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Lobbying Definition

to try to affect the decisions of officials on an issue.

Sentence Examples

"I had a notion you were above lobbying."

Lobbying and log-rolling go hand in hand.

He has had nothing to do with the lobbying.

By law, in that country, lobbying is a felony.

"So you're going to take up lobbying, are you?"

Is there a law in your state to regulate lobbying?

They did what politicians would call "some tall lobbying."

"I am not trying my hand at lobbying," she added as an afterthought.

In 1859 they began lobbying in Congress to have this claim recognized.

Still he went on writing pamphlets, and lobbying members of Parliament.

"That you'll never get the bill passed, this session or next, by lobbying."

"If any one has told you that I am about to engage in lobbying, they have lied to you."

Miriam Nesbit had already done a good deal of lobbying when the three girls arrived on the scene.

The powerful effect of persistent and industrious lobbying is manifested in the success of this bill.

I have been lobbying ever since the four thirty, and I have seen all the old girls, and lots of new ones.

It subjects us to expedients, and to all of the evils of constant lobbying and legislation on the subject.

The repudiation of active politics did not carry with it a condemnation of legislative action or "lobbying."

Lobbying contracts, contracts to influence votes, and for railroad rebates are against public policy and void.

In 1999, after a decade of lobbying on Stallman's part, the University of California agreed to drop this clause.

I ventured: "This is a lobbying expedition of a peculiar kind, and does not seem to invite any half-way measures."

The bill did not come up for passage that session, but Mark Twain lived to see his afternoon's lobbying bring a return.

Public industry does not have to meet the costs of lobbying and blackmail which are often forced upon private companies.

But the Capitol, under the relentless lobbying of the munitions interests, was trying to find a way to get a war started.

The economic players in such economies engage mostly in lobbying and in political maneuvering - rather than in production.

These moves led to an extensive lobbying effort that in time spread to many other newspapers and local civil rights groups.

"It won’t be the least use to tell you so," she said, "but lobbying for office is not the chief occupation of humanity as you seem to think."

I will wait five years longer to have a right given to me legitimately, from a sense of justice, rather than buy it in an underhand way by lobbying.

But as against this did not the vast horde of greedy corporations maintain a lobby at every session and was not a certain amount of lobbying legitimate?

Lobbying, in America, a general term used to designate the efforts of persons who are not members of a legislative body to influence the course of legislation.

Gougar spent two consecutive weeks in attendance at the legislature, watching the attitude of the different members and lobbying, in the good sense of that word.

In 1907 alone laws regulating lobbying were passed in nine states—Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Texas.

State laws were extended to the control of party affairs, with severer punishments for corrupt practices, the control of lobbying, and the requirement of publicity for campaign expenses.

Boodling and lobbying are called politics; watering stock, squeezing out legitimate competition, is called financiering; wholesale confiscation and unjust conquest is called statesmanship.

So there are some ladies who think a great deal can be done in the Legislature without petitions, without conventions, without lectures, without public claim, in fact, without anything, but a little lobbying.

"So, you see, as they think I'm lobbying for the bill, I wanted them to believe that your speech for it to-morrow comes from your own great, strong mind and heart and your sense of right, and not from any suggestion of mine."

That the art of lobbying was as well understood in the seventeenth century as it is today is shown by their instruction to procure the assistance... of the nobility and such as have offices at Whitehall and other men of note... to be mediators with their Majesties