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Use manicure in a sentence

Definition of manicure:

  • (noun) professional care for the hands and fingernails
  • (verb) trim carefully and neatly; "manicure fingernails"
  • (verb) care for (one's hand) by cutting and shaping the nails, etc.

Sentence Examples:

They were not pretty hands: though small and well-shaped, there was something just a little claw-like about them; but they were very white, and her almond-shaped nails, admirably manicured, gleamed in the soft red light.

It is my belief that every woman longs for the novelty of a Turkish bath and every man for the novelty of a manicure long before either dares to tackle it.

There being no answer ready for either question, except that the manicures of yesterday like the snows of yesteryear are never there when you start looking for them.

Like Cyrano, the artist in me rose supreme, and I manicured and curled his letter, painted and embroidered it, and nearly finished by signing 'Ronnie' instead of 'Herbert.'

I have seen every Frenchman his own manicure at the opera.

"I disconnected it this morning at the trap with my manicure scissors an' a hairpin," replied Rosalie, triumphantly.

He further manipulated a nail-brush vigorously, and ended with manicuring his nails.

Flattered by the implication, but at the same time quite impecunious, the night before Christmas he nonchalantly walked through a neighboring department store and stole a manicure set for one little sister and a string of beads for the other.

There's going to be manicure and hair-dressing parlors back of the millinery store.

Turkish baths and manicures and chicken sandwiches, I guess.

She laughed at the gold brushes and gold manicure set, the polished array of boots, the fine silk and linen laid out on his bed, the perfume of sandalwood and Russian leather and eau de cologne.

The daughter of the house sat down at the piano, after leading him up to ask her to sing, and chirped through several sentimental songs, tinkling out a shallow accompaniment with her plump, manicured fingers.

If I hadn't studied stenography I should have taken up hairdressing or manicuring.

All this was not taking into account Marion's penurious habit of charging Kate for every facial massage and every manicure she gave her.

"I must have a manicure at once," she said to herself irrelevantly, though the heart of her was yearning toward Jack's room upstairs.

You tip the chauffeur in the taxi, the redcap in the station, the barber, the bootblack, the manicure, the boy or girl who holds your coat for you in the barber's shop or hotel.

They were reddened and roughened and thickened like the hands of other household women, but each afternoon in the slow fortnight she sat down to careful manicuring.

She touched her whitened cheek with her carefully manicured fingers, and she wondered, not without irony, at the strange chances of human life.

This fact struck me at once, as did her fingers, which, though spatulate and ugly, had been manicured, and of course very much over-manicured, for effect.

Of course, when we hear that they may serve lunch to us, collect our carfare, manicure our nails, dance with us most enchantingly, or eat at our tables, it seems a little more real, but still a little too much to believe.

The fastidiously manicured fingers were as tapering and white as her own.

The barber trimmed the tufts from over Dave's ears and clipped the hair in his nose, while a tray was pushed up and a slatternly blonde began giving him a manicure.

She had partitioned off one corner of the gallery and set up a manicure and hairdressing parlor.

As I remember they spent a great deal of time and money at the hairdressers, manicures, dressmaking establishments and hotels.

His immediate instinct was to help any troubled creature, and it had dawned on him that this composed young lady who manicured her nails out of a pasteboard box during the slack portion of every day was troubled.

A cock-sure magazine, gently, tolerantly elbowing aside the mysteries of existence and holding up between carefully manicured thumb and forefinger the Gist of the Thing.

She lingered over it and over the manicuring and hairdressing and everything else that she could linger over, and dressed herself in the best of her gowns, a sophisticated taupe satin with slippers and stockings to match.

He trimmed it with manicure scissors from the same vest pocket.

Answering a question by the Chairman, applicant stated that the company was formed to do a general mercantile business, but that at the present time its activities were confined to manicuring Pekingese pugs.

He spread his plump, manicured hands, on one finger of which was a green intaglio ring.

In half an hour any woman should be able to take her plunge, coddle her complexion, dress her hair, manicure her nails, and attend to her teeth.

The best operators no longer cut away the cuticle about the base of the nail, and the manicure who does that nowadays is not a student of the French method of manicuring, which supplanted every other some time ago.

