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Use loophole in a sentence

Definition of loophole:

  • (noun) an ambiguity (especially one in the text of a law or contract) that makes it possible to evade a difficulty or obligation
  • (noun) a small hole in a fortified wall; for observation or discharging weapons

Sentence Examples:

They were simple excavations faced with sandbags, loopholed, and banked round with earth.

They hardly mention the Jesuits, but they leave no loophole for those casuistic missionaries.

And the very small clerestory lights, mere loopholes, still more lead us to this conclusion.

On the far side is the Fort, a tall square tower with loopholes and embrasures.

Fifteen days later a German bullet struck him in the head back of a loophole.

Loopholes should be screened at the rear by a sandbag split and hung over them.

On land there is always some loophole of escape if the peril is of a protracted nature.

Ward chose the best sharpshooters, posting them at the loopholes and on the walls.

On the contrary, it is an unadvisable virtue, and one calculated to corner you without loophole.

The innermost wall is sometimes perforated with loopholes through which arrows could be thrown.

Out from a loophole in the sky, a bird came flying toward us with unfaltering swing.

In the covered type the observer is provided loopholes having the splay towards him.

In the covered type the observer is provided loopholes having the splay towards him.

Every loophole of the bastion was, he knew, crammed with the matchlocks of many marksmen.

Here he ensconced himself, and peeped through the loophole in the direction of the riders approach.

They threw up new earthworks, and they loopholed many of the houses that they held.

It was a room repeating the men's barrack in hewed floor, loophole windows, and rough joists.

I wish now I had been more conservatively quiet, and left myself a loophole, but I didn't.

The moment a Turkish shadow darkened the loophole the word was given, the bullet sped.

No loophole could be found in the Canadian law that would permit the rendition of a slave.

He pointed to the ivied belfry, where a grated loophole formed a dark cross on the wall.

To either hand, interstices between the rocks have been blocked up with stones, and made into loopholes.

The place we were in was a natural redoubt, except that there were no loopholes or sandbags.

Within arm's length they beheld the loophole of a German trench and could hear German voices.

It was Jo Stinger who stood at the elbow of Ned, looking through the adjoining loophole.

If they are in the valley, they are protected by towers and walls loopholed for musketry.

The walls were loopholed for musketry; and inside ran a gallery to serve as lookout and defense.

From this central block rose the twin towers, ancient, crenelated, and pierced with many loopholes.

Looking into such a periscope one would swear that he was looking straight out through a loophole.

The Marines have found a way to divert German rifle fire from our loopholes in the trenches.

The latter is crenelated, loopholed for musketry, and mounts six cannon of a very primitive kind.

Dodd had given him that loophole: meantime he kept moping for an invitation, which never came.

The men were posting themselves a yard apart on the banquette, looking excitedly through the loopholes.

Bore loopholes through the sides of the wagons with the augurs, if you need more room to fight.

It was built of stone and pierced with loopholes, to serve as a blockhouse in case of attack.

She took the loophole offered by his words and looked gravely up at the far, spangled sky.

Just off an old drain I found an overturned wagon with a loophole cut through the backboard.

Sure enough the Germans had seen the movement, for bullets began battering into sandbags around the loophole.

Had the flintlocks of pioneers spit defiance through the oblong loopholes inserted at intervals in its walls?

Where, then, could even a loophole be found through which the possibility of a compromise could be espied?

The earth in front of the loophole is then exactly like a castle wall, with a splay window.

There was no loophole through which an out-thrust gun barrel could menace him, he had seen to that.

The thin parapet is deeply embattled with intermediate loopholes, but there are no regular embrasures for artillery.

An arrow may be sent through a mere loophole with no probable demerit as to what it will accomplish.

After a few minutes the German rifle fire goes wild, their bullets no longer striking about our loopholes.

Then, indeed, is the season of peril for the muskrat, but even then he has loopholes of escape.

The walls were of enormous thickness, and a narrow loophole, terminating a deep embrasure, afforded but scanty light.

A feverish desire to amend and excuse my own lukewarmness shot up through the loophole his words afforded.

There are three tiers of cross loopholes, and below occur openings for matchlocks to defend the bridge.

The building is small, of solid masonry, the walls two feet thick, pierced with loopholes for musketry.

Under these were loopholes from which the Turks fired with temporary immunity at the advance Australian battalions.

Then a noise sent him to a loophole, where he fired two shots at skulking figures some distance off.

The two notabilities soon resumed their ascent, casting curious glances through the loopholes pierced in the tower walls.

Along the line of the blockhouses for miles away, lights began to twinkle out from the narrow loopholes.

