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Use low key in a sentence

Low key Definition

simple; modest ;

Sentence Examples

Allison, stooping over her, while they talked in a low key.

She laughed the charming, low-keyed laugh of a happily diverted woman.

If the darker values of the scale are used, the picture is said to be in low key.

The low key of the room was electrically raised by a cry, loosed from some other plight of being, like an odour of burning encroaching upon a garden.

Although they were pitched in a low key he was nevertheless able to make out what was being said.

Orne looked around at the Bullone guest room: low key furnishings with an old-fashioned selectacol for change of decor.

Beginning in a low key, it rose and rose, until it ended in a shrill scream, that in time died away in a horrible groan.

Still I think I may safely say that the majority of French pictures are painted with thick, opaque color and in a very low key.

Behind the closed door of Judge Saxon's office low-keyed, monotonous voices were talking, and a secret conference was going on.

"I am going to try and reach that wreck before any of the boats whose sails you can see slipping out from behind those low keys."

And, worst of all, when I am with those whose lives are pitched in a low key, I find myself taking it for granted that it is life.

I reveled in the hours spent with Norm and his wife; it was easy to be with them, for their life appeared low-key and free of pretense.

For all-round vocal development this practice should be done with varied force and inflection, and on high as well as low keys of the voice.

A third act climax may secure a tremendous sensation by the device of keeping the earlier effects leading up to it comparatively low-keyed and quiet.

Using two values, paint one in a high key, and the other in a low key.