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Use long-shot in a sentence

Definition of long shot:

  • (noun) a venture that involves great risk but promises great rewards
  • (noun) a contestant that is unlikely to win

Sentence Examples:

And the Syrian army was shooting back crazily, sending over long shots on the off chance, more to encourage themselves than for any other reason.

Here he spent a quarter of an hour amid the tall grass and bushes, fighting his way patiently out of awkward lies, and finally driving off by the river bank, where a stretch of close, hard sod offered excellent chances for long shots.

It happened that to-day I was in excellent practice, and had just hit a large wild dog, a long shot, making him jump high off the ground; but this beast is as tenacious of life as a cat, and instead of falling dead, he limped off and escaped.

One of themselves clothed in purple and fine linen, actually riding in his gilt coach, passed the barracks, and their old friends the dragoons presenting arms, instead of firing long shots at him!

It was not a long shot and the ranger would not have missed, but young Lennox at that moment stumbled and fell against him, causing the muzzle of his weapon to be deflected so much that his bullet struck the uncomplaining water.

There was still a good fifty yards between him and the man who rode down upon him, a long shot for a revolver when the horses which both men bestrode were rearing and plunging wildly.

"Not by a long shot," said Dick; "we'll toe him along at the end of a lariat if he does, that's all."

"Flap," for, so I christened him, was a large gray and white gull which I secured soon after coming to the island, by breaking his wing at a long shot.

The three largest frigates had fallen to leeward, and could do us but little damage, but the three smaller ones kept up a harassing long-shot fire, to which we, on account of the distance, could offer but a very slight return.

Tom threw forward his rifle, intending, in desperation, to try the effect of a long shot, although certain that it was impossible to kill the rhinoceros even if he should hit, while the risk of killing his faithful servant was very great.

Of course, they would be the first to admit that this was only what they would term a "long shot," a guess; but it was a guess based upon significant changes in the patient's countenance or gait, which their trained eye picked out at once, and it was surprising how often this snapshot diagnosis turned out to be correct.

"Maybe so," stated Otto, growling forth the words in a tone resembling the greeting usually given a tramp by a bulldog, "but you ain't through with the German army, by a long shot!"

The shock effect of the carriers had been enough to disorganize the aliens, but the battle was not over yet by a long shot.

I had to conduct lawsuits for six years for the sake of my property, and when I had won the trial, this did not mean by a long shot that I would have received anything, and I was put under preliminary investigation for perjury for twenty-two months.

A lucky long shot of my revolver might have crippled him, but I had brought it only to defend myself if attacked and not to shoot an unarmed man who was running away.

It seemed nervy for me to interfere now, but it was a long shot and I determined to take it.

For your simple liver and slow quitter, art's all right; but it's a long shot, at that.

It was a long shot, but as the echoes rose the boys saw the paddlers spring overboard, and the canoe filled and sank a moment later.

Having always one barrel loaded with ball and the other with buckshot for this work, I was ready to take a long shot with the bullet, if there was any appearance of the birds taking an early flight.

He'd meant what he said about his willingness to pay more for the extra trouble entailed in the mad construction pattern we had to follow, and I couldn't call him stingy with his extra compensation by a long shot.

Then with the pistols at your saddle, besides a pair in your pocket, and a dirk for close quarters, and my rifle here for a long shot, major, I am not much doubtful but what we shall hold our own.

Like a flash the thought shot through Roger's mind that if they once started to run he would not be able to stalk them again that night, and determining to risk a long shot, rather than none at all, he laid his rifle across a boulder which he had been using as a cover, and taking a careful aim, fired.

A very frequent and rather gratifying pretext for avoiding chagrin in case of a long shot missed is found in the claim that, though the sound of shot striking the bird is distinctly heard, their penetration is ineffective.

Close to my ear, jut as I was screwing up my nerves for a long shot, went Joseph's heavy rifle.

I fired a long shot at a drake; the bird flew a considerable distance and towered, falling about a quarter of a mile distant.

Long Alex had run up to the brow of the hill and there he took another shot, it was a long shot, but this time it hit, and Kildare stumbled as Tom let the rein fall loose over his head, as his shattered left arm fell helpless to his side.

The half-inundated condition of the country, however, was in our favor; and late in the afternoon, having traced a stag for many weary leagues, I had the satisfaction of pulling down a beast of "royal" rank by a very long shot.

When you come to the automatic you will find, except for very exceptionally long shots, you need not alter your elevation of aim at all; it shoots practically straight up to the furthest you are likely ever to have to use it.

Whilst we were beating a rough bit of ground, to our utter amazement and delight our friend the puma jumped out of a bush; but the first surprise was so great, that the opportunity of giving him a long shot was lost.

Quite a plunge on a long shot, with a welsher like Collator!

I would recommend all future sportsmen to take out wire cartridges with them: one never knows what one may come across in a wild country, and a wire cartridge at close quarters would act like a bullet, and for long shots of course they are capital.

The long shots they make have always inspired me with admiration; their revels in the oceans of mud exercised a fascination over me, causing me till now to overlook the science that is required to produce such apparently simple efforts.

He must have been lying down all the time out of sight, and it was bad luck not having seen him before, for though to climb the face of the cliff was impossible, we might have got a long shot from below; as it was, by the time we had got up to the foot of the cliff, it was too dark to shoot, so we decide to leave him till next day.

He opined that it was a long shot, figuring that the convicts had fled back to the region of Levant.

Hoping that these laggards would not perhaps swerve from the line of the rest, I ran as hard as I could to intercept them, and was rewarded by two long shots, which apparently did not tell.

They were shooting with eight bores, the first time I had ever seen guns of that caliber; I saw them make some long shots.

It was a long shot, and he only wounded the beast, which, quite infuriated, immediately rushed upon him.

The Afghans perched themselves about, and now and then made long shots at us with their matchlocks.

On a long shot of advancing train robbers while the cameraman moved up and took a closeup of the bad man's finger pulling the trigger!

After fumbling around in a vain effort to find the right red flag in the maze of the ship's signals, and realizing that my ten minutes were fast fading away, I decided to take a long shot and do a little guess work.

The fullbacks are primarily defensive players, although they have opportunities for long shots to the forwards.

It was "a long shot, Sir Lucius," for, standing on the place of that catastrophe and looking up to "the battlements of the great steeple," it seemed to have covered a distance of nearly four hundred feet.

That famous long shot had indeed appalled the beholders.

I also saw a good many condors, with their white collars, some of enormous size; I got several long shots at them on the wing with my rifle.

These railway guards and porters and conductors were not our railway conductors, brakemen and porters, by a long shot.

I had the advantage of studying under a master of the art, who used to electrify both his patients and his clinical classes by long shots, sometimes at the most unlikely of pursuits; and never very far from the mark.

This may lead to a long-shot duel between the aggressor and the aggrieved.