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Use medieval in a sentence

Medieval Definition

relating to or belonging to the Middle Ages;

Sentence Examples

The filing system was really medieval.

It depicted, in fading colors, a medieval hunting scene.

You may think of it as a kind of window dressing upon the Medieval.

Medieval quackery.

The medieval period persisted in England until the time of Henry VIII.

No wonder so many of us think of them as something like medieval demons.

She remembered studying medieval witchcraft and thought suddenly of astral bodies.

The caltrop was a medieval defensive weapon used against both cavalry and infantry.

The salesmen unfolded what looked like a medieval opera hat in piercingly bright green.

"I'll go for it," said Ted, "as long as we aren't out to prove a medieval superstition."

It was a massive leather-and-parchment tome, with imitation medieval brass clasps and hinges.

It was the custom in medieval England to erect buildings in bays for the sake of convenience.

It set far back from the street, towering against the sky like the black bulk of a medieval castle.

To all intents and purposes it was a minor style, dominated by, or grafted upon, the Medieval Style.

"You'll notice that the current medieval revival has even reached architecture," Carpenter pointed out.

The shack and the job he filled were located in the medieval notion of the physical appearance of hell.

We are fortunate in having in this country such an excellently-preserved medieval church as "St. Luke's."

They passed some of the barrier forts, square and stone walled buildings reminiscent of medieval castles on Earth.

Another structure of this type is here illustrated under the caption, "Medieval One-Bay House" (c. 1670) in Virginia.