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Use nemesis in a sentence

Definition of nemesis:

  • (noun) (Greek mythology) the goddess of divine retribution and vengeance
  • (noun) something causes misery or death; "the bane of my life"

Sentence Examples:

We have already pointed out that the Nemesis which for so many years had been secretly dogging the footsteps of Agrippina made her tremble under the weight of its first cruel blows when she seemed to have attained the highest summit of her ambition.

And Irish living conditions are a nemesis.

Seated with this nemesis, he gained pleasure at the thought that she had been allowed to squirm in a seat for over an hour the way her son had waited and squirmed in the principal's office while dreading the forthcoming paddling.

Then followed a gleeful memorandum of his apparent success in interesting Cub Perry with an account of his predicament, in spite of the efforts of his radio nemesis to prove him a trifler with the truth.

Do what he would, he could not escape the Nemesis-like conviction that he had led the girl he loved into the most unheard-of folly; had carried her to the point where ruin stood on equal footing with success, and joy itself was a menace.

A terrible cloud covered this great national achievement, and its success, which in every respect was complete, was atoned for to the Nemesis of good fortune by the sacrifice of the first financial statesman of the country.

If we make a good use of our power, we may face the future without fear that we shall be overtaken by the Nemesis which attended Roman misrule.

She was so amazed by his confession, which, she knew, could not have the least foundation, that, for the moment, she forgot to pose, either as an injured benefactress or as an avenging nemesis.

We have already seen how a righteous nemesis has overtaken our author, and he has covered himself with confusion, while recklessly flinging a charge of 'falsification' at another.

Another deep reason for natural death is to be found in the physiological expensiveness of reproduction, for many animals, from worms to eels, illustrate natural death as the nemesis of starting new lives.

It was left to the charter of 1853 fully to liberalize the Company, but each step was taken too late to save it from the nemesis of 1857 and extinction in 1858.

Nor did she, as she pirouetted there, hear her Nemesis outside in the hall.

If we make good use of our power, we may face the future without fear that we shall be overtaken by the Nemesis which attended Roman misrule.

It becomes abundantly clear that degeneration in active function, whether it be that of the male or the female, is the inevitable nemesis of parasitism.

Nemesis seemed powerless to dog the footsteps of the lodger, retribution was incapable of tracking him down.

If he did not succeed in squandering his fortune, he often exhausted too early his capacity for healthy joy in life, and the nemesis of sated appetite and disillusionment too surely cast its shadow over his later years.

Pessimism is the nemesis of irreligious thought.

Nemesis, for the purpose of adjusting things, played him the exceptionally savage trick of using the intervention of his idolized daughter.

Nemesis, however, began to dog his steps with appalling swiftness.

I soon had an opportunity to propitiate Nemesis by a humane action.

An eternal nemesis hangs over godless lives, condemning them to hunger, after all efforts, and wrapping their pangs of unsatisfied desire in tragic darkness.

Here was the nemesis of a system of education which had aimed solely at the practical, the useful; having always labored to produce the man perfectly equipped for public affairs, and nothing else whatever.

In the present play Shakespeare has combined the nemesis which takes the form of a sudden shock with the yet severer nemesis of a hopeless resistance through the stages of a protracted fall.

Notions of Sin have invaded art, and Nemesis shows their influence: vague conceptions of some supernatural vindication of artistic proportion in life have now crystallized into the interest of watching morals and art united in their treatment of Sin.

The finer the quality of fruit or root, the fiercer are they that fall on it; and the nemesis of excellence already was impending.

The policy which has been pursued by the Turks towards the great families of their Asiatic possessions has become the nemesis of their tyranny.

Frightened by his excessive prosperity, tried to propitiate Nemesis by throwing into the sea a ring that he prized highly; but a fisherman found it in a fish, and returned it, a sign that his offering was rejected.

He turned his blanched face to Peter and met the dark, unwavering eyes of his nemesis with hateful resignation.

Nemesis is not a haughty prude.

The past will avenge itself upon him or her, not only in the unforeseen consequences of old misdeeds, but in that subtler nemesis, the deterioration of character which makes life under better conditions irksome and impossible.

The Princess stared at the nemesis-like figure for an instant, as if petrified.

She is demanding that for every French city laid low, a German city, when the day of settlement comes, shall suffer an equal nemesis.

The nemesis of her nature had come upon Rosamond; and she was to be fulfilled to herself, after so many years, at this moment of her woman's maturity, with a handful of relics and the dust and the smell of the distant Indian fort upon them.

In this way both heroes have paid their toll to finite conditions and the claim of nemesis is evidenced in the destruction of Troy and the misfortunes of the Greek heroes.

Much money has been wasted in the attempt to make a port for the capital at this spot; but, in spite of its wide streets and imposing buildings, the city has a neglected, desolate aspect, few persons cross its grass-grown streets, and the whole place is a good instance of the Nemesis which overtakes extravagant hopes.

I have the letter before me, and it is with a somewhat grim satisfaction that I observe the Nemesis which overtakes publicists who are rash enough to recant opinions founded on national experience and confirmed by the most recent facts of war.

Nemesis, however, was not long in overtaking the perpetrators of this striking example of chicanery.

The unexplained Eleanor appeared before his very eyes as an accusing nemesis; it is no wonder that his jaw dropped, and his befuddled brain took to whirling.

Is the stern nemesis ever following the weary traveler, with a calm, passionless, remorseless step?

Said Charles Hyde, helpless toy of fate, entrapped in the coils of a retributive nemesis.

For lawyers repeat their own incredible commonplaces about the absolute perfection of English law so often that at last, by a sort of retributive nemesis, they really almost come to believe them.

The nemesis of weak-kneed modern men, craving to be love-drawn.

No Greek Nemesis with unrelenting hand ever dealt more incessantly the unavoidable blow, until the Empire fell as a dead body falls, while the Emperor became a captive and the Empress a fugitive, with their only child a fugitive also.

The little society was fearfully demoralized, and whiskey and dice ruled the hour, when the Nemesis appeared.

We may follow in detail the story, told with all the moving pathos of Greek tragedy, of the rise of Herod the Great to the height of his fame and of the nemesis which blasted his domestic happiness.

You may inform the inquirers who will be hounding you in a moment that the nemesis of crime has plunged forth to strike death and terror to the heart of criminals.

We should learn from this that we cannot evade the responsibility of our acts, and those who write obituary poetry will one day be overtaken by a bob-tail sleuth hound or a Siberian nemesis with two rows of teeth.