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Use miraculous in a sentence

Miraculous Definition

being or having the character of a miracle.

Sentence Examples

Miraculously, the enemy fell back.

It seemed almost miraculous.

But a witness miraculously had appeared!

"The results were just short of miraculous."

Ugolini saw their mere survival as miraculous.

Hot showers—miraculous luxury—played over them.

Had he come back to life in some miraculous manner?

"It hasn't vanished, or miraculously ceased to exist."

The transformation of his gaunt features was miraculous.

Everything seemed almost miraculously complete and workable.

Miraculously, she pulled up out of her encircling net of flame.

Miraculously, it was an amount that equaled everything Cassal had.

However, the pilot had made a miraculously safe landing considering the terrain.

Miraculously, it missed the shack’s piling and lunged half its length upon the sand.

He felt himself over for broken spots, but somehow miraculously he had not been damaged.

"We do know that their miraculous rice terraces were started at least two thousand years ago."

They rounded a curve in the road, and there, miraculously, the lighted cabin rose before them.

And a voice, almost miraculously, answered, "This is the U. S. Coast Guard. Come in Seven Seas. What is your position? Come in Seven Seas."