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Use line-up in a sentence

Definition of line up:

  • (verb) form a line;
  • (verb) get something or somebody for a specific purpose;

Sentence Examples:

The infantrymen lined up two deep behind us.

It would even line up copywriters for the storefronts.

Officers and men are lined up at spick-and-span attention.

The elated second team lined up for first down.

Now line up there in a row, you baby snatchers!

They lined up before him, mutely bespeaking his assistance.

Bawl Game Competitors are lined up and directed to bawl.

Some smart, very strong Turkish sailors lined up opposite me.

The German commander lined up his men on the decks.

Disconsolately the School team lined up behind their disgraced goal.

Our haversacks are strapped on, and we line up on the platform.

How do modern social groups line up when measured by spiritual receptiveness?

We had just started to line up in the road outside when 'whop!'

The Irish politician is an adept in "lining up" voters of other nationalities.

During metaphase the chromosomes line up in one plane near the cell equator.

He bitterly decided that the folks were lining up against the outlander.

Boats and scows were lined up for miles along the river shore.

Lined up along the bank before him were a dozen big box-shaped flatboats.

They lined up at the footlights and held out their gifts to the audience.

The sprocket holes must match accurately, and the films must line up straight.

We could not line up on the curbstone, it would have been to impede the traffic.

Ever been on the scene when a lot of these fellows line up to be naturalized?

In the street the men were all lined up at attention; he alone was unready.

Down the iron steps hurriedly come running the novitiates, and line up in the Area.

He lined up the men by the binnacle light, and went over them carefully.

A hundred and twenty stevedores lined up on the wharf for work and breakfast.

Spaceships smaller than busses land on the surface, so they're lined up in parking lots.

A picture of them lined up two-deep and frightened by the menacing interrogatories of Col.

At that the other three disturbers of the peace lined up with Dick, all saluting.

He was tired, anyway, of sitting there joggling that line up and down all day.

They lined up at the gilded balustrade, and fired down into the mob below them.

As was customary, the helmets were lined up on a rack on shelves just inside the airlock.

Approximately three hundred of these cumbersome but doughty caterpillars were to line up on a nine-mile frontage.

With saddened faces Rockville lined up once more, and again the disc was put in action.

When the teams lined up for combat there were no greetings of one old schoolmate to another.

The trench was crowded with Germans, and they lined up in either side to let us pass.

A squad of German soldiers were lined up outside the station, and two officers guarded the entrance.

The sisters lined up as if ready for a cotillion, and returned the greetings with infinite grace.

The sons reenact the old tragedies on a new stage, and so line up with their fathers.

Fresh rebels were lining up in the breastworks and threatening a return charge which would be disastrous.

By the time the players have lined up before the footlights the house is full of disappearing backs.

They made no protest, but donned their variegated assortment of coverings and lined up obediently to march out.

They marched in serried ranks down the field and lined up in front of the royal enclosure.

Passengers were beginning to line up at the turnstile, smoothing out their money and fiddling with their permits.

The two patrols, staves in hand, lined up under their respective Leaders on either side of the flagstaff.

As we passed through the camp the bluejackets rose to a man and lined up trimly on either side.

It was of the height of the fracas, and the bad Indians were regularly lined up for battle.

There was a little jockeying for positions, one false break; they were called back and lined up again.

The trains bringing home the tired suburbanites were beginning to line up back of the fire for solid miles.

Great care is taken to line up the last pairs of stakes with the centerline of the gunwale frame.

All civilized men were lined up against him, and doubtless could not be lined in any other way.

The whole crowd lined up, and we went the length of the line, bidding everyone a hearty godspeed.

Then they drink a powerful emetic, and having lined up on the edge of the mesa, vomit in unison!

Link nodded affably to one or two men he knew and bade them line up at the bar with him.

He made the refugees line up, and each was privileged to take all he could reach through the window slats.

The men lined up, were called out, saluted emphatically at the pay-table, and fell back with their emoluments.

I've seen the shiner line up sixty or seventy of them and send them to work with car fare paid.

The bracket should rest tightly on the crankcase gasket and line up with the face of the time gear case.