Once you've got your manicured lunch hooks (as a phrase for hands I liked that sentence) on the blighter's throat, it's up to you to kill him before he kills you.

Absorbed in these unpleasant meditations, Renwick sat upon the terrace of the hospital after supper, idly manicuring his nails with Nurse Roth's scissors.

The Wildcat gave the dice a Turkish bath, a manicure, and a careful massaging between the perspiring palms of his hands.

His fat hands were manicured and he was overdressed.

It must have been when I was taking my baths, and my Swedish exercises, being manicured.

The manicure sets, which are at the disposal of almost every young woman of the present day, are a very great addition to toilet appurtenances.

Doolittle, expatriated American, waved a carefully manicured hand in acquired Gallic gestures as he expatiated on the circumstances which had summoned the soldier to his office.

A mere farmer, a drudging female, spinster farmer, growing cabbages and things, and getting her manicured hands all mussed up, and freckles on her otherwise handsome face.

In the hallway, the manicure lady bobbed her suspiciously yellow head and smiled provocatively.

The luxury of the toilette is maintained with somewhat more discretion and less ostentation; many of the modern refinements, as that of the manicure, are but intelligent developments or modifications of the arts of the last century.

The wife is expected to shave and anoint the husband's body with palm oil, keep his toenails and fingernails manicured, bring water and wood, help in the field, cook his food, and take care of the children.

They lolled luxuriantly in the shade while the other boys were picking neighborhood cherries, manicuring the lawns and doing what they were pleased to call "odd jobs."

I might win a manicure set, or a shoe-horn, or a leather bag.

You knew at once you had a man of the world before you, a man familiar with the most exclusive club life, valeted, perfumed and manicured irreproachably, and you succumbed accordingly.

Then her face blanched, and she dug her manicured nails deep into her skin as she thought of a worse fate than death that could overtake her.

In working with some of these cords, idly fastening and unfastening them, I got a little impatient with one that seemed tight, you know, and I used my manicure knife to pull the knot through.

It is a fact, nevertheless, that however purely Anglo-Saxon the possessor may be, there are hands which are naturally not clean and which neither ordinary scrubbing nor the care of the manicure can ever keep clean for more than an hour.

His dress bespoke the skill of a good tailor and his fingers were manicured.

At the opposite end of the case the druggist kept his plush manicure and brush-and-comb sets, with a few lumps of camphor scattered among them to discourage moths, but the odor of camphor did not hurt the candy.

Her hands had gone a little wrinkly, her knuckles more prominent, but her fingernails were beautifully manicured and her clothes were stylish, foreign, exotic and European.

He had a round, fat face, pale reddish hair and mustache, small, nondescript, expressionless eyes, a pasty complexion, and white, pudgy hands, which he took pains to have manicured regularly three times a week.

I mean a still more secret creature of still more acute solicitude, who feels that social facts must be manicured and pedicured before they are fit to be seen.

At this moment Ferguson laid a manicured hand on the Belgian's almighty arm.

Your mania for scratching other nations will keep your nails manicured without the aid of scissors.

Meriwether shifted around in his chair, and scratched at its leather arms with the manicured tips of his gnarled fingers.

Look at her fluffy pompadour, her stylish sleeves, her manicured nails.

They were not really a good shape, nor small, but merely blanched very white and manicured to a glistening illusion.

Her maid spent most of the forenoon getting her ready, manicuring her nails, washing and drying her hair, massaging her face, doing everything, in fact, that might be done to enhance her physical charms.

I dropped my manicure scissors, I was so alarmed.

Opposite to me sat that daughter of the house whose manicure scissors had terminated the painful episode of the butterfly.

Her hands were small and beautifully shaped and her nails were spotlessly clean and perfectly manicured.

He would indulge himself in Turkish baths, facial massages, hair shampoos, manicures and changes of linen during the day.

The long, tapering fingers, manicured nails, and absence of horny protuberances on the palm "gave him away".

Their hands, from which the iron gauntlets had been taken off, did not look like those of warriors, but manicured and pampered, slender and white like the hands of young girls.

She had no stockings at all on her clean manicured feet, but a kind of open-work boot of fancy leather.

And this was Joseph, the fastidious, pomaded, manicured, supercilious fop of six months ago.

