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Use masquerade in a sentence

Definition of masquerade:

  • (noun) a party of guests wearing costumes and masks
  • (noun) a costume worn as a disguise at a masquerade party
  • (noun) making a false outward show; "a beggar's masquerade of wealth"
  • (verb) take part in a masquerade
  • (verb) pretend to be someone or something that you are not;

Sentence Examples:

She smiled like a bedraggled, masquerading tragedy.

Masquerades, regattas, comedies, balls succeeded each other.

Balls, concerts, operas, assemblies, masquerades, regattas, races!

He looks like a chorister masquerading as a crusader.

Ours were masquerades without licentiousness; carnivals without excess.

Sybarite, with a quiet chuckle: "the Hadley-Owen masquerade."

The lock-step masquerades under the name of discipline.

How many romantic lovers are mere Romeos in masquerade?

Is this an electioneering juggle, or is it hypocrisy's masquerade?

I feel as if I were masquerading; come nearer the footlights.

Triviality is objectionable only when it masquerades as importance.

"We are to masquerade as a blooming merchantman," chuckled "Dye."

On succeeding days there were balls, jousts, and masquerades.

We know you; you are a Frenchman masquerading in English uniform.

For what is our civilized world but a big masquerade?

The book abounds in nocturnes, arabesques, masquerades, bagatelles, rococo pastorals.

He is therefore no Italian, but a Frenchman masquerading as an Italian.

"A little kid masquerading as a bored, sophisticated young lady."

The fop puts on the masquerade of dignity and importance.

"Jeffersonian simplicity" has been ridiculed as a masquerade for a purpose.

Alas, it too often masquerades under the guise of romantic love.

Nor does he rest content with masquerading as a Spanish lady.

I had masqueraded as one of the ghosts in this accursed house.

We are moving among Italian bourgeois in the masquerade of heroes and princesses.

The native inhabitants dress very picturesquely, as though they were masquerading.

"What on earth are you doing here, masquerading as a Spanish sailor?"

Are the splendid masquerades of Paolo to be dignified with that name?

"The masquerading Walter Crocker is merely a blackmailer," the detective continued.

Hatred masquerading as justice, striking vindictively and adding insult to injury.

This is, they were greenhorns masquerading on the articles as able seamen.

"I dare say she was an English girl masquerading," I remarked facetiously.

He and his followers no longer skulked, no longer walked in masquerade.

Your brief period of masquerade as a mythologist apparently left some impression on you.

Some man, some great one masquerading under a sobriquet, a nom de guerre!

Who was this person masquerading as an officer of the Spanish army?

My friend Clare vows he has discovered a Venus masquerading in fustian.

The velocipede I only recollect, because he lent it to me for a masquerade.

The boy was not an Eskimo but a Jap masquerading as an Eskimo.

"I don't know what to wear to the masquerade," Marjorie declared rather dolefully.

She came here last night, under a misapprehension, while masquerading as a boy.

He broke into her room one night impudently assuming to masquerade as her husband.

Dances, pageants, masquerades, tableaux, banquets and tournaments followed each in bewildering succession.

He was known to be masquerading as a sadhu in order to rob pilgrims.

The men were undoubtedly professional thieves who considered the masquerade a good opportunity.

The Spanish costume suggests the celebration of one of the famous Haarlem masquerades.

And, more important still, shall I or shall I not doff the masquerade?

I am all too flummoxed by the masquerade in the tourney round about me.

Perhaps it is demoralizing, this constant masquerading in costly finery meant for others.

This I apprehend to be a metaphorical view of a prelate killing Time at a masquerade.

If he were masquerading, here was a dangerous place into which to carry his antics.

It was a crowd, a mob, a masquerade, a revel, a hell, a terrible buffoonery.

Many a sturdy blow has been struck at abuses by penmen masquerading behind fiction.

Many a ship may have been betrayed by Germans masquerading under some other nationality.

Perhaps a few days of this damnable masquerade, but then it would be over.

