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Use man cave in a sentence

Man cave Definition

An isolated room or space specifically reserved for a man for working, playing etc

Sentence Examples

I am quite safe here, even if they get past the dead man's cave—quite safe until I starve.

"Is that man Cave still with you?"

Then came hours and days of sketching and etching in the old man's cave.

"It's my old man's cave," cried Titee.

"If we can get a hundred fellows to go with us, we shall make the old man cave in."

By night the wolves, in vicious packs, invaded even man's caves and carried off their prey.

Then the man caved in and said, "I always felt that the red-coats would get me, even if it took years."

He took the road that led to the Holy Man’s cave, and made such haste that it was not long before he reached it.

"Which would you prefer to do—explore the Smugglers' Cave and Dead Man's Cave, or climb up to the ruins?"

On the second day, however, three of the group agreed to accompany them to the fire-man's cave and verify the matter.

As he wormed his way along the tunnel, the recollection of those other openings off the dead man's cave came back to him.

To this day his figure may be seen standing near a cave close by the river which is known by the name of the Detained Man Cave.

"That's Dead Man's Cave, 'cause a skellington was found there," observed the child as they passed a dark, yawning mouth in the cliff.