At ease against the opposite bulkhead, he watched benignly as his charges shuffled about and lined up in no particular order.

Not only did the jock ignore my warnings; he lined up alongside my bridge and danced on his thrusters.

Thence we went to the esplanade facing the sea, where soldiers and sailors were lined up for half a mile.

"I don't know what ails me," said Grace despairingly, as she and Miriam stood waiting for the next line up.

At five minutes to five the bandmaster made his appearance, and the band lined up while they tuned their chanters.

Reared in a country that believed in the sanctity of the marriage relation and in monogamy, the Kaiser lined up with polygamy.

The bare white walls, with here and there a crack which had carved a not inartistic line up the sides.

The Blue came surging down the field to line up against the astounded enemy, determination written large on every countenance.

Here is the dickens to pay; three-fourths the college lined up against you fellows, and a public mass meeting coming.

I remember my admiration of the thousand little flounces, black-edged, that ran in shimmering lines up to her rounded waist.

It was another German aerodrome, with a number of machines lined up in front of the sheds, ready for a journey.

When Puget landed for noon meal, a score of redskins lined up ashore and began stringing their bows for action.

Having surveyed rather carefully the general landscape, our party proceeded observantly until we lined up in front of Baker's ranch.

In front of it several short-winged biplanes are lined up; inside it three or four young men are lolling in wicker chairs.

Slipping quietly into the road, he turned towards the river where he could see the houseboats lined up at the wharf.

Disembarked, we lined up for bedrolls, and were pointed toward rows of tents in a muddy field adjacent a dirigible hangar.

He had been, along with the rest of the plebe company, lined up on one side of the camp for drill.

The Russian advance is now much more complete in southern Poland and is better lined up with the forces in Galicia.

Shrugging it off, he lined up the crosshairs on the screen with infinite care and switched the projector drive to high.

These men lined up before Duane, and as he coolly regarded them he thought they could have been recognized anywhere as desperadoes.

There were other big busses lined up, and they nosed into the ramp just as a boat eases up to a pier.

The bombardier riding in its transparent nose could carefully line up his target and drop his bombs with precision accuracy.

Lay two sheets of waxed paper over the tinfoil making them line up with the first paper sheet all around.

As the teams lined up again for the kick-off Morris retired once more, receiving an ovation as he walked to the bench.

Two engines with tackle and relief cars came down from the roundhouse, lining up at the side of the through freight.

Lining up in loose formation at the head of the companionway and responding to Jenkins signal the prisoners started along a passageway.

The personnel of the battery was lined up in two queues, where the smoke of a couple of field kitchens betokened breakfast.

In a trice they were lined up behind the brigadier, who faced round to inspect them, a simple cane his only weapon.

Twenty or more shearers will be lined up in one of these sheds, each man operating a clipping machine connected with the shafting.

The foremast hands did not know much about lining up, but took the places assigned to them, on the forward deck.

At the end of four weeks the two sets of girls lined up on opposite sides of the room, utterly refusing to intermingle.

The band wheel being on the steering wheel or right side of the engine, makes it easy to line up to a threshing machine.

A company of infantry was lined up as a guard of honor, and the Republican Guard Band played "The Star Spangled Banner."

As the boys reached the outskirts of the town, about six in the evening, they lined up and marched down Main Street.

When oleomargarine is the order of the day the representatives of the farming districts are lined up against those from industrial sections.

Rick and Scotty watched Jimmy Kelly check the diving equipment of the frogman teams lined up on the destroyer escort's deck.

When they wanted us, German guards would come in, line up about twenty of us, and take us out to work in the fields.

Cried Ruth exultantly, as she stood before the big white card on which the contestants in the tennis tournament were lined up.

A few cabs covered with cracked leather hoods and harnessed to scraggy horses are lined up round the pavements of the square.

Then came quiet, while the players again lined up, and the calling of the signals could plainly be heard across the gridiron.

"See here, don't you little boys think that it's about time for you all to line up and start a footrace out of these woods?"

As the crew of the Francis lined up before going aboard, the notorious buccaneer faced them with a cold glitter in his eyes.