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Use mundane in a sentence

Mundane Definition

  • concerned with the world or worldly matters;
  • found in the ordinary course of events;
    synonyms:routine, workaday, quotidian, unremarkable, everyday
  • belonging to this earth or world; not ideal or heavenly; "

Sentence Examples

Leo refused to bothered with mundane details.

They chose their side by more mundane considerations.

Our mundane pleasures are auditory, olfactory, and visual.

As master, I am supposed to be superior and above their mundane routine.

One might be saintly in soul, yet do indiscreet things in this mundane world.

"When that happens, I drop everything and go out to find something mundane to worry about."

There were not sufficient minds in existence to retain the material world in its mundane form.

Nothing was too mundane to be transformed by the holiday's magic into a thing mystic and unreal.

We must, therefore, renounce the hope that philosophy can promise satisfaction to our mundane desires.

Without the seasons and the week, Without the night and stars, We'd better leave this mundane sphere And fly right up to Mars.

Here the slave who did not dare open his mouth in the outside mundane world could curse his master to his face and go unpunished by the authorities.

According to Epicurus, the gods in no way concern themselves with mundane matters, but spend a serene existence without labour or exertion of any kind.

Funny how the proponents of the stratified society always have their comeuppance by the need of women whose minds are bent on mundane things like homes and families.

The true scientific philosophy is something more arduous and more aloof, appealing to less mundane hopes, and requiring a severer discipline for its successful practice.

To be adored by any man merely adds to her glory, but the instant she concedes him an inch, the Beauty throws down her halo, the whole affair becomes mundane and vulnerable.