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Use loony in a sentence

Definition of loony:

  • (noun) someone deranged and possibly dangerous
  • (adjective) informal or slang terms for mentally irregular

Sentence Examples:

I hope you don't think I'm such a born loony as to walk about the streets in togs that I came by in the course of business.

I was sure, for the first time in my stretch in this loony business, that I had an option on a nice private little gold mine.

When that last fact occurred to him, Lon Simpson went quietly loony, trying to figure out how he had come to think of such a thing.

"All these people are loony on the subject of love," he said, with a wave of the hand that appeared to include the whole membership of the ball.

We had, in a degree, become "loony" on the subject, particularly in the middle of the day, when one could not raise moisture in his mouth to even spit.

A loony psychiatrist there says he always advises middle-aged men to do a little heavy drinking and woman chasing, in order to get rid of their inhibitions.

Seated there he had imagined a rough night, wet and dark, and with each passing hour had the more reproached himself for his desertion of his loony.

I know where mercy comes, loony, on the one hand because I was trained for the ministry, and on the other because I see it daily with my eyes.

Indicating with a reserved gesture that this was just the sort of loony thing I should have expected her to think as a child, I returned to the point.

Why, even I, in spite of having had a disturbed night and a most painful morning with the minions of the law, can see that the scheme is a loony one.

"He's loony on the subject of weapons," grunted Roy. Allen led the way down cellar, the girls and the servants not venturing, though Betty did want to go.

The loony could have called them, of course, but it would have been impossible for him to be on hand every time they picked up the telephone when it hadn't been ringing!

The general conclusion seemed to be that someone had gone loony or else that a prehistoric mammal had been hiding in the Pine Barrens all these years and had now suddenly been discovered.

He seemed to be doing his best to marry into a family of pronounced loonies, and how the deuce he thought he was going to support even a mentally afflicted wife on nothing a year beat me.

The dog teams seemed to have gone loony, for they were howling intermittently, not in the usual hoarse howl of an Eskimo dog, but in a thin unearthly howl which had a strange bloodcurdling sound.

There is a lesson to be taught him, my loony, and there is compensation to be paid by him; and this he shall be taught and shall pay before I am an hour older in sin.

The fifteen-year-old son of a prominent official said to his mother, who passed on the irreverent observation to me, "Isn't father a loony to do office work when he might have a farm of his own?"

I had to get that work out, and I knew I wouldn't if I stewed any longer over the telephone loony who was quite probably still playing hob with Mike and Mort at that moment.

Do these here loonies really think that they can make a trap of iron and brass and canvas things, and junk and other scrap, with which to leave the solid earth, and plow the atmosphere?

Miss Brent was a dressmaker, and she had a lot of girls working for her, but I didn't like any of them, they were so rough, and they used to laugh at me, and call me 'loony.'

Hi Lang spent some hours in the cave, and when he came back told the girls that Carver had not been "loony" after all, for in the cave he found silver, and, time proved, a considerable vein.

The loony thing then betrayed me to another bounder who happened in, but I found a way out and up onto the roof where I have been for quite some time now waiting for a chance to get down into the street without being seen.

What I mean, my loony, is that there's one thing the same in your story and in mine, and it is the same in every story that I hear from folks along the road, and I challenge you or any man to hear as many as I have heard.