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Use loom in a sentence

Definition of loom:

  • (noun) a textile machine for weaving yarn into a textile
  • (verb) come into view indistinctly, often threateningly; "Another air plane loomed into the sky"
  • (verb) appear very large or occupy a commanding position;
  • (verb) hang over, as of something threatening, dark, or menacing

Sentence Examples:

His thirty-five years of wandering and enduring and toiling were over, and life had suddenly loomed beautiful and enchanting.

He inspires the most unbounded confidence in the German people; the Field Marshal looms larger than his Kaiser.

The loom stopped with a jerk as the weaver flashed round upon the head and shoulders protruding above the rafters.

Immediately at their feet lay a narrow strait of water, with the low, dark loom of the Asiatic hills beyond.

The supposed friend loomed in an unmasked and traitorous light which even the preconceived idea could not confuse or mitigate.

The comradeship of shop and factory is of yesterday, compared to the solitary spindle, loom and forge of earlier centuries.

Her father's voice was unctuous with welcome as he hastened to meet the ponderous bulk that loomed through the dusk.

In the bleak dead pause of amazed disappointment Old Well-Well lifted his hulking figure and loomed, towered over the bleachers.

Towering over this volatile, changing world, like a thundercloud on a summer day, looms the awesome power of nuclear weapons.

The velveteen classes of cloth have been described, in which the pile is cut after the cloth leaves the loom.

Animism, which looms so large in primitive religion, consists in thus objectifying into things the emotions they arouse in us.

Immediately at their feet lay a narrow strait of water, with the low, dark loom of the Asiatic hills beyond.

Science as King, science as power, looms as the great new figure, the overshadowing novel factor, in practical statesmanship.

Thatcher loomed formidably as a candidate for the leadership, and many predicted that Bassett's power was at last broken.

Beyond it loomed what appeared to be the acute angles of mountain peaks, pierced here and there by little lambent parallelograms.

Another distinguished Frenchman who died during this year was Jacquard, the inventor of the loom which bears his name.

Presently the two white troopships loomed up in the offing, entered the shelter of the bay, and dropped anchor.

Stirling sensed the true direction with the skill of a master pilot and dodged looming ice floes by fathoms.

A fine portly legislator of the present time has a couple of well-stocked stations, and generally looms large in Australian landscape.

The great galley, broadside now as she hunted her channel, loomed large on the outskirts of the sheltered water.

His mother, proud of the product of her looms, set out in array his wedding robes, handwoven by herself.

At last the hull and rigging of a ship loomed up through the darkness, and a hoarse voice hailed the yawl.

All her life previously she had been a frank materialist; the question of death had loomed too distant to need attention.

Unending, level sands ran into waves, and strange shapes of rocks loomed through the desert blueness like steep-shored islands.

Soon old Jacob's face loomed out upon its broad disc, looking as good-natured as a Dutchman over a pot of lager beer.

He remembered only their long years of comradeship and the tragedy which loomed over the life of his chosen friend.

Far behind this moderation in regard to territorial demands looms the desire to destroy the opponents' chances of political predominance.

It looms aloft, monstrously, like one of those grotesque actual shadows which a candle may cast athwart walls and ceiling.

Silk looms are working in the open streets, shoemakers and tailors are each plying their art in their narrow shops.

From a cause which as yet has been indistinguishable and imponderable, what important, what marvelous results loom in the future!

The covers for the porch-pillow shown in the sketch on this page are woven with raffia, on a strong loom.

Her father had made her a tiny loom which stood outside the hogan door next to her mother's big loom.

Over one of them the woven product passes as the loom is operated, while the other holds the unwoven warp.

A couple appeared looming hazily through the smoke, and at another call labored heavily over the broken ground to him.

We got out, looked across the rolling plain where the megaliths of Stonehenge loomed against the last glow of sunset.

He fled into the cave, and peering thence, beheld a shadowy form loom through the mist, gesticulating as it came.

Out of an old-Dutch-master gloom of background loomed forth a grotesquely terrible monster, whose proper sphere was certainly the pantomime.

A frame of bobbins is a set of bobbins of the same shade, equal in number to the pitch of the loom.

The mammoth rushed out clear of the trees and stood looming up, a magnificent creature of unrivaled size and majesty.

She loomed behind his cot, carefully out of his range of vision, her own gaze out across the drowsing countryside.

No one made reply, and all eyes centered on the igloo, which loomed vague and monstrous against the clear northeast sky.

This colossal automaton, almost terrifyingly impersonal, loomed always above them, throwing its powerful and gigantic shadow across their lives.

How uncouthly the huge piano that occupies the corner at the left of the door looms out in the uncertain twilight!

I'd seen her face looming over mine, that little snarly smile as she told the man to give me a "drink."

Standing on the western or larboard shore, and looking; across to where the distant mainland looms, they can say.

At the entrance of the park a heavy tread became audible, and a giant form loomed up behind the latticed gate.

It differs in no essential particular from other well-known looms in use by the majority of the aborigines of this continent.

In the gloaming the ruminating, sweet-breathed kine loom mistily as they lie sociably grouped under the lee of a protecting hedge.

The hummocks are driven to within four feet of our counter, and stand there looming fourteen feet high through the darkness.

