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Use mandatory in a sentence

Mandatory Definition

the recipient of a mandate
required by rule;

Sentence Examples

The law was mandatory.

Is it merely permissive or is it mandatory?

"That uniform you're wearing makes it mandatory."

The Peace Conference seems to have given us a new word in "mandatory."

Your previous violations of Space Regulations make our action mandatory.

At three zero zero tomorrow ticklers become mandatory for all adult shelterfolk.

No matter what measure he advocated, his opinion was neither final nor mandatory.

There will be a mandatory pass-through of part of these funds to local governments.

But there's no law making it mandatory for a fellow to pilot home a lady in distress.

The instructions were mandatory and concise: "No capture must be attempted individually."

"In this state, if a man is convicted of a felony for a fourth time, a life sentence is mandatory."

The wishes of these communities must be a principal consideration in the selection of the Mandatory.

After the vote result is posted to news.announce.newgroups, there is a mandatory five-day waiting period.

The way in which the mandatories and the mandated conceive that time will influence deeply their relations.

These and many other ceremonial uses of light have been and are practised, but they are not always mandatory.

It is not mandatory that she heed the program material all the time, but it must be available to set her moods.

It was truly a sort of sacred bequest, although their mother had not made it a mandatory charge upon the girls.

But in another moment he was sitting upright, shaking a mandatory fist at Patsy as she disappeared through the door.

In other words, it is not at present mandatory upon a parent to attend the Children's Court when a child is charged.

If the masks were thought necessary, if their employment had been made mandatory, there could be only one explanation.

Mandatory price supports should be provided for the commodities not now covered which are major sources of farm income.

Because of the individuality of old houses, returning doors and windows to the original location is not entirely mandatory.

If a mandatory finds copper-mines or oil-wells in its territory, it is bound to develop them as "a trust for civilization."