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Use lynch in a sentence

Lynch Definition

kill without legal sanction;

Sentence Examples

"They think you are a pathological degenerate who should be lynched."

"You wanna get yourself lynched?"

This trial would not be conducted according to Lynch's law.

The men around her hurled themselves away, as from leprosy among them, and then washed back like a lynch mob.

We can't allow no lynching, Jodie!

"He's lucky he wasn't lynched," I said.

"Let's not go gettin' no lynch talk started."

Perhaps, he thought, Lynch's law would be better.

That was the second lynching in Bloody Breathitt.

Getting me lynched would be one good way to do it.

"He'll be dead—lynched on the spot by the rocketeers!"

There'll be a damned ugly mob at the office—a lynch mob.

"I've seen two people lynched who were only suspected of being Earthies."

"Stop snivelling, Bullard, this isn't a lynching mob, and it isn't going to be one!"

"I didn't dare take time to find out what had clogged it, because I knew you'd lynch me."

If a ship landed on a former planet of the empire, the crew would be lynched and murdered.

A smaller man with bristly red hair flared his nostrils at Stump. "You blood-thirsty idiot!" He raised a fist and shook it. "We'll be a national disgrace—worse than Little Rock! Lynching's too good for you!"