The lords and ladies of the time would recognize here their tourneys and masquerades.

Much of the story-telling masquerading as such is quackery, showing neither genius nor study.

Before this poem all ecstasies of sensuousness masquerading as cosmic emotion are dull and timid.

The invitation for the masquerade might have been misdirected or have slipped down behind something.

He replied, with astonishment, "Do you imagine I would play the buffoon at a masquerade?"

A few minutes back he had masqueraded as a bravo to deceive the mysterious shadows.

The German masquerade is very different from this, but it is no less a masquerade.

I gave it to him because he was naked, and not for any treasonable masquerade.

A madcap masquerade of bizarre taste and queer fancies had turned Gore House completely inside out.

Scene third, accordingly, exhibits a rich show of foolery and masquerading of all sorts.

In short, he entirely sacrificed every appearance of the warrior to the masquerade of a buffoon.

The idea of these masquerades and veils of the incognito appears to have bewitched Constable.

You see nothing but sports, dances, masquerades, feasts, lewdness, and consequently, strife and contention.

Three days of balls, masquerades and tourneys followed, amid the murmuring of a sullen populace.

He saw stretching before him a future like the past, monotonously bereft of plots and masquerades.

The fortnightly masquerades at the Royal Opera House are more popular than ever with light-hearted Londoners.

To Doctor Goldsmith, on seeing his name in the list of the mummers at the late masquerade.

Nevertheless, in the plays we find the old Shaw masquerading, this time behind the footlights.

Many of the newest things proclaimed are old mistakes of human nature revamped for a masquerade.

Life to me's a game, sort of masquerade, and I'm the worst masquerader in the bunch.

It is also much in demand for bunting for festival occasions, light curtains, masquerade dresses, etc.

Dull, swaggering, blatant, gin-absorbing, red-faced Cockneys, who masquerade as sportsmen, and chatter oaths all day.

For a whole year he rambled about every evening in masquerade, dropping in on the burghers unexpectedly.

Could he be some fellow trying to take a rise out of me by masquerading as a German officer?

Cries he; "have you not just now upbraided me with what you heard at the masquerade?"

Sensuality masquerading in the cloak of religion renders this heroine as disagreeable as any I have ever seen staged.

A correct record of his time would probably show an unvaried succession of suppers, balls, and masquerades.

Any merrymaking, feasting, or masquerading, especially when overstepping the bounds of decorum; a time of riotous excess.

It was like a dreadful overdressed masquerade with the everlasting sound of the guns in the distance.

The masquerade that had affected her physically, had affected her psychically and in each instance profoundly.

In all humility, Sire, let me suggest that you incur no risk; that you countermand the masquerade.

Children enjoy talking like adults as well as looking and acting like them in their unstudied masquerades.

I take for granted that all "augurs' tricks," darkened rooms, masquerading, chloroform, are out of the question.

The usual masquerade drew the peasantry to the town and no one was at work in the fields.

Redheads, which feed to a great extent on wild celery, often appear on the table masquerading as canvasbacks.

Betty had sometimes been called that since she had worn the pansy dress in the masquerade.

For the moment, life was a comedy and a masquerade teeming with whims, fancies, ecstasies and superstitions.

My masquerade folly thus recalled to my recollection, the blood rushed tumultuously to my face and bosom.

The mountaineers looked on, devoid of envy, and despite their stolidity with an understanding of the conversational masquerade.

That it was a pleasant custom to make the plebes dress up in masquerade and give a parade or something.

Bubbles, in that staid and decorous company, looked as if she had wandered in from some gay Venetian masquerade.

When do you say this Englishman masquerading as a Frenchman is about to quit the city with those ladies?

All the maskers were young men, and most of these young men, of course, were masquerading as women.

The tyrant has some piquancy; she disarms suspicion because, although a despot, she is masquerading as something else.

Masquerades were especially inveighed against by the upholders of propriety, and were made the subject of much satire.

The lesser nobles emulated the grandees, and vied with each other in splendid establishments, banquets, masquerades, and equipages.