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Use lucid in a sentence

Lucid Definition

  • having a clear mind;
  • capable of thinking and expressing yourself in a clear and consistent manner;
  • (of language) transparently clear; easily understandable;

Sentence Examples

It was clear, simple, lucid.

Crisp, lucid, and to the point.

Her plan of expenditure was most lucid.

And yet his mind seemed lucid, even brilliant.

"But he might not be very lucid from here on in."

"As lucid as a mountain spring on a bright morning"

Under its spur I began to think with great lucidity.

The account at this point is not particularly lucid.

Shaw is, with laborious lucidity, calling him a fool.

It was in a moment of relative lucidity that he told me.

Your thoughts are as lucid as Costin's Creek, ol' buddy.

"She was very weak, of course, but quite lucid," Phil went on.

The author explains complex numbers in his usual lucid fashion.

He liked her naturalness, as transparent as the lucid brown-amber of her eyes.

It must have been in the incomparably lucid moments of that brilliant intellect.

His remarks were lucid and forceful as he raged at the interference with his work.

So angry, indeed, that he did what in a more lucid interval he would not have done.

Her eyes were wide open, lucid, adoring, and, to him, the mirrors of love and integrity.

The man wasn't technically insane; he could be as lucid as the next man most of the time.

Cochrane did not have the sort of mind to find such information either lucid or suggestive.

In his lucid intervals, he was accustomed to be almost abnormally solemn and respectable. 

Now I must be very lucid; I must be his kind of man, I thought, and picked my way among my words.

"You're as lucid as lamplight, ol' buddy. You explain everything—except what made that stingaree fly."

Only my mind, lucid and intensely alive as never before, continued to record the adventure in this world.

"I came back," said Hank, suddenly lucid, "with a wild notion of getting you to come in with me on this thing."

If this is not quite lucid, get a volume in boards and hold it as we have directed, you will soon see what is meant.

That forthrightness, sustained by his vast knowledge and lucid speech, had led to serious disputations with his peers.

What trains of lucid thought, what word-pictures have been destroyed by thoughtless breakings of the chain of sequence!

And mathematical diagrams would certainly be lucid, and proof of a civilized man sending the missile, and photographs….

This one knew precisely what he was doing, knew that it was wrong, and had the lucidity of speech to explain in full detail.

The period of calmness that returned after the fever was crystal and lucid, preceding, he knew, a severe, prolonged seizure.

Temple had one quick moment of lucid thought before everything which had happened in the last few moments shoved logic aside.