patient devotion of an honorable passion.

He greeted her courteously and took her to the top floor with the air of a man who was giving her a lift in his own chauffeured limousine.

She slipped out of the limousine unseen, and waited for the white helmet to be doffed before her.

Holloway casually followed Monty as he stiffly walked to the big red limousine waiting at the Forty-fourth Street entrance of the hostelry.

To the occupant of the limousine this was baffling as well as maddening.

The limousine also changed direction by following the curve to the right, whereas previously it had been proceeding in almost a straight line with a rifle protruding from the sixth-floor window of the Depository Building.

They wear boots and ulsters and live in limousines.

A landau limousine, dark blue, beautifully varnished, nickel-plated, and upholstered in cream-white leather, came gliding gracefully through the press of vehicles.

Not until they had picked their precarious way down the three long flights of stairs and through the jabbering, gesticulating crowd of men, women, and children that surrounded the scowling Perkins and the limousine, did Pollyanna speak again.

Broke off Pollyanna, as they came to a pause before a handsome limousine, the door of which a liveried chauffeur was holding open.

The limousine pulled up with a squeal of brakes, stood on two fat-tired wheels, gyros humming softly.

She stepped back into the darkness to round the conservatory wing and brushed the mudguard of a lightless limousine.

A dozen flashbulbs popped, and before he could get into the Security limousine waiting for him, he was in the middle of a tight circle of reporters.

The dilatory limousine came rolling up the drive.

Her mornings were spent in aimless lolling about the house in a state of undress, her toilet being a matter for the afternoon, when she went for a short run in their big limousine, or visited some lady friends to take afternoon tea.

He was just in time to see the taillights of the limousine disappear as the car rounded a curve.

As though to crown his endeavors, the limousine, plainly indignant, had dallied just long enough to enable him to add her number to that of the offending car.

And with that he leaned across Toffee, jutted his head out the window and began baying in the direction of the limousine.

The occupants of the limousine looked around sharply with horrified eyes.

The limousine engaged its radiator forcibly into the wreckage just in time to receive a skidding broadside from the coupe.

The automobile was not the red roadster, but a limousine.