Iron loopholes were put in, bombing pits constructed, and wonderful bomb-proof shelters built in terraces on the hillside.

Suppose you put them at the loopholes and see if they can't pick off some of those Mexican horsemen.

Earthworks had been raised, trenches dug, walls had been loopholed, and houses placed in a state of hasty defense.

Another shower of bullets clattered against the stones, and two spun ricocheting and shrieking through the loophole.

At each corner of it stood a two-story blockhouse with loopholes, through which the settlers could shoot at Indians.

A sudden panic fastened on her lest there should be some loophole by which her machinations should be detected.

I slipped into this uniform, climbed up astride the rafters, and was assigned a loophole through which to shoot.

We glanced behind us at the loophole door, and there, with a horrified look, peered our driver, revolver in hand.

He saw now, not merely the windows and loopholes, but the joinery of the stones in their courses.

Jump into that screen; there again is the sapper enlarging loopholes or picking the rock to sink the pit.

The man who fired was Don Pedro, and he turned from the loophole with a savage execration at his failure.

Sandbags were piled about three feet high on top of the parapet with loopholes through which we fired our rifles.

Justinian consolidated the original wall, closed its battlements so that they became mere loopholes, and raised it thirty feet higher.

The houses on the outside of the village had all been loopholed, and had been connected by breastworks of earth.

The usual flat pilasters appear upon the external walls, and the two lower stories are pierced by loopholes only.

Here they found a second wall of tree trunks, loopholed for musketry, "but as barren and desert as the former."

One respectable farmer assured me that his horse was bewitched into a stable through a loophole twelve inches by three!

The trenches had breastworks about three feet high, pierced with loopholes for rifles at intervals of one foot six inches.

The settlers discharged their muskets through the singed loopholes, firing low, and taking the chances with heroic fortitude.

The scout, peering through a loophole, saw fifteen armed men debouch from the timber and surround the cabin.

Both Texan and Mexican sharpshooters were watching at every loophole, and whenever they saw a head they fired at it.

This was loopholed for musketry, and from thence a murderous fire of innumerable weapons was directed at our devoted heads.

The town was surrounded by a wall fifteen feet in height, and loopholed for musketry, with a ditch in front.

A long low loophole carefully protected with sandbags and steel plates provided me with my first view of the front.

"Well, my young wiseacre, if you can show me one single loophole, you've more brains than I ever gave you credit for."

There was no loophole here for fraud, not a wire, or string, or any human manipulation, and I was not hypnotized.

The inner parapet, more than twelve feet high, was guarded by sandbag loopholes to enable the garrison to fire in safety.

The Frenchman and the Indian walked up and down slowly, stopping every few minutes to peer through one loophole or another.

The two water sides were enclosed by a massive stockade of upright logs, twelve feet high, mortised together and loopholed.

In quick response comes the roar of its sister gun, while, from the loopholes above, the muskets crackle and splutter.

The trenches were topped with a sandbag rampart, and the observer needed to peer through a loophole in them, a risky proceeding.

The walls were loopholed for musketry, and the entrance to the plaza, or corral, was guarded by large wooden gates.

The Texans stationed themselves at convenient loopholes and calmly picked off every Mexican soldier who showed himself within range.

In all the cabins there were loopholes through which to shoot, and at each corner of the fort stood a loophole blockhouse.

The defenders replied from the top of the palisade through the loopholes and from the upper story of the blockhouse.

The ascent is everywhere guarded by loopholes for musketry, and could not be carried by any party of human assailants.

Through a cleverly concealed loophole he would scan the ground behind the German trenches, looking for targets, and finding many.

To take away from the grimness of the flat walls many little banners had been suspended from loopholes and beneath windows.

The massive, irregular walls of this old castle have five or six towers, with the loopholes and battlements of old times.

From the loopholes of retreat he did watch the ways of civilization, an' the more he watched, the more dissatisfied he became.

Since abduction left a loophole in the complete furtherance of the plot, Teutonic thoroughness and frightfulness had devised a more drastic plan.

It is generally believed that the Japanese purposely left open a loophole of escape, not caring to have so many prisoners on their hands.

The trench crossed, the plain lay extended in front of them; beyond it was a long white wall, loopholed for musketry.

I confess to having cheated the authorities a bit, too, for I had suddenly discovered a loophole in the iron-clad German rationing system.

This passed, there was but a single line of picketing, perforated with loopholes for musketry, and supported by a slight breastwork.

Within was heard a powerful voice of command, and from the loopholes and battlements rained a thick shower of stones and javelins.