The contributions of Berlioz to the development of "program" music and to modern science of orchestration loom up in gigantic proportions.

One dreadful question remains unsolved: it looms upon us as we approach it, and the nerveless pen splutters in the nib.

The three wide smokestacks loomed ominously in front of him pitched at an angle where they seemed tottering to their fall.

That night we rode down the mountains in the moonlight, the snow-capped peaks looming luridly against the purple sky.

Trees, here and there, bordered the stream; tall houses, somber, narrow and pierced with immense windows, loomed up lugubriously.

How such exquisite fabrics come from the antiquated looms situated in mud hovels it is hard to understand, but they do.

His nose, which loomed immense on his shorn face, looked like a swollen pimple, while his lower lip hung down.

There, in the background of a long, narrow perspective loomed the great mountain, exactly as it does in thousands of Japanese scrolls.

Through the film of smoke it loomed vividly dark, impudent, ironic, the mobile mouth edged satirically with a slight smile.

An instant later the door was tried, and then the contemptuous face of the Coffee-colored Angel loomed through the transom.

It was to adorn this palace that Cardinal Francesco established ateliers and looms and set artists and weavers to work.

Joan was hardly in the mood to pay much attention to her future prospects; the present loomed too forbiddingly ahead of her.

Two hours later the lights of another vessel loomed above the horizon and the steamer Esperanto came hurrying to help.

To Rupert's left, loomed the house, and on his right was the river bank, shelving down to the glittering water.

There, on the opal-blue horizon, loomed a town of minarets and pinnacles, of cupolas and obelisks, surrounded with golden walls.

Then comes more rinsing, beating, washing, drying, and winding on bobbins; so that it may be handy for the loom.

Out of the future loom menacing forms, hardly more tangible and comprehensible to us than were the Teutonic hordes to the Romans.

When winter lays its mantle of snow upon the country of the dunes the whitened crests loom in softened lines.

The old foundry loomed desolately in the distance, drenched in rain, the bare boughs of the trees whipping against it.

On the opposing bank loomed darkly against the sky another forest, similar to the one which had harrowed our souls.

England was destined shortly to lose India, while behind that event loomed the struggle between a united Asia and the world.

The next instant before his eyes loomed the form of Big Lena, who leaped toward him with upraised ax swung high.

When first taken from the loom the face of satin is somewhat flossy and rough, and hence requires to be dressed.

He vaguely knew something had happened; then suddenly the captaincy loomed ahead, startling him as though it were an exploding bomb.

Neither was he old enough to wear the silk sarong that his Aunt Fatima had woven for him on her loom.

More than human he seemed, there under the icicle loom of the stern-post, his gray hair and beard rigid with ice.

The Italian Fleet, as it loomed up in the falling gloom, included no fewer than twenty-six warships and forty-three torpedo boats.

Sine jerked the little tube out of its clip, directed it against a stone parapet that loomed grotesquely through the fog.

In a few moments the outline of a yawl somewhat larger than the one Dave was in loomed up in the near distance.

A horror of the future, a future in which she saw herself eternally attempting extrication from the inextricable, loomed before her.

The loom itself is slung from the rafters, and the whole can be folded up and put away in a corner.

This interweaving of the figures was as easily accomplished as the mingling of light and heavy threads upon some living loom.

Overjoyed with this prospect, fancy set her loom again at work, and soon wove a golden tissue, which reanimated my hopes.

With him the country seems always to be going to the dogs, and the poorhouse is constantly looming up before him.

At just a quarter before six o'clock we saw the highlands of the Irish coast looming through the haze before us.

The rowers on the lee side, as the boats careened in that direction, had their looms thrown out of the rowlocks.

In mounting this loom for weaving a three-shaft twill, three treadles are required, one treadle for each pick in the pattern.

The word is printed in capitals to show how large it looms in the eyes of the teachers and their wives.

Now, unless a gorge or pass opened in the looming grayness of the brown-splotched cliffs, they were trapped at its base.

We begin to perceive, looming through the mist, the lineaments of an epoch of selfishness compressed by a government of force.

Nearer and nearer came the sound of oars, and suddenly a large flatboat, crowded with men, loomed up through the darkness.

When the old battered hat and flour-covered coat loomed up in the gloaming and confronted her, she stared with terror.

They saw a workingmen's control of city government loom large and imminent, with all its threat of overturned political tradition.

In the prow was mounted a small but heavy gun, and a second one of the same size loomed up formidably astern.

In weaving, the looms occupied large part of the family living space, and overcrowding and all its evils were inevitable.

The towline led to a grimy scow which loomed out of the misty stillness like a heavier drift of the dawn itself.

The mountains we had crossed now loomed high above our heads, and Sheba's Breasts were veiled modestly in diaphanous wreaths of mist.

We turned at right angles and ran toward where the distant frowning walls of Archimedes loomed against the starlit sky.

He could see it looming up in the semidarkness, a sort of box, covering a stairway that led down into the building.

Looming thus large to the outside world, those within the International knew how baseless were the fears of its opponents.

Then shadowy buildings loomed ahead, and, blundering up against a wire fence, we staggered, whitened all over, to the door of Bonaventure.