I cut myself on my manicure scissors today.

They upholstered him, enameled him, manicured him, sugar-cured him, embalmed him.

They must have been cut by the little curved blades, and rarely do two pairs of manicure scissors make the same scallop.

Manicured and groomed as he always was, his pink snout pointed at a most entrancing angle, his tightly curled tail and glowing bristles the picture of health and good breeding, this porcine Apollo usually won in a walk.

His hands, of which he was exceedingly proud, were small and white and plump; they were carefully manicured and decorated with a couple of rings, each set with a large cabochon stone.

To be sure, also, he was ugly and clumsy, but when there were so many pretty little men about, who talked in the softest of voices and manicured their nails, a great rough young male like this, who said he hated dancing, and asked leave to smoke his pipe instead of a cigarette, brought a sense of reality into the room with him.

His fat little hands had short stumpy fingers, beautifully manicured and covered with rings, which glistened and twinkled as he raised a dainty Venetian glass to his lips.

His tapering fingers with their carefully manicured nails fondled the roll of parchment, and then unrolled it, and held it, so the other could read.

Presently outside interests began to claim her again, dressmakers and manicures, shopping and the essential letter writing filled the mornings, luncheons kept her late into the afternoons, there were calls and card playing and teas.

Embossed white satin lining; fitted five pieces plain ebony manicure fittings.

She would stand very quietly while I trimmed them with my manicure scissors.

He has just been shaved, his mustache is cut in such a way as to show his sensual lips, his carefully manicured hands are loaded with rings, his tunic fits him like a glove, his collar is high and cramping.

The old man often goes to boozing, becomes dissipated, takes a dose of poison and commits suicide; but the mother will stand by the home and keep the little band together if she has to manicure her finger nails over a washboard to do it.

Quickly Craig dropped the pieces into one of the hotel envelopes that stood in a rack on the desk, then, changing his mind about asking more now about the little manicure, strode out of the side entrance where Marlowe's car was waiting for us.

Was she now in her bath or in the solarium having her hair dressed or her nails manicured?

Good home-made modeling tools can be made from manicure sticks, pencils, dowel sticks or ordinary small hardwood pieces shaped with a knife.

It was a crazy mixture of stark necessity and manicured luxury, all cheek by jowl, in the undiscriminating rain.

Barbara slipped off her berry-stained apron, sighed over the fruit-stained nails that no amount of manicuring would whiten, and dabbed some powder on her shiny face.

She smoothed the little hands of her mistress, manicured and perfumed them, talking volubly all the time upon every subject save the one the Spider was waiting to hear about.

Doris came over and rumpled his hair with her meticulously manicured fingers that had won his astonished admiration.

The night nurses then, arming themselves with scissors, began to play manicure on the patients.

The picture of a troubadour writing little love ditties in this most woeful place is as anomalous, and indeed as incongruous, as the picture of a lady manicuring her hands during the crisis of a shipwreck.

Jerry exploded, slamming the picture down with a force that made the ivory manicure set start shimmying.

Eventually, in an almost predictable way, the Japanese planes formed up and flew off to the west, leaving the once neatly manicured Mooring Mast Field smoldering.

He noticed that they were white and slender, that the nails were neatly manicured, and that that on his right thumb was a bit discolored, as if from a slight bruise.

His hands were spotlessly white, and his nails were carefully manicured and highly polished.

The sight of this perfect young man in his whipcord breeches, with his manicured nails and immaculately polished puttees exasperated him.

Mexican belles also come out, with highly painted faces and dainty, manicured hands.

He gesticulated with a white and exquisitely manicured hand.

"Of course," I observed slowly, "the position of an elderly gentleman with a marriageable daughter and a wife," I went on bravely, "who finances a young lady interested in manicuring in an establishment in Bond Street is liable to misinterpretation."

The inappropriate facetiousness he had affected in ties had given way to a sturdy dark pattern, and his right hand, which had formerly displayed two heavy rings, was now innocent of ornament and even without the raw glow of a manicure.

From the tips of her perfectly manicured fingers to the crown of her admirably coiffured hair, the Baroness stood for all that was elegant and refined in the innermost circles of her sex.